17 mai 2008

Last Night at the Cave

Dear all,

P5160027My 100th blog entry corresponds with my last night at the cave. Moved the first load of stuff with Aura and Aylin this pm (thank yoooooou!!). Brigitte has been great and thought of everything - even got a new fixed phone (looks like its pre-war, with old phone dial! I love it!!) and has put flowers on the balcony for me. Bless her heart! As we pulled up in the car, three fat dogs were sitting in the park opposite my block...with an equally fat cat. It looked like a typical teachers' meeting at BC! The 3rd dog had dozed off. My point exactly! (Photo taken by Aylin)

P5160031Evening spent with Rosie at Aura's for dinner as prospect P5160033of the evening here at empty cave wasn't that tempting. Good choice as we had a great time as always. We got a bit legless, but I strangely and rapidly sobered up as soon as I got back P5160023here and found empty shelves and cupboards, and boxes up to my nose. I arrived here with a few suitcases and now I have four plus four large boxes full of stuff. How? Its not like I've been a hundred times to Ikea! Its an enigma.

Nine months have passed since I arrived at the cave - and grand months they'veP5040012 been too, spent with Mandita, Nicu, Tantza and Mr. Viagara. The arrival of Rosie has admittedly put strain on the Mr. Viagara situation for us all, and the absence of natural light was starting to get me down. But apart from that, I'd have stayed til September if it hadn't been for Mr V's cruel treatment of Rosie. Tantza is practically family, the food's wonderful, there's really never been a dull moment. However, strada Bach is full of trees, much less humid, is light and airy. I'll come back and visit Tantza as often as I can and return for Reiki as regularly as possible.

Love to you all, and next posting will be from the new pad. Hope internet will work as planned! I don't trust the block administrator, but I'll have Aylin, Aless and Bogdan to help with that. Quite frankly, I'm hopeless. The administrator (Roumanian version of concierge) is a shady character who'd make a nine bob note look kosher...he's not getting a penny out of me for the rates without an invoice to prove the amount, that's for sure. Brigitte told him that my accounts were all managed by the expert comptable at the French Institute (Lucia!) - nice one! He wasn't amused. Had a face on him like a bulldog chewing a wasp!

All for now and til soon, hopefully tomorrow, with more news.

Lots of love, Sarah xox

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15 mai 2008


Dear Everyone,

Blimey, what a day. Rushed to BC this morning for a lesson. Strange...no students, and another teacher in my classroom...what's going on? Well, got the day wrong. I was convinced it was Wednesday today not Thursday...tragic, huh? And then when I wanted to call Brigitte here in Bucharest, I in fact called my other dear Brigitte in Paris. She also has two friends called Sarah, which lead to a very bizarre ten minute conversation on totally crossed wires. The preparations for moving are obviously turning me into a fruitcake, so thank heavens by Saturday evening it'll all be over.

The cave looks like an entrepôt, boxes and suitcases everywhere. Rosie has given up trying to make head or tail of any of it, and spends her time snoring. Not a bad idea all things considered.

Thank heavens for a large bowl of vinete in my fridge which is always the answer to everything!

I'm so grateful to my wonderful friends here who are going to help with the exodus. What would I do without them.

Love Sarah

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Truth will out...

Metrovic6Dear Everybody,

I'm posting this on behalf of Prof. Rumiana Mestrovic who got in touch with me through the blog.

You may remember a while back that I wrote about the new statue of King Carol by Florin Codre on Pta Revolutiei. A great deal has happened since then and my head is spinning rather. Having searched before writing it on Wikipedia, I read that, apart from other things, the sculptor of the original statue the Croatian, Ivan Mestrovic, had been payed damages for the destruction in 1948 by the communists of the afore-mentioned oeuvre, and that Florin Codre had said that his new statue would be inspired by the old one. I also mentioned that it had caused something of a polemic due to reports that the legs of the defunct monarch were too short and the face looked nothing like him. Remember?

Well, Prof. Rumiana Mestrovic (or Rumi as I have come to know her) posted a comment, including mails sent to a journalist at the Cotidianul newspaper and also to Codre himself. A great many lies have been told regarding the Mestrovic family, one of them being that they had been awarded damages for the destroyed statue - this didn't happen at all. Pure fabrication.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I feel bound morally to share Rumi's last mail with you (please copy/paste the links), so that you can see the untruths that have been circulating in the Roumanian press. If any of you have any contact with good journalists who would be interested in this, please let me know. I have already sent various documents to Lola and Romulus for Nine O'Clock and Romania Libera. I know that Rumi wants to set the record straight, is profoundly angered by the lies and slander and rightly so. Apart from sharing her mail with you and passing on all information that she sends me to people who can publicise, write articles, help her make some noise etc, I don't know what else to do. It's frustrating and I so want to help. So many lies, false information...and in newspapers, from high sources...it cannot be allowed to continue. It must come to an end.

As you will see from the e-mail below, Rumi's goal is not to have the original statues of her father-in-law restored, but to protect his art from plagerism, defamation and abuse.

So, without further ado, here below please find Rumi's e-mail of this evening. If anyone would like any further information (letters/e-mails written to the journalist at Cotidianul, to Codre etc), please don't hestitate to let me know. Rumi has sent me heaps of documents by e-mail and she would be happy for anyone who can help to see them. Over to Rumi:

The important issues that I want to share with you are the following :

1.We consider the work of Mr. Codre a plagiarism of Mestrovici's monument of  HM Carol I since any remodeling or reshaping of a  sculpture  without the permission of the copyright holder is a violation of the law. The copyright for all of  Ivan Mestrovic's sculptures belongs to us, his 4 heirs  till 2032,  according to the Copyright Law .We were never asked by the Bucharest City Hall  to grant such permission .Therefore any action taken in connection with the equestrian statues of the Romanian monarchs destroyed by the communists in 1948  is illegal , if it is taken  without the written authorization of the four heirs , who jointly hold the copyright  (irrespectively of the ownership of a particular sculpture) . This can be confirmed by any lawyer specialized in copyright law. You can draw a conclusion also by comparing the attached photos of the old monument and Codre's version.

2. Even if we ignore the legal side of the problem , the sculptor F. Codre , who is an abstractionist, is the least appropriate artist to make a statue after Mestrovici's original because Mestrovici was a figurative artist . You can see that by comparing  the art of Codre ( see the next e-mail concerning Codre)  and a selection of Mestrovic art sent in a separate e-mail. Codre should have made something responding to his style, because the statue of HM Carol I he made looks like Mestrovici after plastic surgery.

3.The Romanian MCC officials must have given the media a lot of misinterpretation, wrong information and false claims , not  to mention lies and slander (because I do not believe that the journalists have invented them) .

- It is not true that for 2 years negotiations went on with us.There were no negotiations since negotiations mean a process and there was only one single contact with us.

The exact chronology supported by documents  is :

-30 March 2006 , before we were contacted  in any way, false and suggestive information appeared in the media  (see for example  http://www.timpul.md/Rubric.asp?idIssue=284&idRubric=4394 ). It is slander that Mestrovici's  heirs would ask 3 million Euro for the copyright of a small plaster or model (50 cm) of HM Carol I . The first lie is that we never asked for any amount of money  - we never did ! We were never offered any money from any  Romanian or Croatian Ministry of Culture official or any other state official! The plasters or models of HM Carol I and HM Ferdinand that are our private property are approx. 3 meters high, not 50 cm. (one is the property of my husband Matthew Mestrovic and one of his nephew.The statue, are in the Gliptoteka which mixed up their titles) .

-20 April 2006, the  Mestrovic Foundation (Mestrovic Museums) director officially informed in writing the Romanian  MCC who exactly are the four Mestrovici's  heirs, incl. their addresses.

- June 2006, MCC delegation came to see the original plasters of the two equestrian statues of HM Carol I and HM Ferdinand kept in  Gliptoteka (The Glyptotheque of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts) in Zagreb . Nobody informed or invited the heirs on that occasion. Let MCC explain why nobody tried to  see , talk or communicate  at least with Prof. Dr. Matthew Mestrovic, Ivan Mestrovic's heir who lives in Zagreb ( besides residing in New York )  and who was in Zagreb during the visit of  MCC delegation? Isn't it absurd if MCC really  wanted something to be achieved ? At this point  the Romanian MCC had the official information  who are the four Mestrovic heirs, that  jointly hold the copyright . The Mestrovic heirs heard about this visit much later from an unofficial source . Why are the Romanian officials excusing themselves  with some alleged negotiations with the Croatian Ministry of Culture since the statues in question are not state property nor does the copyright belong to the Croatian state?

-20 July 2006,a letter to Matthew  Mestrovic  (also perhaps identical letters to the other three heirs) from Andrew Popper, Master of HM King Michael’s Household, Elisabeth Palace , expressing the intention to re-erect the two statues- of HM Carol I and HM Ferdinand  .

-11 August 2006 , letter to Matthew  Mestrovic  (identical letters were sent to the other three heirs)   from Secretary of State Virgil Stefan Nitulescu(MCC), expressing the intention to re-erect the two statues- of HM Carol I and HM Ferdinand  .

-21 August 2006* , answer to Andrew Popper by Matthew Mestrovic approving and strongly supporting  the project and asking for the specific conditions, arrangements , technicalities etc. Some further contacts till Oct.2006 without specific success or final conclusion .

* forwarded to the Romanian embassy in Zagreb

-21 August 2006*, answer to Secretary of State Virgil Stefan Nitulescu , MCC, by Matthew Mestrovic greatly approving , strongly supporting  the project and asking for the specific conditions, arrangements , technicalities etc. We never got any response to this letter.

* forwarded to the Romanian embassy in Zagreb

-11 Oct. 2006 , by e- mail  first and only contact coming from H.E. Oana Popa (Ambassador,  Romanian Embassy in Zagreb) .

-nothing...so we  concluded that MCC gave up the project and decided that a Romanian sculptor would make  modern statues of HM Carol I and HM Ferdinand...until 03 May 2008 when we were informed, again unofficially by some Romanian friends,  about  Codre's plagiarism - the statue of HM Carol after/inspired by Mestrovic (unveiled in Bucharest) .We still don't know what will happen to the monument of HM Ferdinand. Perhaps  F.  Codre will make another plagiarism after/inspired by Mestrovic?

- It is not true what ministrul Culturii, Adrian Iorgulescu said "that the Romanian state did everything to purchase the copyright" etc*.

The Romanian state never offered us (nor did  we ever ask) the alleged 4 million EURO or any other amount of money for the copyright, just for the model of  the statue of HM  Carol I from the Croatian Ministry of Culture or by the Romanian MCC  .

*www.cotidianul.ro/carol_i_acuzat_de_plagiat-45386.html )

This way the Romanian officials are accusing the Croatian government of playing unfairly or of a double game. The Croatian Ministry of Culture actually is accused for giving wrong information to the Romanian side or hiding from the heirs the negotiations that have been held  behind the back of Mestrovic's heirs .  Where  are the proofs ? Let  Mr. Oroveanu , Mr. Virgil Stefan Nitulescu  or any Romanian official show to us or to you the documents on which are based all these invented  claims. It is an attempt to manipulate  Romanian society by the allegation that we , the heirs or one of us, caused  the collapse of the project !

It is not true that by decision of the Tribunal in  the Hague Ivan Mestrovic was paid by the Romanian state damages for his  statues  of HM Carol I and HM Ferdinand , that were destroyed in 1948 by the Communists ( we read  this false claim in numerous Romanian sources ) .

Let MCC or any Romanian officials prove this false claim with some documents or at least let them say when such a monetary compensation was executed. It is only true that by  law such damages had  to be covered , but who can imagine that during the Communist Regime such a measure could have been undertaken, while Ivan Mestrovic was still alive ( he died in 1962). Since the democratic changes occurred  in Romania nobody of the four Mestrovici heirs sought such a compensation in any court of law , even though it was a legal right .

I am the daughter-in-law of Ivan Mestrovic . I am of a Bulgarian-German descent , professor of Classical languages, specialized in Roman Law and World Heritage. My husband is Prof. Dr. Matthew Mestrovic , the son of Ivan Mestrovic. Matthew  spent most of  his life in the U.S. since his father left Yugoslavia because of the Communist regime. He holds a Ph.D. from Columbia University in Modern European History . He was a Contributing Editor of ”TIME” magazine and for decades university professor of Modern European history in the US. He was the president of the Croatian National Congress,  a deputy in the Croatian Parliament , member of Croatia’s delegation to the Council of Europe and the Interparliamentary Union and Croatian ambassador in Bulgaria . So he doesn't lack the level for proper communication or negotiations with the Romanian state . But ...

There is an awful lot of confusion based on false statements . It's a shame and someone is just washing his hands...

Our point is that we do not insist on restoring  the destroyed Mestrovic statues, but it is unacceptable that his  art  be plagiarized, deformed or abused . Let the abstractionist  Mr. Codre make a dozen   Carol I statues, if he wants and if the Romanian officials are eager to pay him from the taxpayer pockets , but let it be clear that his creations have nothing  to do with the figurative sculptor Ivan Mestrovic.  It is ridiculous that Mr. Florin defends himself from the accusations of plagiarism by stating  that  all the equestrian statues in the world look similar  and that consequently they can all be proclaimed  plagiarisms *...Sapienti sat ! Let him consult any lawyer specialized in copyright .

*www.cotidianul.ro/carol_i_acuzat_de_plagiat-45386.html ...

We hope that the most important is that the truth  come out and that the democratic Romanian state   give back to your people  the real values and perspectives, lost under Communism. The history and the culture of a nation,  of a state,  define their future and prosperity. We are deeply convinced that the Romanian people will succeed in this.


Prof. Rumiana Mestrovic

Please find below some photos of other works by the sculptor, Ivan Mestrovic, received this evening:



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13 mai 2008

Monday Evening

P5120004Dear All,

Brigitte and I arrived at the 21 Dec Association, 24a Str. Batistei (pic left), slap bang opposite the old Securitate building, to discover that everyone had left. But never mind! Carmen Dorotheea (pic right with Brigitte) was there manning the office and declaring war on paperwork. What a marvellous, elegant and cultured P5120009lady she is. She insisted we go back to her's (who are we to argue?!) instead - and there unfolded a really spectacular evening of music, history, photos, good wine in the two-roomed apartment she shares with her husband Lucian, at the back of a lovely house. They could have left, but it's such a beautiful old villa. Their bedroom window sides onto a wondrous garden full of pusscats fed night and morning by Carmen. In a room furnished floor to ceiling with books, Carmen and I lost ourselves in conversation whilst Brigitte went over old memories with Lucian, stoked by black and white pix of 1989, Piata Universitatii.

P5120015Both of them stalwart revolutionaries, they still have hope for the future of this most charismatic and paradoxal country, though are sickened by the idiots that run it, the state of education, the lack of interest for history, the new generation. Carmen, a physicist and engineer by profession and a mathematician by passion is fascinated by everything: astrology, ethymology, sociology, philosophy, poetry and literature...there seems no end to her interests. Her computer is hot from research and I think she could well enter into competition with Nicole for dates, placesP5120012 and people of history. Those two would just hit it off at once. Carmen, the most revolutionary I believe of the couple, looks far more like an elegant countess or duchess than an ex-enemy of the people. Her husband, Lucian, however, looks like your typical rebel and revolutionary. A kind of adorable Captain Pugwash with his t'shirt reading 'Mai Bine Mort Decât Comunist' (Better Dead Than P5120016Communist) and beard. As cultured and fascinating to hear as his wife, the eveningP5120013 went by so fast that I couldn't believe it was 1h when I fished out my phone to check for messages.

What a fabulous couple. Courageous, strong, full of anecdotes and a love of life despite everything. I will definitely see them again with great pleasure. I loved Carmen at once and it was as if I'd known her for ages. Language wasn't a barrier, as she spoke elegant Roumanian, clearly and eloquently. I really think she always speaks P5120017like that and it wasn't just for my benefit. My God, there's so much to learn. Will it never end? The stories that still make me want to cry, that make my hair stand on end and give me goose pimples? I hope the tales of sufferance and human sacrifice never cease to make me feel that way. If ever the day comes when I become immune, cart me off to the vet, my friends...

Love, Sarah xox

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11 mai 2008

For Rumiana Mestrovic

Dear Prof. Mestrovic,

Thank you so much for posting your comment on my blog re: the new statue of Carol I at Pta Revolutiei. I'm very flattered that you took the time to do so and would like to know if you would mind my putting it where my readers can also profit. (Dear all: you can click on the second entry of 'derniers commentaires' on the right to see what this is all about)

I realised of course, that it had caused a scandal, but not for the reasons you so clearly outlined in your mail. Of course, looking at the two statues - that sculpted by your father-in-law and that of Codre - the likeness is striking. With, as you say, a certain weirdness.

Wikipedia said the following: 'Prior to 1948, an equestrian statue of Carol I of Romania stood there. Created in 1930 by the Croatian sculptor Ivan Meštrović, the statue was destroyed in 1948 by the Communists, who later had to pay damages to the sculptor. In 2005, the Romanian Minister of Culture decided to recreate the destroyed statue from a model that was kept by Meštrović's family. In 2007, the Bucharest City Hall assigned the project to the sculptor Florin Codre, who is going to design an original statue of Carol inspired by Meštrović's model.'

Hence, I was of the impression that Codre had been commissioned to create the statue based on the original and therefore that similarity would have been quite normal. But 'original' means 'different'. Not copied. I stand corrected. It certainly isn't 'inspired'.


Roumania is a democratic country, full of (on the whole) intelligent and law abiding citizens, though I can't speak for the people at the top who run the show. In them I have little confidence and I'm not the least bit surprised that the Mayor didn't have the decency to contact you. Democracy takes time. First it must be understood and then it must be applied. Starting at the top of the pile, not from the bottom.

I apologise for replying to you via the blog, but there was no address left for contacting you.

Thank you once again for taking the time to read my blog and then to write to me. I would be very grateful if you could keep me up to date with the proceedings. I'm very interested to know what happens next. The people of Roumania have been squashed and flattened far too often and for far too long by those 'up there' and I'd be delighted to see someone say 'no!' for once. Laws are laws and must be adhered to if Roumania is ever going to be truely European, earning the respect that its people so richly deserve. I couldn't agree with you more.

I wish you every success in your battle and eventual peace of mind.

Very best wishes, Sarah

For other articles on afore-mentioned statue (in Roumanian), see: http://www.evz.ro/articole/detalii-articol/801483/Statuia-lui-Carol-I-din-Piata-Revolutiei-umbreste-Teapa-lui-Ghildus/


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P5100002Dear All,

Just a brief update of today to save time tomorrow. Private classes this morning and then met Brigitte at Icoanei Park. We found Romulus Cristea already waiting  (see http://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romulus_Cristea) at Cafepedia, a very nice, rather luxurious café on the corner of bd. Elisabeta and str. Academiei, which specialises in.....Chocolate! Rararara! I am very grateful to Brigitte for introducing me to Romulus, a journalist for Romania Libera, who has 5 books to his name on the Revolution (personal accounts, témoignages, info and details) that Brigitte intends to have translated and published in French by Acte Sud. I certainly hope Romulus1she succeeds, as such literature should be read all over the world if Roumania and its people are ever going to be accepted internationally, let alone understood and accepted for who they are. If the dreadful ignorance across the globe which instigates the racist attitude that Roumania has only two features - Dracula and Gypsies - is ever going to change, these kind of books need to make an impact.

He's a very interesting and engaging chap, is Romulus. You can go and see his blog (in Roumanian) to find out more - there are 60 other blogs of his all linked to the main one, where you can discover such fascinations as the tunnels that run under Bucharest, the interior of Becali's kitsch palace (also sent to me by Nicole), see pix of the revolution, his interviews and a mass of other serendipidy: http://romuluscristea.wordpress.com. Do check it out.

I had a pen and paper to write down all the stories they both told me about the Revolution (both there), but somewhere between cocktails, tapas and vodka, I lost my pen and forgot to write anything anyway. Next time... suffice to say the tales were both amusing and sad, both thought-provoking and tragic (from queueing for toilet rolls to being battered black and blue by the miners who'd Romulus3been fired up and manipulated by Iliescu). I was agog. All ears. I'll have more of the same on Monday evening as I've been invited to the 21st DecemberDec_Club Club of which Brigitte and Romulus are both members. I can't tell you much about it for the moment, but will report back Monday night. All I know for now is that all members were present on Piatas Revolutiei and Universitatii when the Revolution exploded in 1989. I'll talk to very interesting people, hear more stories and experiences and meet a certain George Enescu 2nd - news on that too, when mission accomplished!

We moved on from Chocolate Haven to Festival 39 to drink some very delicious cocktails and talk some more. In my case, absorb. To have lived through something like that is unimaginable. Even less imaginable is the terrible sufferance that preceded for so many Romulus4years. We can empathise and be compassionate all we like, but we 'from the west' can never understand such terror, hunger, humiliation and hardships unless we've lived through them. It hurts me to say that, for this is so part of me, this country of my heart, that I feel almost guilty for not having suffered all that, too. I wish I could take its past pain and assuage it, make it better somehow...all we can do now is teach, educate and stop the stupid notions and preconceptions of Roumania outside the country, help restore its reputation, making the potentially successful and promising future more attainable, easier to see, feel, believe in. Teach its music, literature, poetry, history...if you knew it, you couldn't help but love it. Believe me.

Festival 39 has a nice terrace where we went and sat until it became tooP5100005 chilly. Birdsong and sunlight. Hanul Lui Manuc is being done up and looks nothing less than a building site. A street puppy came up the steps to beg cuddles and wasn't disappointed, little darling.

P5100007Back at the cave now with a lot to think about (and a bit of a headache), I wait with impatience for Monday evening. The meeting is held in str. Batistei bang across the road from what used to be the Securitate building. I'll be too late for the actual meeting (it's very serious apparently), but will arrive just in time for palinka and social free for all. Far more up my street. It'll be nice meet to Romulus again and see Brigitte.

BregovicOther news: A very successful and popular Goran Bregovic gave a free concert in Iasibregovic2 today with songs from his album 'Tales & Songs For Weddings & Funerals'. Zucchero is in Cluj. Nana Mouskouri has donated a load of money to a maternity hospital here in Bucharest. The EuropaFest Festival has begun. A new hospital,The Third Millenium, has opened. Nice news for once.

EuropafestPhone call this morning from Dan, a friend of Nicole and Serge, who is completely dedicated to saving the beautiful architecture of Bucharest. He spends a huge amount of time and energy doing conservation work for the city. A fountain of knowledge and information, I'm told, and I'll meet him week after next. I'm looking forward to that. Nicole has also put me in touch with another friend of her's, Gabriela, back here after years living away in the States. It's so lovely to have new people to meet, make new connections, hear more stories and experiences. I regret not having a dictaphone, really. By the time I get to the blog of an evenig, I've forgotten so much. That's what comes of having a brain like a lump of Gouda.

Tomorrow: packing, packing and more packing. Lucia, George and Mircea in the evening.

More when back.

Love Sarah xox

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10 mai 2008


P5090034Dear Everyone,

Rosie and I are just back from a great night at Lola's - bbq managed by Flori and BogdanP5090041 on the covered patio, kitchen duty (potatoes, crepes, salad etc) carried P5090051out by Aless and Lola. I was on surveillance duty, which involved pouring wine, holding cigarettes, rescuing would-be cremated crepes and doing nothing in particular. So much wonderful food that we never made it past first course. Lola's crepes with blackcurrant jam and icecream will have to see another P5090058P5090081day and the cheese will be Lola and her family's breakfast for the next year. Delicious mici, chops, sausages and fillets, baked potatoes, stuffed mushrooms, green salad, risotto and a deliciously smooth (and rather fatal) cabernet sauvignon, not to mention mad and utterly off the wall silliness resulted in such a lovely evening. We missed P5090077P5090073Gaby very much, and assuaged that by watching her dancing a spoof to 'Only You' at Lola's Xmas Party last year! Brilliant! Gaby, give up the day job and hurryP5090045 home. That's enough, now!

Busy day tomorrow, with private classes in the morning then Brigitte and Romulus late afternoon . News as it happens.

Have a great weekend.

Love Sarah xox

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09 mai 2008

Pépé gets a haircut, Rosie gets a good laugh...

Poor Pépé the Perv has been to the hairdressers...

PB250001Before and after...


P5090031P5040011Oh, the humiliation. Poor Pépé. Rosie thinks he looks gay, whilst Kitzu just attacked him...it's the tail that does it.

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08 mai 2008

Rocky Horror...

RH1Damn! Damn!! Damn!!!

Tickets start at 160 RON - daylight robbery and utterly ludicrous. So, it'll be the dvd round at mine instead, okay girls? The 'dress as vamps' code still stands! We'll be near enough to the Kristal Glam to hang out the window and have a look at the guests from four floors up! Maybe they wouldn't dress up anyway, which would kind of spoil half the fun of going to the real thing....

Love, Sarah xox

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07 mai 2008

Rocky Horror Comes To Bucharest!

RH11Dear Everyone,RH12

Look what I just found! I'm sooooo excited! At laaaaaast! 29th May is a Thursday, though, so I'll be nose to grindstone...however, that's the premiere. Hopefully there'll be weekend shows, too. Oh...wow! But how to sing The Time Warp in Roumanian (see http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdu7xoHU9DA)? If you don't know this show, my dear Roumanian friends, see http://archive.filmdeculte.com/culte/culte.php?id=33 in French, and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Rocky_Horror_Picture_Show in English for plot and utter silliness.

PS. Where and what is the Kristal Glam Club?!!!! Just googled it and guess what?! It's only on str. J.S.Bach!!!!! Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Apparently, it resembles the Crystal Ballroom, Dagenham in 1977...Morte de rire! Bring it oooooooooooon! Pix at the bottom of this post from Nine O'Clock.

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” premieres in Bucharest

  Rocky_Horror1published in issue 4175 page 12 at 2008-05-07

RH7The musical “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, directed by Alexander Hausvater, will have its Eastern-European premiere on May 29, in a Bucharest club. The show, created by Richard O’ Brian, was performed for the first time in 1975, in London and then conquered some of the most prestigious stages of Broadway, Western Europe, Australia, Africa or Asia.RH2

“The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is considered the most successful RH5musical of all times all over the world, and it represents a parody of horror and SF films, combined with irony and sensuality, outlined by music, dance and theatre. The British musical also inspired the 1975 music comedy “The Rocky Horror Picture Show”, starring Susan Sarandon, Tim Curry, Barry Bostwick and Meat Loaf.

The performance tells the story of Janet Weiss and Brad Majors, a newly engaged RH8young coupleRH3 on atrip. Unfortunately, their car breaks down and they must seek accommodation at the castle of the transsexual doctor Frank’N’ Furter, an eccentric scientist leading terrifying and unpredictable experiments.

In Romania, the show will be performed weekly at Kristal Glam Club in Bucharest. The cast includes eleven Romanian actors, including Victor RH10Bucur, Sanziana Tarta, Filip Ristovski, Dana Rotaru, Silvia Launeanu, Matei Chioariu, Tica Alexe, Mirela Boureanu, and Marius Stanescu.RH4

According to the organisers, the creator of the musical Richard O’ Brian himself is expected to attend the premiere in Bucharest.

by Nine oClock

Kristal Glam Club, str. Bach, nr.2 pix:

Kristal2Kristal3KristalYup, okay...point taken! But it'll be fun fun fun!!!!

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