10 décembre 2007

A site for you!

This site belongs to René (see links Le Monde de Renatus), who supports the creche in Sighet, knows Mariana, Ileana and everyone and, well...t it's a small world. I fell upon it quite by accident during a night of insomnia on-line, saw the photos and thought, 'hey, hang on a minute! I know this place!' - as full of love for Romania as I am, his site is great - aaaand it's in French - good news for all you chaps and chapesses in Paris fed up with having to translate all my ramblings. Please go check it out and post your comments.
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08 décembre 2007

a small addition

I just realised, most of you in France and London won't ever have seen or heard of Nicu Constantin, Mandita's husband. He's an actor, did lots of TV and theatre and now does shows (he went off this evening to do one - even with pneumonia, poor thing...that's showbiz). I found this little film of him on Youtubes - clips of 'funnies' - you don't really need to understand Romanian as it's quite visual. Even though it's decades ago, he hasn't changed much. Enjoy!
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07 décembre 2007

Sunday update on a Friday night

Dear Everyone, Well, now I'm back from Sighet and almost recovered from a nasty, though fortunately short-lived, bout of flu, I can take my place once again in front of the computer and give you the latest news. My weekend to Sighet to see Mariana, Ileana and the creche went by all too quickly. Action packed as usual: a traditional christening (Ildy's baby Andre, and a brother for Darius) at a restaurant next to the railway station as the snow fell softly, muffling our unearthly row; lunches and dinners; a slippery walk around snow... [Lire la suite]
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27 novembre 2007

Sunday update on a Tuesday

Dear Everyone Another week gone and a new one begun. Time's flying by so fast, and I can't hold on to it. Lidia sent me a mail this morning to say there wasn't any blog update - I was so glad! At least someone reads it!!!! It's very cold here and has rained every single Monday for the last five weeks (according to Bill, one of my colleagues). Grey skies aren't so frequent though. We've had some beautiful, sunny, crisp mornings, indeed whole days and I've spent a fair bit of time reading on a bench in the park, sun-worshipping under... [Lire la suite]
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20 novembre 2007

Romanian Songs

Hi Everyone, Since I arrived in Romania on August 10th, it hasn't just been classical, opera and jazz for me - ooooooh no! Here's some other joys for you to check out for yourselves, just in case you mistakenly presumed that all Romanian music had a gypsy beat, mad screechy violins and howling women - not so, my friends. Click on the links below, in order of my preferences of the moment: 'Ma Iubeste Femeile' - Mihai Margineanu ('close the windows when you listen to this' advised Mandita - it's apparently a bit like our Monty Python... [Lire la suite]
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18 novembre 2007

Blues and Jazz in Bucharest

Hi Everyone, I just came back from a great concert at the Sala Palatului with Flori. The first half was A.G. Weinberger, a Romanian now living in USA. Unremarkable blues though the public loved it. Lots of singing and dancing, shouting and general 'high jinx' to quote an Irish friend of mine. The second half was more up my street. Imagine my surprise when a little chubby lady with verocious red hair, aged around 65 stepped onto the stage. Tantza could have looked the same if life had been fairer to her. The singer was no other than... [Lire la suite]
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15 novembre 2007


Dear Everyone It's almost too much to cope with in one week! A new bed and now a new TV! Woooow!! I met George at Obor in the tipping rain, he helped me choose one (I think the bad-tempered salesman hated us as George made him check everything!) and then came back with me to install it. Just as well, as every single channel was programmed to National TV! Mind you, a year with that would've been better than another ten minutes with Romantica and Acasa. So, whilst singing along to Aznavour, he organised it all and it's great. I'd never... [Lire la suite]
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13 novembre 2007

New Bed Update!

Hurraaaaah!! New bed was miraculously put up by Dle Vassili (complete with nimbus - Tantza's husband was nowhere to be seen) and old sofa magically gone by the time I got back from physio. Dear Mandita had made it up for me, bless her, very creatively arranging my cushions and all. It took two beefy blokes to dismantle the sofa bed which was in such a bad way it wouldn't even fold back to sitting position. I shall photograph the new chef d'oeuvre tomorrow for you. As it's a single bed, there's oodles more space to move in here. I... [Lire la suite]
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13 novembre 2007

Little Film

Hi again, Everybody I just found this film about Bucharest. It's beautifully done, albeit rather dead-pan. Shame it cuts out before the end. Well done Alinelena! For all of you who can't come and visit me, here's a taste of what you're missing.
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13 novembre 2007

The Bed

Dear Everyone, I'm very happy to reveal the identiti (spelling mistake intentional) of the actor whose bed I have bought. He is, ladies and gentlemen, no other than Dimitru 'Titi' Rucarianu ('who?' cry the non-Romanians amongst you). Mandita says that he's a marvellous actor and has a beautiful voice. Looking on Google, I see that this is true. Indeed he is very well known here in Romania and he does have a nice voice if you like crooners. My Romanian friends will be overcome with jealousy (!!!) to know that I am sleeping in his bed.... [Lire la suite]
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