02 septembre 2007

Sunday news

Dear Everyone, Just a little news on a Sunday, with Romanian classical radio in one ear (much better than French, as really lovely music ALL the time, with plenty to discover, composers I've never heard of, and the presenter speaks slowly enough so I can understand, which is very thoughtful of him!).... I just came back from my first service at the Anglican church, which I have to say was a very unreligious experience on the whole! Apart from the service itself of course - the usual Eucharist, which was lovely to be part... [Lire la suite]
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31 août 2007

Day out in Bucharest

Had a wonderful touristic day today (haven't had timez since I arrived so I revelled in it) and thought you'd like to see the photos of the places I visited in this wonderful, vibrant city! My feet are killing me. I started off at Dinu Lipatti's house (he wasn't home!) quite by chance on my way to the lovely Storck museum. This was the home of Frederic and Cecilia Storck, he a sculptor and she a marvellous painter, with definite Gauguin influences. Frederic's father, Karl, was Romania's first sculptor teacher, and if he was anything... [Lire la suite]
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