15 mars 2009


It is with great sadness that I heard last night of the passing of Matilda Caragiu Maroteanu, the sister of the actor Toma Caragiu two years her senior on 11th March, aged 82. I met Matilda in November with Brigitte last year for tsuica at her home near Pta Romana. She impressed me so much...I had no idea who I had in front of me at that point. Her sister Jeta (artist and sculptress) was with us for the evening, and Matilda's cute little dog, too, who was devoted to her. I expect he will go live with his aunt Jeta. It was only on... [Lire la suite]
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09 mars 2009


(Photo: Sarah In Romania) Another festival for the month of March - how I love the spring in Romania. As if we aren't spoilt enough by an improvement in the weather, there are so many festivals too, each bringing wonderful stories and colourful heart-warming customs. For those of us who don't have Saints Days (like me), La Multi Ani for 9th March! Mucenici is the feast of the 40 Martyrs (Mucenici), soldiers in the Roman army during the reign of Emperor Licinius (308-324) who were tortured and executed (burnt alive and then chucked... [Lire la suite]
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28 février 2009

Happy Martisor!

HAPPY MARTISOR!!! May Spring bring you good health, love, luck, joy and all the most wonderful things life can offer!  How I miss being there for Martisor. It's such a lovely festival. I have received some gorgeouis martisoare through the post here in Paris however, so I'm not completely déracinée...one, a little gold pig that's about 70 years old, has a moving story behind it and oh...how I love it. The other was TWO in a pretty card - a leprachaun going fishing and a very pretty heart. English, Roumanian in previous life,... [Lire la suite]
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09 septembre 2008

The 'Carte de Munca'

Dear Everyone, For those of you outside Roumania, you'll be wondering what a 'carte de munca' is. Well, it's a little booklet issued by the Department of Employment (I suppose) where everything pertaining to your professional life is noted: employer, company, address, date of entry, date and reason for leaving, salary etc... It's a bit like a tiny CV, but far more detailed, a sort of professional testimony for want of a better word. Without one a Roumanian cannot find work legally. I was asked for mine when my audition with Mr... [Lire la suite]
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05 septembre 2008

Cornel Todea - The Story of a Snitch... latest article from Observator Cultural, 4th September

Dear Everyone Below another article on Cornel Todea, the Securitate informer, this time in Observator Cultural dated 4th September. Again, though less flagrant this time, we are invited to feel sorry for him. After all, he was one of many. Was what he did so very bad? He didn't torture anyone. Aren't the torturers the ones who should be brought to book? Yes, of course they are. But bear in mind that if nasty scum like Todea hadn't grassed and reported back to base in the first place, they would never have been arrested. Todea's... [Lire la suite]
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04 septembre 2008

Update: Sebes, Alba Iulia, Sighet and Brasov...

Dear Everyone, Yes, I know I said I'd stay up to date because Aylin had her laptop, but there was neither time nor energy, so for all those who sent me e-mails complaining, I apologise. It's been a marvellous, energetic and rather tiring week. Feels more like a month (in a good way). Looking at all the photos, I can't believe we did so much in so little time. As you know, we set off last Wednesday morning having first executed 'triage' on all the clothes etc to be delivered to the creche. We will take the larger ones another... [Lire la suite]
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26 août 2008

PS - Iasi, Palace of Culture

Dear Everybody, I stand corrected...the Palace of Culture in Iasi isn't closed for just a season due to renovation. It's closed for three whole years, dammit!!! Total idiocy. I'm lost for words (makes a change)... So, if you're going to Iasi, don't bother visiting the Palace except to have a gawp from outside (it is really lovely) 'coz it's no go. Unless, of course, you want to visit Anca. Even though the Palace is devoid of activity, she still has to go to her office every day and though she says she doesn't have time to be... [Lire la suite]
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25 août 2008


Dear Everybody, Sorry this is late, but what with that Toad article, I rather lost my rhythm... Back from Iasi in Moldavia now for a full day and I'm glad to be back in my Bucharest once again. I really do love this city. It's home, it's where I belong. I am fully aware that it's polluted, full of some of the most cretinous individuals on Roumanian soil, has dire traffic problems and could do with a really good clean, but...it's my city. I was so glad to visit Iasi at last. After so long with it on my agenda, finally getting... [Lire la suite]
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24 août 2008


In relation to article below: Oh, what a pile of absolute piffle! And as DaniK says in her comments on Ziua (amongst other things), what possessed the journalist to choose THAT particular photo - so relaxed, so self assured, and if that's a sorry face, then I'd love to see a don't care one. It's a real revelation of his personality. Absolutely no conscience, no shame... And as for the comment "I'm sorry to all those who appear in my notes but I say with conviction that they didn't suffer"...excuse me?!!! Is that an apology? How can... [Lire la suite]
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20 août 2008

At last, another newspaper reports on Todea...

Imi cer iertare fata de cei pe care i-am turnat Ziua, 20/08/2008       -- E regizor, director al Teatrului "Ion Creanga" din Bucuresti si fost vicepresedinte al Uniunii Teatrale din Romania. Are "origini burgheze" si timp de 60 de ani si-a ascuns legatura cu Securitatea, cu care a colaborat din scoala si pana la caderea comunismului, care i-a "dat voie" sa lucreze in Televiziune, sa faca spectacole omagiale pe stadioane si teatru tv in studio.       ... [Lire la suite]
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