affiche_Angers_GML_vestigii_negru I have just received an e-mail from Simina Lazar who is currently organising an exhibition in Angers of some of the wonderful tapestries created by her mother, artist Gabriela Moga Lazar. She writes,

"Moi, je continue avec l’organisation des  expositions de tapisseries de  ma mère, Gabriela Moga Lazar. Maintenant  j’organise une exposition à Angers (la cité de la renaissance de la tapisserie). 

Il y a quelques années,  elle a eu déjà une exposition aux environs d’Angers. A l’époque, la conseillère de la région pour le Patrimoine avait beaucoup aimé ses tapisseries et c’est elle qui les a proposé maintenant à la Mairie d’Angers..   

La Mairie d’Angers m’a accordé l’espace d’exposition de la Tour Saint Aubin pour la période 21 février - 3 mars. Le vernissage est un jour avant : jeudi 20 février.

Je t’envoie l’invitation pour le cas où, par hasard, tu arrives dans la région d’Angers…  (Viens – c’est une très belle ville !)  Ou si jamais tu connais quelqu’un qui pourrait être intéressé par la tapisserie, invite-le !  Je serai reconnaissante pour une éventuelle relation.  Et je serais très heureuse, si tu mettais une annonce de l’exposition sur ton blog…"

And so, here it is! Unfortunately, I cannot seem to add the invitation here, but if you'd like one, please do contact me by e-mail, and I'll send it to you.

Please see THIS article (in French) written by Gabriela Moga Lazar herself and published in 2013 about the moment when craftsmanship becomes art.

quatre-saisons(Image source - Les Quatres Saisons) For the Romanian community of Paris the works of Mme Lazar should be familiar, for exhibitions are certainly not a rarity. THIS one took place only last June at ICR along with others at the Cité Internationale des Arts (2013) and the Grand Palais (2012) to name but a few. Time for the non-Romanian to share in the beauty of her talent and savoir-faire. With elements full of floral, sometimes zoomorphic and often geometric symbols, her compositions are usually vertical, respecting a lovely axis of symmetry and parallelism. There is, though, a clear evolution also towards the abstract in her work remarkable in its freshness.

Gabriela Moga Lazar (1926-2012) was born in Transylvania. She studied in Cluj and specialised in the art of tapestry. She went on to work in Iasi where her profession as teacher and partnership with the ethnographer Emilia Pavel of the Ethnography Museum of Moldova lead her to develop a new trend in the art of Romanian tapestry, with creations that juxtaposed modern art with folk art. Professor at the Pedagogical School and the School of Folk Art, she taught generations of students, training them to appreciate the true values of traditional Romanian artwork.

36017(Image source: Fleur dans le temps) Her prize-winning work, both professionally and artistically, has been the subject of a host of articles. Newspapers have called her "the messenger of the Romanian soul".

If that doesn't tempt you, I don't know what will!

Meanwhile, here in Paris at Montrouge, the Town Hall is busy organising another collective exhibition themed "La Sagesse" to run from 7-16 February, with a vernissage on the first evening which looks fascinating.


For more on Gabriela Moga Lazar and exhibitions both current and future, please see Simina's website (in French) HERE.

Further interesting articles can be found in Revista Luceafarul (Romanian) written by ethnographer Emilia Pavel (2011), Rasunetul (Romanian) by Olga Lucuţa (2010) and (French). Check out this video too, showing some of Mme Lazar's beautiful compositions.





(Image source - Ombre de fleurs)













gabriela lazar1


(Image source - Reine de la Nuit)























(Image source - Fête)


















(Image source - Fleur du jardin)

























(Image source - Arbre de la Moldavie)















13th February: The exhibition in Angers from 21 Feb - 3 March has been postponed for a later date due to illness. Wishing Simina a gentle and stress-free recovery from us all.