06 juillet 2010

Good grief! This from The Diplomat:Egyptian student deported after complaining to University in Constanta An Egyptian studying to be a doctor in Constanta was handcuffed, arrested and deported after complaining over university practices. Report by Claudia Ciobanu After threatening to take state-owned Ovidiu University in Constanta to court, Egyptian fourth-year medical student Peter Samuel has been arrested at dawn, handcuffed, locked up and deported back to his home country. On 22 June, after spending seven days behind... [Lire la suite]
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06 juillet 2010

Cheating with honours

So...when is cheating not cheating? Good question. I remember very clearly the first time I was offered a bribe whilst working at a prestigious language institution in Bucharest. It was very sweetly done. As Talleyrand would have said, it was a real 'douceur' and came by way of the most enormous bouquet of lillies that had such a strong scent they nearly knocked me out - they must have cost him an absolute fortune since flowers are bought individually rather than in bunches as we are used to. Cheating is normal. To get a job as a... [Lire la suite]
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03 juillet 2010

What a silly idea!

Romanian President to those whose houses were destroyed by floods: "Fellows, why did you build your house here?" de R.M. transl/adapt. C.B. HotNews.ro Vineri, 2 iulie 2010, 16:06 English | Top News Romanian President went to visit regions flooded by rivers on Friday, July 2. He asked residents of Patrauti village, who were left homeless by the foods, why they chose to build their houses on the river bed: "Good fellows, why did you built your houses here?", "How come you chose the river bed... [Lire la suite]
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02 juillet 2010

Hug from Connecticut

My dears, How wonderful it is to be back across the pond again... the Nutmeg State is bathed in sunshine (and a certain amount of high humidity) and preparing for the 4th July celebrations. I'm thinking of you in the country of my heart and feeling guilty for not reading the papers - all I know is there's a new memorial for MJ in Herastrau (see post below) - so its about time I hit Nine O'Clock and my usual other rags for an update of what's going on with you. Unless of course, you can save me the time and tell me yourselves! ... [Lire la suite]
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01 juillet 2010

MJ memorial in Herastrau...

Good grief...Im sorry - I know many  loved him, but for a country in crisis to spend the money on this when, honestly, there are more deserving memorials to be erected - for example, how about one for the survivors and victims of communism in the capital - they exist in other capitals...why not in Bucharest?? And why couldn't the memorial to the holocaust victims have been put in Herastrau instead of stupidly plonked in the little square near Izvor  where noone can see it unless you actually know it's there... there are some... [Lire la suite]
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27 juin 2010

Back from marvellous travels...

Not long back from a wonderful trip to Germany (Dresden, Meissen, Leipzig) and the Czech Republic (Prague)... Overwhelmed by the beauty of these cities, the care taken to let them sing, breathe and speak their history all by themselves, I share some pix with you. Dresden Leipzig Prague St. Jacob's church The Theatre of the Estates Stained glass window by Mucha, St. Vitus Cathedral Night falls on Karlovo Most Nerudova Memorial to the victims and survivors of communism There's so... [Lire la suite]
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26 juin 2010

Pensions cannot be reduced by 15%

I should think so, too...the very idea of it was criminal. This, from Hotnews:UPDATE: It's official: Romanian Constitutional Court ruled law articles addressing special pensions are unconstitutional. Pensions cannot be reduced by 15% de Alina Neagu, transl/adapt. C.B. HotNews.ro Vineri, 25 iunie 2010, 17:43 English | Top News UPDATE Judges from the Romanian Constitutional Court ruled out that several articles from the two austerity laws for which the Government took responsibility in the Parliament are... [Lire la suite]
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25 juin 2010

African migrant workers find slim pickings in southern Spain   Unemployment in Spain and poor weather have reduced job opportunities for seasonal workers. And for those who find work, pay and conditions are tough      Guardian Weekly,              Tuesday 22 June, 2010   A migrant worker in a strawberry green house in Huelva. Photograph: Samuel Aranda/AFP/Getty Images In the huge, air-conditioned shed the conveyor belts carrying a stream of ... [Lire la suite]
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25 juin 2010

Voronet and its sister sanctuaries

from New York TimesDeep in the Carpathians, Painted Parables By PETER WORTSMAN       WHEN the Moldavian prince Stephen the Great won his first decisive victory against the Turks five and a quarter centuries ago, he decided to mark the occasion with a grand monastery and adorn its walls with the colorful work of artisans of the day. With his second victory came another monastery. With the third, yet another. The result of his victories — 46 in all — was an unprecedented building spree within the... [Lire la suite]
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02 juin 2010

Downtown Bucharest heritage house destroyed 31.05.10 | by: Nine oClock | in: homenews Prince Cantacuzino’s house at 3 Gutenberg St was wrecked over the weekend, despite the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (MCPN) having asked the Bucharest prefect to bring the demolition works to a halt, given the building is classified as a historic monument, Mediafax reports. The Police has opened an investigation into the case. The ‘Carpati’ Association for Identity Memory reported Monday that Friday night into Saturday... [Lire la suite]
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