29 mars 2010

Eviction of child traffic victims from Bucharest centre

This is disgraceful... From Nine O'Clock: Blunt indifference: Child traffic victims evicted from centre 26.03.10 | by: Nine oClock | in: homenews Romania’s only centre for assisting child victims of trafficking is to be emptied today, although the court case dealing with property ownership is not over, ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ daily informs. Insensitive to civil society’s arguments and to the future of the several tens of child victims of trafficking accommodated at the ‘Gavroche’ centre in Bucharest, Bucur Obor... [Lire la suite]
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18 mars 2010

London launches Roumanian films programme

This below from the ever faithful and well informed Nine O'Clock - and I'd just like to add my own grain of salt:  that Mr Lazarescu made me sob like a Madeleine and how anyone can call it a comedy is beyond me...it's the very true to life tragedy of a poor man who goes to hospital after suffering chest pain and is pushed from pillar to post until he finally gives up the ghost. It is truly not funny and portrays the very real drama of the health system in the country of my heart that has made no sign of improvement since the film... [Lire la suite]
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15 mars 2010

Herta's informer revealed

This from Radio Free Europe Parallel Paths, Opposite Destinies Mueller (second from left) with literary colleagues in 1985. Her informer moved in the same circles. January 14, 2010 Shortly after Romanian-born German writer Herta Mueller was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in October, documents came to light showing she had been closely monitored by Romania’s infamous political police -- the Securitate. The documents from the Securitate archives also revealed the code name of her most avid informer --... [Lire la suite]
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15 mars 2010

Ion B makes the headlines!

Hey look! It's Ion B!! Art world swoons over Romania's homeless genius 63-year-old former tramp celebrated for collages made during Ceausescu regimeGallery: the art of Ion Barladeanu Lizzy Davies in Paris guardian.co.uk, Friday 26 February 2010 20.45 GMT Article history Ion Barladeanu lived in the garbage room of a block of flats until mid-2008, when his work was discovered by the art world The guests were chic, the bordeaux was sipped with elegant restraint and the hostess was suitably glamorous in a ­canary... [Lire la suite]
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09 mars 2010

URGENT - tragic ends for historical souls in Bucharest

Please go to THIS BLOG SITE at once and see the list of lovely old houses in Bucharest that ended up demolished despite public outcry...all beautiful (pix left Batistei, 26, the house that made me want to cuddle it - it has such character and just look at it crying out for help, love and attention - pix from Hotnews.ro). It is heart-breaking, absolutely appalling that however one goes about trying to save these beautiful souls from the bulldozer, greed always wins in the end. You just have to bacsis the right person and voila -... [Lire la suite]
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09 mars 2010

Road signs for the plastered

Dear All, No matter what happens in the country of my heart, whether it be horrendous blizzards, increasing unemployment, crashing recession, pathetic arguments between politicians, mayors being thrown behind bars and other such goings on that would make one feel depressed and disenchanted, well, you know you can always rely on the wonderful sense of Roumanian humour which never fails to shine through. One question: if you were really trashed, could you read a sign and if you weren´t, would you be able to avoid a total nutter... [Lire la suite]
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08 mars 2010

Marius Oprea to sue government

Dear All, Having been very underhandedly 'got rid of' and then replaced in an institute that he founded himself by the historian he knew would take his place, Marius Oprea is going to sue the Roumanian government - not to get his job back because he is above that, but to make a point. And good for him. I hope he wins. If there's one man we can admire today in Roumania for standing by what he believes, for trying to make sense of the country's history and bring the perpetrators to book, then it's him. He has upset a lot of brass and... [Lire la suite]
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07 mars 2010

Too bad for the pike...

Just received this by e-mail. Hope the rest of the world is paying attention - so much cruelty to animals, which isn't surprising when man's inhumanity to man is so flagrant (see yesterday's post as a case in point). About time animals had lawyers. I couldn't agree more. Bravo, Switzerland! My cats don't need legal representation, but they'd like a card just in case... Below from WSJ: Scales of Justice: In Zurich, Even Fish Have a Lawyer On Sunday, Swiss Vote on National Bill To Appoint Public Defenders for Animals ... [Lire la suite]
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05 mars 2010

Dr. Djuvara decorated

Bravo! And not a moment too soon. Better late than never, though this should have happened years ago. This from Nine O'Clock: Neagu Djuvara to be decorated by French state 05.03.10 | by: Nine oClock | in: homenews 'Historian Neagu Djuvara will be awarded today the rank of Officer in the National Order of Arts and Letters by France’s ambassador to Bucharest, Henri Paul. Agerpres quoted a French Embassy press release saying the Romanian historian will be handed the distinction during a ceremony at the French... [Lire la suite]
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01 mars 2010

Tea with a countess...

A visit to the Casa de Condesa Lembrija with Fa yesterday who came to visit me:
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