craciun2(Photo: Sarah In Romania)


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

and a little festive ode just for you. Any likeness to that of Pastorel is pure figment of your imagination.

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Sarah's lil Ode to Sarmale

There’s something ‘bout sarmale

That turns my legs to gel,

I’m sure that all my readers

Know this feeling very well


The prep is ceremonious

And it can’t be done alone –

For that accentuates the ‘dor’

And longingness for home.


Ingredients loved and fashioned

Into each, a yummy roll -

And as you work with diligence

They fill your very soul!


A layer of sarmale,

Varza acra makes one more,

Then we add the slaninuta

Til there ain’t no room for more


A little taste for everyone

For dreams' sake and to savour,

Then we cook it, oh so slowly

Soaking up the Christmas flavour!


And as it's cooking gently,

There are tipples to be drunk -

Noroc with tsuica or palinca,

Til your head is in a funk!


Once transferred into the oven

Sweet perfume invades your heart,

For this ‘oeuvre’ of such iubire

Really is a work of art.


Served with golden mamaliga

And a wonderful red wine,

It's impossible to muster up

A better way to dine!


Christmas can’t exist without it,

You can try, but won’t succeed,

Coz the loss is overwhelming –

Like a knight without his steed!


So, a very Merry Christmas

May your joys be all complete

And sarmale always with you!

Pentru-n Craciun fericit!



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