18 décembre 2009

Food for thought - an opinion

Food for thought from Gândul: Legea marţială a fulgului de nea de Marius NIŢU | 17 DECEMBRIE 2009 România a fost atacată o zi de zăpadă şi autorităţile vor să introducă legea marţială. Sorin Oprescu a cerut intervenţia Armatei în Capitală şi a avertizat Guvernul că avem o situaţie care poate afecta siguranţa naţională. Andrei Chiliman, primarul sectorului 1, vrea să-i împuşte pe şoferii nesimţiţi şi trădători care circulă cu cauciucuri de vară. Silviu Prigoană, specialist în salubrizare, în politică şi în... [Lire la suite]
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18 décembre 2009

Bucuresti de altadata

This is lovely. Thank you, Dan, so much, for this brief voyage into the past...
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17 décembre 2009

The Roumanian Governments Revolving Door

Boc's back. Again. It's so like a revolving door that it could be almost comical. But it's not. Here below an article from Bucharest Herald which I have corrected. A lot. How fed up I am getting of reading articles in English absolutely full to the brim with spelling mistakes, errors of syntax and grammar which changes and falsifies statements. Yes, I know all the arguments: I should read Roumanian instead. You are quite right. I cannot criticise newspapers written for the anglophone community because the writers are Roumanian and... [Lire la suite]
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16 décembre 2009

Oprescu's off to Portugal

Today, I read in Nine O'Clock that the Mayor of Bucharest and ex-minister of health is off to Portugal to have a heart check-up following minor surgery in Paris. Doesn't say much for his faith in the Roumanian health system, does it. Lucky he is able to afford treatment abroad unlike the majority of his compatriots. Not that I blame him. I wouldn't want to undergo cardiac or any other medical treatment in Roumania either. But for an ex-minister of health to publically do that goes to show that he didn't do a very good job at that post... [Lire la suite]
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15 décembre 2009


Thank you, Floreena! Postat de George Cosbuc la 13.12.2009 22:18E lung Pamantul, ba e latDar ca Basescu de barbatPe lume niciun alt domn nu-i.Si-avea o fatza, fatza lui,Ca de corsar umbland haihuiNeinfricat.Dar tronul lui era vanatLa fel si locu-i in palatDe-un Prostanac, ce-n foamea luiSi-a fiarelor din jurul lui,Scuipa venin pe-Antena luiNeincetat.Mos Niculae i-a-nclestat,O zi in voturi s-au luptat,Iar noaptea cand au ispravit,Zimbi Basescu multumit:A fost un fleac, l-am ciuruitPe Prostanac! si... Eminescu: "Tu esti... [Lire la suite]
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14 décembre 2009

Constitutional Court Rejects Request for 3rd Turn

It must be pretty hellish living in Bucharest right now. 'Insupportable', someone said this morning. 'I can't take anymore' she continued. 'Hysteria, everyone's gone mad...' I'm not surprised. Suspicion, disappointment, a very real feeling of hopelessness and terrible frustration at the injustice of it all....and now there is to be no third turn. I guess one could see that in two ways. Bad, because it means that Baz is there for another five years and that's that. Good, because it would only mean another circus, another pantomime of... [Lire la suite]
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14 décembre 2009

Good news for a change!

Bravo! Bravo! Braaaaaaavoooooooooooooooooo!!! Romanian students won 6 medals in the International Junior Science Olympiad  de M.Barascu, transl/adapt. C.B. HotNews.ro Luni, 14 decembrie 2009, 19:46 English | Top News The gold medal in International Junior Science Olympiad was won by a Romanian student from "Mircea cel Batran" National College in Constanta (South-East) Radu Mihai Popescu. The Romanian students present at the International Junior Science Olympiad seventh edition won a gold medal, two silver... [Lire la suite]
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13 décembre 2009

Thinking like a westerner...

Here is an article from The Economist, dated 10th December. The comments are very interesting indeed and almost make better reading than the article itself! I wish The Economist would print the names of journalists under their articles. I would dearly like to know who wrote this one. Not a Roumanian, I think. I have a feeling he/she is a westerner. Having put that in a comment under the article, I was told this was a 'naive' assumption. Perhaps, though I don't see why. Westerners do not see Roumanian politics in quite the same way... [Lire la suite]
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12 décembre 2009

Please read this article

PLEASE read this from FT, entitled Who Won the Romanian Revolution. Cannot copy/paste due to copyrite. You will find it scrolling down to the 'Weekend' category - click on the far left picture labelled 'Reportage'. It is superb and I'm veeeeeeeeeeeery sorry I cannot post it in its text format. Good job, journalist Alec Russell. Excellent article.
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12 décembre 2009

Hey, wait a minute...wasn't Klaus Johannis having a spot of bother a while ago, accused of having a job whilst undertaking the position of mayor? Apparently, it's against the law to have another form of income whilst holding a governmental position. And now...this from Gandul: Mugur Isarescu is President Basescu's first choice for prime minister President Traian Basescu wishes the new government to be led by Central Bank (BNR) Governor Mugur Isarescu, whom he guaranteed will also be able to keep his job at the National Bank,... [Lire la suite]
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