18 octobre 2010

Cristiana Anghel's 56 days...

On hunger strike for 50 days 14.10.10 | by: Nine oClock (Photo: Eveniment de Olt) The health of the teacher on hunger strike for the past 50 days has worsened. Cristiana Anghel is hospitalized in Bucharest where doctors fear she will not resist much longer without food. Teacher Cristiana Anghel stated that she will not give up her protest until her demand, namely to have teachers’ salary hike law applied, is met. However, if her health deteriorates she would accept IVs. Cristiana Anghel, teacher at school number 2 in Caracal,... [Lire la suite]
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12 octobre 2010

CEDO rules against Roumania

European Court of Human Rights ruled its first pilot decision against Romania. The state has 18 months to resolve the issue of returning confiscated properties during Communism de A.C. HotNews.ro Marţi, 12 octombrie 2010, 14:56 English | Top News The European Court for Human Rights ruled its first pilot decision today against Romania in the case involving Maria Atanasiu and others which practically suspends similar causes in the Court and orders the Romanian state to resolve the issue of returning nationalized... [Lire la suite]
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11 octobre 2010

Mutiny in chambers! Bravo!

Social Democrats and Liberal Deputies refuse to attend meetings in Chambers until speaker Roberta Anastase resigns de A.C. HotNews.ro Luni, 11 octombrie 2010, 18:36 English | Top News Social Democratic Deputies refuse to attend meetings in Chambers until speaker Roberta Anastase resigns, PSD leader Victor Ponta announced on Monday, quoted by the Romanian news agency Mediafax. Former Liberal Party spokesperson Mihai Voicu announced on Monday that Liberal Deputies will not attend meetings for the same reasons as their... [Lire la suite]
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08 octobre 2010

Another blinding result for justice...

Aoleo!!!! As clear as mud and another blinding result from the Roumanian justice system... aid given to Popa is just supposition, huh? Brilliant! Ripping off a few million people is okay then. And of COURSE Vintu can influence the investigation. As long as he has breath in his body and as long as he has money to bribe the judges, then he has influence. Meanwhile, Vlas, who has systemmatically stated that Vintu is the guilty party though admits having taken money too, remains in jail when she is FAR less of a threat than this scumbag.... [Lire la suite]
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08 octobre 2010

Marinescu investigated - better late than never?

Good news, I hope - Marinescu, after 6 weeks for Florentina behind bars, has been taken in for questioning - with his lawyer in tow of course. I am under no illusion that he will also be eating gruel for breakfast for one can be sure it will not be the case. He will get a smack on the paw and perhaps a fine and then get back to his lucrative business at his private clinic near Kiselef... I truly believe this is simply a message from Iacob to the general public declaring, "look, everyone, I AM doing my job and investigating this... [Lire la suite]
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06 octobre 2010

Ioana Maria Vlas released or not released - that is the question

Mama of FNI, Vlas, out perhaps, and Florentina still behind bars.... justice???? Both victims of higher orders - Vlas of a modern day Rasputin (Vîntu) and Florentina of the terminally agonising health system, an irresponsible ministry of health and townhall, an uncaring management commitee, a crooked prosecutor who clearly has his strings pulled from above and the scapegoat of everything wrong throughout Roumania... I am unable to jusge whether I believe Vlas is guilty for I do not know enough about the case. What I do know, however,... [Lire la suite]
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03 octobre 2010

Mystérieuses affiches xénophobes

Des affiches assimilant Roumains et Italiens à des rats font scandale en Suisse LEMONDE.FR avec AFP | 01.10.10 | 20h20 Bala i ratt: Les trois rats (capture d'écran du site Bala i ratt) représentent un voleur roumain, Bogdan, un carreleur italien, Fabrizio, ainsi qu'un certain Giulio, avocat qui représenterait le ministre des finances italien. De mystérieuses affiches xénophobes, montrant trois rats roumain et italiens grignotant un fromage suisse, alimentent depuis lundi... [Lire la suite]
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02 octobre 2010

Dracula, the true story...

Count Dracula has been undead for a hundred and thirteen years. He is a legend mixed with reality, superstition and fearful fantasies for nobody else in all of history impaled as many victims as Vlad Tepes... Bram Stoker was studying medicine, ethnology and the occult. The Dead Un-Dead was one of Stoker's original titles for Dracula, and up until a few weeks before publication, the manuscript was titled simply The Un-Dead. Stoker's Notes for Dracula show that the name of the count was originally "Count Wampyr", but while doing... [Lire la suite]
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02 octobre 2010

Biometric records to avoid another 9m euros

From Bucharest Herald: France fingerprints Roma deportees to prevent return The French Immigration Ministry is to fingerprint Roma (Gypsies) who get financial aid after being deported. From Friday, biometric records will be created on Roma and other foreigners who receive up to 300 euros (£259; $409) after they leave France, BBC News informs. Most of them are repatriated to Bulgaria and Romania. Authorities say some expelled Roma make return trips to France to benefit several times from the humanitarian... [Lire la suite]
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30 septembre 2010

Possible release Monday for Vlas

Vlas may be paroled 30.09.10 | by: Nine oClock | in: homenews Ioana Maria Vlas, serving a ten-year sentence for embezzlement in the FNI ponzi scheme case might be released from jail in a few days after judges accepted her parole request, Antena 3 reports. However, it is possible that prosecutors may file an appeal against the decision. If they do not or if the appeal is rejected, Vlas will be released on Monday at the latest, according to the TV channel. Vlas reportedly filed several parole requests before. She... [Lire la suite]
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