20 novembre 2007

Romanian Songs

Hi Everyone, Since I arrived in Romania on August 10th, it hasn't just been classical, opera and jazz for me - ooooooh no! Here's some other joys for you to check out for yourselves, just in case you mistakenly presumed that all Romanian music had a gypsy beat, mad screechy violins and howling women - not so, my friends. Click on the links below, in order of my preferences of the moment: 'Ma Iubeste Femeile' - Mihai Margineanu ('close the windows when you listen to this' advised Mandita - it's apparently a bit like our Monty Python... [Lire la suite]
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18 novembre 2007

Blues and Jazz in Bucharest

Hi Everyone, I just came back from a great concert at the Sala Palatului with Flori. The first half was A.G. Weinberger, a Romanian now living in USA. Unremarkable blues though the public loved it. Lots of singing and dancing, shouting and general 'high jinx' to quote an Irish friend of mine. The second half was more up my street. Imagine my surprise when a little chubby lady with verocious red hair, aged around 65 stepped onto the stage. Tantza could have looked the same if life had been fairer to her. The singer was no other than... [Lire la suite]
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