21 juin 2008

Update so far

Dear Everyone,

Happy Midsummer's Day!

Just to give news so far as tomorrow will surely be a long post full of details and info. You know about the a/c of course, which is a Godsend as today was 32°, tomorrow will be 36°...just perfect for Lucia and I to trot round Bellu in the shade of the oaktrees reading all those wonderful inscriptions whilst referring to Nicole's fabulous Nicole Tour 4 for additional information and sucking on water melon. I can't wait!

Yesterday, besides buying a vacuum cleaner (hurrah!) that's bright green, looks like an alien but does the biz, I had a highlight of the week, easily overtaking the installation of the a/c system - could this be possible, you ask, as Bucharest swelters. Well, yes it's very possible. Meeting incredible people hits the soul far deeper than Americool, even with remote control! I met Nicole's dear and much loved friend, Neli. Easy to see why they're friends - both equally adorable, kind, full of bounty and courage. It was as if Nicole was with us, her photo smiling back at us from several book shelves, as we sat in Neli's sitting room delecting on home-made chocolate mousse and icecream that makes life appear absolutely marvellous in every way! Neli is a maths teacher, and I can't believe it. I never met a nice one who didn't glare over the top of her glasses, scowl, snarl and snap requiring students to have anti-rabies vaccines!!! Neli is clearly an exception to the rule and an explosion of goodness, joy and kindness. You know how it is. You can just look at some people and the auror they give off is one of such positivity and goodness. And so it was with Neli.

My one regret was my crap Roumanian which was far worse than I had ever imagined. Now I've moved to the treetops and left Tantza and Mandita, my Roumanian conversation practice has fallen by the wayside. However, I was so excited to finally meet her that even my French wasn't that great! It means, though, that wanting to hear more of Neli's fascinating stories, I'm going to have to do some serious work on the lingo. What an après-midi d'un faun we had and how sorry I was to leave for a private lesson back near Pta Dorobantilor, the other side of town. I do hope we'll meet again soon. Nicole's right. She is an angel. She's a Bucuresti de alta data lady, one of the Rutzi and Milla clan, though much younger. She went to see 'Sex in the City' at the cinema the other day! Bless her. I await our next rencontre with much impatience. So concentrated was I on all she said that I forgot to take any pix. Sorry. Next time.

P6210074What else to tell you? Er...took Rosie to Parcul Verdi twice this week, our version of Wimbledon Common. She just adores it there and runs quite wild, ears flying behind her chasing butterflies, rolling in the long grass etc. No horse manure this time thank heavens!

Met up with Gaby, Aless and Oana last night at the Pink Café, bd. Decebal. Lola wasP6200018 otherwise indisposed having mangled her leg with an epilator. Poor thing. She looks like she's been attacked by Freddy P6200019Kruger, apparently. How on earth could something like that happen? It was a new machine and the first time she's used it so I do hope she'll make a huge stink. It must have been faulty. This lead of course, to comparisons of horror stories with rasors, self nose piercing and other such joys, which drowned out the torrential rain, thunderstorm and Turkey v Croatia in the background. So nice to be back with the girls again. I see them much less often these days due to my horrendous BC timetable which has paralysed by social life during the week.

This morning, a couple of hours admin, lunch with friends and then mass and profound housework to clear up after installation of a/c system once and for all, using new alien vacuum cleaner, which works even though it only cost 30 euros at Billa! Fair do's, it does what it's supposed to. I even had to hoover the wall to get the red Martian dust off it. Now, my treetop residence is clean and dust-free, smelling nicely of furniture polish. Very satisfying.

Aura just called. She's been away in Istanbul since the beginning of the month, as you know, and I miss her. How lovely to hear her voice. She came back this weekend very briefly for a christening and flies back to Turkey tomorrow with Aylin. No time to get together before 14h tomorrow as I'm teaching in the morning and she has an appointment, too. She'll be back 6th July while I'm in Brasov, but the following week will see fiesta for her return, including champagne foot-spa (okay, Asti Spumanti from Carrefour) and other daft things we're going to put on a 'things to do' list.

All for now. Have a lovely evening. Off to watch Eastenders, the final 3 dvd's Adrian brought when he came. After a bowl of tortellini and pesto with Anna Netrebko singing in the background, I'm in the perfect mood for the goings-on of Albert Square!

Lots of love, Sarah xox

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20 juin 2008

A busty underground railway pole dancer is on the loose in Bucharest

From ANI

Melbourne, June 4: Police in Bucharest are hunting for a busty pole dancer who performs her routines on the city's underground railway.

Rail travellers described the dancer, photographed by a passenger's mobile phone, as a "well-dressed, attractive, student-like young woman".

Passengers described the dancer, photographed by a passenger's mobile phone, as a "well-dressed, attractive, student-like young woman".

She apparently performs her routines only when the train is travelling between further apart subway stations in the Romanian capital.

Her modus operandi is to play Tom Jones's 'You Can Leave Your Hat On' on a portable CD player while taking off her clothes and dancing around a pole.

She then puts her clothes back on and passes around a container for passengers to show their appreciation for her efforts.

"I can't say I didn't like the show but I found it unusual. There are lots of kids who travel by underground and I just don't think it's proper," The Daily Telegraph quoted a passenger, George Stancu, who witnessed the act, as saying.

A police spokesman said the woman faced charges and a fine for indecent exposure and public begging if she is caught in the act.

However, officers are struggling to arrest her as she seems to perform only on trains with no guards or CCTV cameras.

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Balkans again bask in the spotlight at Cannes Film Festival

A number of regional filmmakers and actors won awards and nominations at the latest edition of the prestigious film festival in Cannes.

By Paul Ciocoiu for Southeast European Times in Bucharest – 16/06/08

Romanian cinema won an award at the Cannes International Film Festival for the second consecutive year, with Marian Muresan's "Megatron" taking the Palme D'Or for Best Short Film. The 31-year-old director said that he expected an award, because the jury and the audiences were attracted to the movie.

"I expected it somehow. I believed we had some chance to win," Muresan said of his film, which beat out eight others. This is the third Palme D'Or for a Romanian short film, after Ion Popescu Gopo's "A Brief History" and Catalin Mitulescu's "Traffic". Muresan has already participated in several international competitions with his films "The Amateur", "Family Portrait" and "Happy Birthday".

The 15-minute-long "Megatron" tells the story of an eight-year-old village boy who goes with his mother to a Bucharest McDonald's for his birthday. Once in Bucharest, the boy looks for his father. The story -- depicting a journey to Bucharest that slowly turns into a journey in search of a father -- has only two characters, the boy and the mother, played by Maxim Trinu and Gabriela Crisu. The movie premiered in Romania at the 7th Transylvania International Film Festival.

The Best Director award went to Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan for his family drama, "Three Monkeys". This is Ceylan's third award at the French festival after he received the 2003 Jury Grand Prize for "Distant" and the 2006 FIPRESCI Movie Critics' Award for "Climates", according to the Turkish Daily News.

"I am dedicating this prize to my lonely and beautiful country, which I passionately love," he said after receiving the prize from actress Faye Dunaway. "The film is about life, about one's inner world, about many things," explained Ceylan, director of six films so far.

The International Critics' Week Grand Prize went to Bosnian director Aida Begic's first film, "Snow", a Bosnia and Herzegovina-Germany-France-Iran co-production. It deals with the aftermath of a Balkan war in an isolated and conflict-ravaged mountainous village.

Last but not least, Kosovo-born actress Arta Dobroshi earned a nomination for Best Actress for her role in "Lorna's Silence", produced by Belgian brothers Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardennes, who won for Best Screenplay. The film explores the difficult path of an Albanian girl in Belgium striving to obtain citizenship while making compromises.

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19 juin 2008


Dear Everybody

P6190002This is just to let you know that part by miracle, part by Gaby's degree in Public P6190005Relations and Communications Science, and part by good old Roumanian customer service that albeit didn't exist at Altex ... I have airconditioning both delivered and installed only 48h after purchase. Howzat?! I got home from work yesterday and everything was done. Gaby and Aless waited in, made sure the installers didn't knock down any walls (though I have a few extra-curricular holes to plaster), photocopied the invoice for me, and called to say I had to buy a 4m extension lead as the electrical wire attached to the a/c system was too short to reach the plug!! A little trip to Rainbow (Pta Amzei, the only place open nearby that sold such items) and 30 minutes later we were in business. Hurraaaaah!

P6190012Rosie is very proud of it of course, and I must say that at 3am this morning when it was 34° in here despite a violent storm outside, I could have hugged it if that hadn't meant climbing onto a chair!

My thanks to everyone for their advice (Serge and Mara), to Gaby and Aless for handling everything for me this end, to Nicole, Lidia and Marian for their encouragement, listening to me harp on and on for weeks, and Alan at work whose first question yesterday morning was 'how are the holes? Could you maybe put a plate of glass across it and pretend it's an porthole to remind you of your cave?' He had an a/c system fitted recently and .... oops... he had to get a professional plasterer in to clear up the mess.

I don't need a plasterer as yet (I think I can do the kitchen hole myself after all the practice I had plastering at Yèvre!) but I do need to go and buy a vacuum cleaner. The red dust that looks like Martians have landed comes from the wall and has covered everything. No amount of dustpan and brush attacks will shift it. So...first stop tomorrow, Billa.

Anyone criticising Roumanian reliability, come call on me and I'll give you a few choice words! Here's a satisfied customer. So there!!!

Love, Sarah

PS. Aaaaaaaand it has remote control so Her Maj doesn't even have to move to turn it on. Oh là là!

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18 juin 2008

Dear Everyone,

Here's a film about Roumania, sent to me by Catalina. Shame Virgin Media didn't think to incorporate some of it on their video for the EuroCup!

Thanks Catalina!


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16 juin 2008


P6150084Dear Everyone,P6140001

Back in Bucharest after a wonderful weekend, as always, with Lidia and Marian. Mara and Dan came too, arriving Saturday from Bucharest so with Ionut and Ionana, too, we were quite a group. Very nice to see them again.

Incidentally, the first class seat on an 'acelerat' is exactly the same as a second class one, so anyone thinking of doing the same, save yourself the 20ron difference, and remain in second! Couldn't believe it! Just as cramped, 8 per carriage, just as grotty, no aircon so with window wide open, we all had very dodgy hair-do's on arriving at our appointed destination. Everyone in my carriage got out at Brasov.

We were so glad to be back. It's rather like a second home for us, and I'd missed Lidia terribly. It had been 7 weeks - far too long. It's always lovely to find my bedroom, walk round the pretty garden, collapse in front of the tv and just relaaaaax!

Saturday, we'd hoped to catch a glimpse of Stirbey Castle in Buftea, but not enough time. It's on the agenda for next visit. It has been bought by a business tycoon from Brasov, neighbour of Lidia and Marian, big in asphalt - heaven knows, he's been trying to concrete Brasov over for ages.... A little info... "The Stirbey Palace in Buftea was bought for several million Euro, from the heirs of the homonym family, and it is to be transformed into an exquisite hotel. The property includes the palace itself and 24 hectars of park land. As the place has an impressive heritage of history and tradition, the new owners intend to set up a museum of the Stirbey family, but also to raise new buildings that will host conferences and exhibitions." Actually, it was bought for 9 million euros...far less than his friend Becali paid for the Ausnit House he has completely kitschified. I dread to think what Mr. Asphalt will do to this lovely castle...

P6140014Instead, we went to the Schei part of Brasov, one of my favourite areas. Today, the ScheiP6140015 quarter is a residential dead-end, with the calm and quiet of its Baroque streets broken only by very occassional buses and children coming home from school. It's a step-back in time. The quarter's main sight is the P6140022church of St. Nicolas on Piata Unirii. Ioana and Ionut plan to be married here in Sf. Nicolae and I can totally understand why. It's a beautiful ancient church of fairy-tale atmosphere and architecture, set in a lovely garden with floral cemetry nearby, and shares its place with the first Roumanian-language school, now a museum exhibiting the first Roumanian language text-books, printed in Brasov in 1581. The school was built in 1495 and rebuiltP6140025 in 1760. What can I tell you about Sf. Nicolae? Er...the papal bull of 1399 mentions the church, but the building itself was constructed in 1495 with the support of the voivodes across the mountains (Vlad the Monk, Neagoe Basarab, Mihai Viteazul, Petru Cercel, Aron Voda, Gheorghe Stefan, etc). Three chapels were later added. It's not as large inside as you would expect, and we walked straight into a marriage ceremony. The bride was beautiful, the groom looked like a thug!

P6140071From this lovely, calm part of Brasov despite the wedding, Marian drove us to Piatra Craiului. How I love it there. It's so majestic, so peaceful. We stopped at the 'cabana' we know so well and doscovered that it, too, was owned by Marcel somebody-or-other, the rich tycoon who had bought the Stirbey Palas...my mici suddenly lost their flavour and I tried to focus on the fabulous mountain view in front of me. Ha. You can't buy that, at least.

We were all tired out that evening. Mountain air and visions of such loveliness areP6140005 exhausting. A delicious spread as always, ladened the table and 'Fauteuils de l'Orchestre' on TV. Excellent combination!

Yesterday, Marian, Mara and I went charging round the shops to try and get me a portable aircon unit without a tube which has to go outside. Lidia said it absolutely does exist, but noone sold it. Galaxy Media, Altex, Flanco, Domo...but at least I got to see the prices and Marian and Mara (who runs an aircon company) could explain all the profound details of an aircon system. I'd already had a Skype Course from Serge who was superbly informative, so I kind of knew what I was looking for.

By the time we got back, there left only enough time to have lunch, then Mara and Dan kindly drove me back to Bucharest. I had a return ticket for the first class joys 'acelerat' but I couldn't face it, truely I couldn't. They left me on the corner of str. Glinka opposite Billa. I was most anti-social, as Rosie and I slept from Busteni all the way to Bucharest. We were worn out! How wonderful it had been to spend time with our beloved Lidia and Marian, get away from the heat (16-18° in Brasov, only 15° in the mountains), feel rain on our faces, see Ionut and Ioana, and emotionally absorb nature in all its glory and marvellous magnitude, which kind of puts everything else into perspective. Like a kind of retreat but with great food! We'll go back first weekend in July and do all the things Lidia and I had wanted but never had the time - castles, museums...

P6160103Today, Aless, Gaby and I went to Obor for my aircon system. At long last! We found a cheap though good quality one at Altex, and in fact the installation and delivery price cost almost as much as the airconditioning, made by Americool (ever heard of it?). Fortunately, Serge had already schooled me in what to look for and Mara had added a few hints (which I've forgotten). The long and the short of it is they will deliver tomorrow and install Friday. Then I must call Brigitte and ask her if she'll give me a months rent free for half the price of the aircon. After all, it will increase the value of her flat...

Altex at Obor is not conducive for customer service. First, we went to the shop near the metro station round the corner from Domo, beginning of sos. Colentina. They said we couldn'tP6160104 actually pay there - the shop for payment was two bus stops up Colentina. So, we walked...and walked...and walked...twenty minutes later and a lot hotter, we found the place, went upstairs and located the system we'd seen at the sister shop 500 km away...same price etc. Nothing can go wrong, I thought smugly. Buying aircon? It's a synch! Huh! Think again. This is a country where customer services really has no connotation. However much you're spending, you're treated a bit like an irritant, and I have to say it was my first experience of such behaviour. The girls said it was normal, which really got my goat because it's only normal because noone complains or does anything about it. The shop is on two levels, stuff for sale upstairs, payment and gymnastics downstairs. I handed over my credit card to pay the sum of 1,046 ron, noted on a post-it with reference number by the girl upstairs, to include installation and delivery. We waited 15 minutes. Despite Altex being a shop of technical products, one can't use the phone and the credit card machine at the same time. Everytime the girl swiped my card, her colleague picked up the phone. Finally, exasperated, I took the card from her paws and asked her to wait til her colleague had finished. He was, after all, organising my delivery date. She was most sulky and rude. Her colleague however seemed nice enough so we dealt with her instead. Pretty girl, great shame about the brown, broken teeth - and so young, too.

P6160105Anyway, finally, the payment was done. cross the shop to cash desk (nowhere near the credit card machine) for invoice. Then upstairs again for guarantee. The woman looked at the bill. Incorrect price. They had undercharged me. I'd have to pay the difference. I felt myself starting to scowl. 'Welcome to Roumania' said Aless, which made me even angrier! Downstairs again. To the cashdesk. The girl looked at the invoice, no 'sorry', nothing. It was her error, not mine. Another 100 ron. No way was I going to use my card again. I left the shop to use the cash machine next door. By the time I got back, Aless had paid the difference. I stood there in front of the sales girl waiting for an apology. If I'd held my breath, I would have collapsed...nothing. Back upstairs. Guarantee. Check address for delivery. Installation Friday.

I was livid. Such rudeless. Anyway, I won't just accept it as Roumanians do. I shall write to the director of Altex, to the Chamber of Commerce and to the Manager of Altex Colentina. It won't make any difference, but I'll feel better. If people don't stand up for themselves because they don't think they deserve to be treated any better, then nothing will ever change... Here ends the story of the aircon shopping.

P6130016A visit to Nicole's dear friends Iolanda, Matilda, Vassilica and Jules in strada Rabat for balm on fury which worked a treat, a trot to Zambaccian, closed for refurbishment and then home. Fell asleep with Rosie on the bed and woke up to the most beautiful inky red and indigo sunset I've seen in a long time. We are blessed with tapestries of colour and wonder in this incredible country.

Let the week commence!

Love, Sarah xox

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15 juin 2008

I should explain the below article. Basically, another scandal. The votes for Mayor of Voinesti in the borough of Iasi continued yesterday despite the death of one of the candidates that very morning - who won, despite having 'expired'...apparently, there was nothing in the constitution which said that just because a candidate dies, he should be withdrawn...I don't know what to say, frankly! Don't know whether to laugh or cry...

Alegeri romanesti: mortii pot fi alesi primari!

Duminică, 15 Iunie 2008

Biroul Electoral Central a decis continuarea procesului electoral în comuna Voineşti din judeţul Iaşi, chiar dacă unul dintre candidaţii intraţi în turul al doilea a decedat astazi, anunta NewsIn.

Purtătorul de cuvânt al BEC, Marian Muhuleţ, a declarat că decizia a fost luată după discutarea în Birou a sesizărilor în legătură cu situaţia de la Voineşti, constatându-se că nu există nicio prevedere legală care să ducă la suspendarea procesului electoral. În consecinţă, secţiile de votare vor fi deschise până la ora 21.00.

Candidatul PSD la primăria Voineşti, Neculai Ivaşcu,a murit in aceasta dimineata, în urma unei tulburări neurologice. Neculai Ivaşcu avea 59 de ani şi a fost singurul primar post-revoluţionar de la Voineşti. Contracandidatul lui Ivaşcu este reperezentantul PNL Gheorghe Dobreanu.

APD solicită Biroului Electoral Central suspendarea procesului electoral în comuna Voineşti-Iaşi, deoarece scrutinul ar putea fi viciat, din cauza decesului unuia dintre candidaţii rămaşi în finală, se arată într-un comunicat al Pro Democraţia.

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Sorin Oprescu: I am the first independent mayor of Bucharest. Blaga: I ran a well-intended campaign

de V.O. HotNews.ro

Duminică, 15 iunie 2008, 21:29 English | Politics

Shortly after exit polls for Bucharest mayor elections on Sunday announced his victory, Sorin Oprescu thanked those who voted for him and claimed he would be the first independent mayor of Romania's capital city while June 15 will remain in history as "one of the most beautiful days of democracy".

Oprescu was supported in the elections by the opposition Social Democratic Party (PSD), which he resigned from in order to run in the local elections. For his part, Vasile Blaga, the candidate for the Liberal-Democratic Party (PD-L), admitted defeat as exit-polls were announced.

According to Sorin Oprescu, "it was not I who made history, it was your vote that did so today. Your vote was stronger than their interests", he said, referring to allegations that incumbent PD-L mayor Adriean Videanu has involved the city hall in preferential dealings with firms controlled by people close to him.

For his part, Vasile Blaga said regarding his defeat that when ballot boxes speak, then politicians have to shut up. He said that he ran a well-intended campaign which was based on solutions for Bucharest's various problems and not on demagoguery. PD-L leader Emil Boc said the Bucharest branch of his party did all it could in order to win the elections and while he would have liked different results, "unfortunately Bucharest citizens would be the ones to lose following elections today".

Mircea Geoana, the leader of the Social Democrats, who backed Oprescu in his campaign for Bucharest mayor, said that the results today were "a smashing defeat for [President] Traian Basescu" who, he says, lost all credibility and legitimacy for getting involved in the local elections campaign. Geoana also said on Sunday Bucharest citizens "removed the Rightist dictatorship" - referring to the fact that the capital city of Romania has long been a stronghold for parties opposing the Social Democrats.

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13 juin 2008

La revedere!

Dear Everyone,

Rosie and I are off to Brasov for the weekend. Very impatient to see Lidia and Marian - it's been seven weeks since we were last together so there's a lot of catching up to do.

The coolness of the mountains isn't far away. Here in Bucharest, it's 29° (so they say but it feels hotter)... And for a change, we're going first class. The difference was 20 ron so thought it was about time we travelled in style. Never taken first class before except the night train to and from Sighet. Rosie has packed her case, the taxi will be here in seven minutes and we're ready to go.

Have a lovely weekend, one and all.

Love, Sarah xox

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12 juin 2008

Marin Sorescu and Shakespeare

Marin_SorescuWhilst in Dalles yesterday, which professes a wonderful second-hand bookshop, I stumbled upon a book of his poetry deliciously translated by various translators. Suffice to say that it's in Romanian, English and Italian, and I'm so thrilled to have found it. What a 'trouvaille'! There I was surrounded by piles of old books, the smell of musty pages in my nose.

So what can I tell you about Marin Sorescu? Well, he was born in Bulzesti in 1936, and although invited toMarin_Sorescu2 places such as Mexico to read and take part in poetry festivals, here in Romania he is known more as a playwright and his works have been performed all over the world. Like his compatriots Lucian Blaga and Eugene Ionesco, Sorescu's works usually contain paradoxes and absurd situations used as metaphors for other situations.

He has published seven volumes of poetry to date, including 'Only Between Poets', 'Poems', 'Don Juan's Youth' and others.

Marin_Sorescu3All his works are marked by irony and a humorous sense of play. He has also written for children.

In 1981 he was interviewed by 'The News' and said, 'I usually write about the solitude that exists between people and how this can be penetrated. I also write about man in relation to nature, how man has lost the meaning of nature and in fact works contrarily to his own environment.'

Asked if poetry could change this, he replied, 'poetry doesn't change anything, but it does give the illusionMarin_Sorescu4 of change, and man needs illusions.'

He added, 'I always write for myself, but there exists also the sense of writing for a larger audience. To me, writing is a way of thinking. You see things as a rational whole, and then abstract the subject by using a metaphor in order to fully explore the theme.'

Sorescu explained that there currently exists in Romania a very important avant-garde poetry movement that works in a modern spirit. There is a huge public response to this new work and it's exhibited in mass printings of volumes of verse.

'Writing is a kind of sickness', he explains. 'It's like an internal fever. There's absolutely no cure, simply because the writer would become 'normal'...and that's no way to go. It's compulsory: we must write. Poetry links interior and exterior life. It links men with that which exists within and without himself.' (extracts taken from The News, 1 Sept, 1981)

The poem below, 'Shakespeare Created The World in Seven Days', really makes me chuckle. Enjoy!

Shakespeare1Shakespeare a creat lumea în sapte zile

Shakespeare a creat lumea în sapte zile.
În prima zi a fãcut cerul, muntii si prãpãstiile
În ziua a doua a fãcut rîurile, mãrile, oceanele
Si celelalte sentimente -
Si le-a dat lui Hamlet, lui Iulius Caesar, lui Antoniu,
Cleopatrei si Ofeliei,
Lui Otello si altora,
Sã le stãpîneascã, ei si urmasii lor,
În vecii vecilor.
Shakespeare2În ziua a treia a strîns oamenii
Si i-a învãtat gusturile:
Gustul fericirii, al iubirii, al deznãdejdii,
Gustul geloziei, al gloriei si asa mai departe,
Pînã s-au terminat toate gusturile.
Atunci au sosit si niste indivizi care întîrziaserã.
Creatorul i-a mîngîiat pe cap cu compãtimire,
Si le-a spus cã nu le rãmîne decît sã se facã
Critici literari
Si sã-i conteste opera.
Ziua a patra si a cincea le-a rezervat rîsului.
A dat drumul clovnilor
Sã facã tumbe,
Si i-a lãsat pe regi, pe împarati
Si pe alti nefericiti sã se distreze.
Shakespeare3În ziua a sasea a rezolvat unele probleme
A pus la cale o furtunã,
Si l-a învãtat pe regele Lear
Cum trebuie sã poarte coroana de paie.
Mai rãmãseserã cîteva deseuri de la facerea lumii
Si l-a creat pe Richard al III-lea.
În ziua a saptea s-a uitat dacã mai are ceva de fãcut.
Directorii de teatru si umplusera pamîntul cu afise,
Si Shakespare s-a gîndit cã dupã atîta trudã
Ar merita sã vadã si el un spectacol.
Dar mai întîi, fiindcã era peste mãsurã de istovit,
S-a dus sã moarã putin.

Shakespeare4Shakespeare Created the World in Seven Days
by Marin Sorescu. Translation by Constantin Roman.

The first day he made the sky,
The mountains, and the spiritual abysses.
The second day he made the rivers, the seas
The oceans, and the sentiments
Giving them to Hamlet, Julius Caesar, Antony,
Cleopatra and Ophelia
To Othello and others
To master, they and their descendants,
Unto eternity.
The third day he gathered all people
And taught them the tastes:
The taste or happiness, of love, of distress,
The taste or jealousy, glory and more
Until all tastes had been accounted for.
Shakespeare5Then some characters came along late.
The creator patted them fondly on the head
And said the only thing left for them to become
Was literary critics
To deny his works.
The fourth and fifth days
Were dedicated to laughter.
He let out the clowns to do somersaults
And let kings, emperors
And other unfortunates have fun.
The sixth day
He solved some administrative problems
Plotted a storm
And taught King Lear
To wear the crown of straws.
There was still some waste left
From the creation of the world
So he made Richard III.
The seventh day he wondered whether
There was anything left to do:
Stage directors had already
Flooded the earth with posters
So Shakespeare decided after so much labour
He deserved to see a show himself.
But first, as. he felt quite exhausted,
He passed away for a while.

Moooorte de rire!!!





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