30 mars 2008

Weekly Update

Dear Everyone, You've had most of the update already so what else to tell you? Well, I spent a hectic week at BC with tests, marking and computing everything...the final week is yet to come. I have a meeting with Sarah tomorrow to discuss the date for the end of my contract. Mid-July or 2nd September? I'll do one summer school as I don't want to be broke in August, but not both. I'd like my final two or three weeks here in Roumania to be put to good use - ie. crying and lamenting a lot, moping, cleaning this place, settling Rosie... [Lire la suite]
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29 mars 2008

Ha! Ha!!

Just read this on BBC News... Romania caught short in loo row Ceausescu's palace - miles of corridors, but short on toilets Preparations for next month's Nato summit in Romania are being overshadowed by a row - over toilets. Parliamentary official Mihai Unghianu says Nato has complained that there are not enough lavatories at the venue. Nato is said to have asked the government to install 1,000 temporary toilets - one for every five delegates, each costing $9,500 (£4,700) a week. Nato has not publicly... [Lire la suite]
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29 mars 2008

Marin Sorescu

Dear Everyone, I've just discovered the poet Marin Sorescu (1936-1996) and his translated book of poetry 'Hands Behind My Back'. Here's one for you that hit my right between the eyes. GETTING USED TO YOUR NAME  After you've learned to walk,Tell one thing from another,Your first care as a childIs to get used to your name.What is it?They keep asking you.You hesitate, stammer,And when you start to give a fluent answerYour name's no longer a problem. When you start to forget your name,It's very serious. But don't... [Lire la suite]
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27 mars 2008


Why Bucharest for the 2008 Nato Summit??? I just hope it will bring something profitable to this, the dear country of my heart. Interviewing for placement testing at BC today, I asked every potential student what they thought about the forthcoming event. The majority lifted their eyes heavenwards and groaned, adding that they planned to leave Bucharest at the weekend until it was over. One, however, was very excited about it. She said that it would put Roumania on the map at last as a country to be respected by all the world, and... [Lire la suite]
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23 mars 2008

Weekly Update

Dear Everyone, It's strange to be Easter Day and yet not Easter Day. An Un-Easter Day! I am of course a minority here, being non-Orthodox, and have been very touched by all the phone calls, e-mails and sms's from friends here who have remembered. I had a pre-Easter evening with Lucia and George last night. We met in front of the Bulandra theatre opposite Icoanei Park for a Chekov play, 'Mascariciul' - The Jester. It was very funny, but sad, too, all about how terribly hard life is for actors. There were two, played by Malaele... [Lire la suite]
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22 mars 2008

Weekly Update so far

Dear Everyone, It's been such a busy week so far that I'd better get it down for you before my mind draws a total blank! It's getting near the end of term - another week and a bit to go, and we're all feeling the toll of the last three months without much of a break, except for weekends, and thank God for those! The tests for end of course are all next week both off-site and on, and I must say that because the term has literally flown by, getting everything done so the students feel confident has been rather stressful this time. ... [Lire la suite]
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22 mars 2008

The Modern Easter Story...

Dear Everyone, Just read this on Guardian Unlimited, and on this Easter Saturday as on any day, I couldn't agree more. It was written by the vicar of Putney. Good for you, Giles Fraser. A funny kind of Christian His thirst for scapegoats shows how poorly George Bush understands the meaning of Easter Giles Fraser The Guardian, Saturday March 22 2008 Article history About this article Close This article appeared in the Guardian on Saturday March 22 2008 on p41 of the Comment &... [Lire la suite]
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18 mars 2008

Arthur Rubinstein Piano Competition

Dear Everyone, Thanks to Lucia, I'm listening to the Arthur Rubinstein (pictured left) Piano Competition live on internet (I'm such a 'varza' that she had to lead me through the site step by step and even then it took ages to download what I was meant to). It's so lovely this evening that I wanted to share it with you. Find the link under 'Liens' on the right of this page and knock yourselves out. Enjoy! Supporting artistes include the Israeli Phil., Gil Sharon, Hillel Tsori and Uri Segal all seen below.     ... [Lire la suite]
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16 mars 2008

Weekend with Lidia and Marian

Dear Everyone, Just back from a lovely (as usual) weekend with Lidia and Marian, I hasten to tell you all about it. Rosie and I arrived on time by train and were met by Marian at Brasov Station. Rosie was very good in the train and made friends with everyone. She seemed much less scared than the last time, as if she remembered where we were going and knew we would have a wonderful time, that she would be spoiled and cuddled ad infinitum and that it'd be hard to leave, as it always is. Being a very wise dog, she was quite right. ... [Lire la suite]
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12 mars 2008

Sleepless in Bucharest

Just spent a completely sleepless night. D'you know why? Coz I realised that 3 days ago, I've been here 7 months. That means I have only 6 months to go. That means that the time I have left is less than the time I've actually been here. That means I'm more than half way through my time in Romania, and I can't bear it. I just can't. What was all that about my destiny being here for sure etc etc...nothing seems to be enabling me to come back for good, nothing. Every idea I have backfires, every possibility becomes an impossibility. Sod... [Lire la suite]
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