06 janvier 2014

Nastase back to porridge

rahova outfit(Photo source) Here we go again. Adrian Nastase has been sent back to Rahova for a further 4 years without parole for taking bribes in the Zambaccian case, this time accompanied by his wife Dana, sentenced to 3 years respectively for collusion. He was also barred from holding any form of public office position and is forbidden to run in elections for the next 5 years.

The BBC has THIS to say:

Romania's supreme court has sentenced former Prime Minister Adrian Nastase to four years in prison for taking bribes.

He was also given three years for blackmail, to run concurrently. The court found that two Romanian officials had helped Nastase to get Chinese goods for private properties in 2001-2004.

His wife Dana Nastase got a three-year suspended sentence for collusion.

Adrian Nastase survived a suicide attempt in 2012 [they don't know the half of it - Sarah's note], just after receiving a two-year jail term in a separate case.

In the ruling on Monday the court found that Nastase, 63, had received Chinese building materials and furnishings worth 630,000 euros (£521,000; $856,000) from a construction entrepreneur, Irina Jianu.

 In return, he had appointed her head of the State Construction Inspectorate. Jianu is already in prison, having been found guilty in the previous corruption case involving Nastase.

nastase(Photo source) The former prime minister left prison only 10 months ago, after serving two-thirds of his previous two-year sentence for corruption.

Nastase was also found guilty of having blackmailed a former Romanian consul in Shanghai, Ioan Paun, in connection with the Chinese shopping spree.

Nastase denies wrongdoing, saying the cases against him were politically motivated.

Romania joined the EU in 2007 and remains under special monitoring by Brussels because of EU concerns about high-level corruption.'

 Nastase said, "it's dreadful and in my opinion, extremely, extremely unfair - a dirty revenge. What more can I say?" Ahhhh.

This time, it seems there has been no soap opera, no fake suicide and no need for Dr Bradisteanu today acquitted of taking bribes and abuse of power (although investigators had recommended 10 years in jail and the confiscation of 9.1mn euros) . The 'good' doctor is currently also being investigated for perverting the course of justice in the 'Bombonel's-fake-suicide' case.. Rather disappointing from an entertainment point of view, but the night is young.

1.8mn lei has also been confiscated from the Nastase family's wealth by the courts and in addition, the Nastases must foot the legal expenses estimated at 20,000 lei, payable to the Romanian state. He has already had to cough up 1.1 mn to Inspectoratului de Stat în Construcții in the “Trofeul calității” case. All that in almost 2 years.

Great news - sa dea acatiste pentru Matusa Tamara! During his time as PM, Nastase amassed enormous wealth. However, in his declaration of 2012, he only mentions one property (the apartment on Zambaccian) and a single piece of land in Cornu. There's a great deal more he 'forgot' to note - most of it being in the name of his wife, Dana. Oh, and he apparently has 500,000 euros in his bank account. In order to pay the 1.8mn lei, then, he would have needed to sell something. Works of art, antiques, a property or two, land... but he didn't. There is question then, as to where it came from if he only has what is noted on his declaration. Perhaps his lawyer ran about collecting donations from helping hands in high places? Can't have been his wife's auntie - she's been pushing up the daisies for quite some time, poor love! Anyway, see more on that mystery HERE.

puscariada(Photo source) Perhaps this final flurry of jail time and pay-ups can be seen as just to some. I personally don't agree. The Zambaccian case, the 'Trofeul calității' affair and Aunt Tamara all aside, by aiding and abetting with his cronies, Nastase is one of the creators of today's Romania's super-rich. He sabotaged the Romanian economy and the fight for the country's democracy. The sentence is not 'heavy'. If anything, it's rather lenient. He certainly won't serve the full 4 years, and has enough money stashed away so what has been 'relinquished' won't even make a dent, I'm sure. Where is the hardship?

Regardless of which party they belong to, the Securitate heirs of the scandalous, lousy transitional regimes post-89 which have robbed the country with single-minded determination, crapped on banks, confiscated land, embezzled hundreds of billions of euros for the last 24 years are ALL guilty, guilty, guilty. Without exception. Nastase is a big fish. There are smaller and there are bigger still...

nastase-timosenko(Photo source) Though some may be in admiration that 'justice has been served' to such a senior politician, others who are more savvy know full well that this is simply a drop in the proverbial bucket. Premier Victor Ponta of the ruling Social Democrats and Nastase's (and Iliescu's) protegé considers his mentor a 'political prisoner' and a victim of Basescu's 'regime', comparing the situation with that of Ukraine's Iulia Timoshenko. Obtuse choice of example, Pontaur. The arguments for why this comparison should be severely and widely condemned are HERE in Hotnews.

I am sure this will mean an acceleration on getting the super-immunity bill passed PDQ. There must be major howlings and gnashings of teeth in the USL bed.

The conditions of life in Romania today can be largely blamed on the greed of the hundreds of thousands of Securitate heirs, whether it be Rosia Montana, the problems with Chevron, the laws made up at the drop of a hat, the killing of dogs, the plagiarising of diplomas and CVs - take whatever you like as an example. It all leads back to the same sesspit in the longrun. Justice MUST continue until the bitter end - and I'm sure it will be bitter. Very bitter. And it probably won't always be just either.

Meanwhile, the comments re: Nastase's return to Rahova are coming thick and fast. One particular comment made me howl with laughter. "He is being punished because he fought for Romania," said his sister, Dana Barb (a babă comunistă and one sandwich short of a picnic). She said she'd told him, "you wanted to be a patriot, and you're punished by all those who wish you evil. You should have looked after yourself, your family, your own interests, instead of fighting for Romania. Anyone who fought for Romania is being punished right now." Look after himself, his family and his own interests is EXACTLY what he did and precisely WHY he has been convicted of taking bribes. Wheeze. 

The leaders of PSD gathered for their first BPN meeting of the year and sent support messages to the poor persecuted victim, adding that they were with him and praying for him. Quite right - they SHOULD indeed be with him. There in Rahova!! Ponta said that Basescu's hounding of Nastase was a great injustice given the "good and important" things he had done for Romania.

No further comment (but eyes rolling)...

For more on the international sites, see Washington Post, Euronews, Aljazeera, Reuters, The Las Vegas Sun, Daily Europe, The Financial Times, Radio Free Europe and The Charlotte Observer. More to follow...


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04 janvier 2014

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

mirror(Photo source) The ‘new weapon’ used by protesters in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev, is poignantly brilliant and shows what words cannot. They have already adopted other clever methods including nudity and humour, but this one, to me, beats them all hands down. It is the mirror. Yes, a common old mirror. The 'mirror protest' was staged on 30th December to mark the one month aniversary since the dispersal of a pro-EU rally. See video HERE.

Taken out of context, the photo above shows an elderly lady holding a mirror up to riot police. One of them gazes into it seeing, perhaps, what he has become. Does he stop? Does he think how things ever got to be this way? Is he witness to the aggression in his eyes, the violence in his heart, the lack of compassion in his soul? Does it sadden him? Sicken him?

The riot police in Pungesti could certainly do with some mirrors. An entire street of mirrors for that matter. What THEY have become at the behest of Romanian politicians and local authorities is surely not what their mothers brought them up to be. I doubt it’s what THEY planned to be, either. Bullies. Granny bashers. Child beaters. Persecutors. Oppressors. Nodding puppets.

The pure simplicity in just holding up a mirror to reflect an image back at itself is as artistic as it is daring. "LOOK!!" it cries. This peaceful mirror protest encouraged reflection and introspection before the typical lashing out in hateful violence, while also highlighting something unique in humanity we all share. More 'frontal lobe' is hard to imagine.

mirror2(Photo source) Presumably, if the mirrors were to catch on in Romania, they would have to be shatter-proof. I have a scene in my mind – totally fictitious of course: an elderly lady in black with basma tied under her chin stands alone in the middle of a street. Riot police advance towards her and with a flourish of determined courage, she holds a mirror up in front of her. She is only small. It is heavy. But she does it. The first police to reach her smashes it with his truncheon, covering the old lady’s face in broken glass.

Perhaps car mirrors would work, though they are too small? I doubt the jandarmi of Pungesti would have any qualms smashing normal ones, even if it did bring seven years bad luck, as we anglophones say. Bad luck? Things couldn’t get much worse there in any case. Could they?

When the powerless are intimidated through terror by their own so-called peace-keepers, ordered by their own government in peace time, one must surely ask questions. Do these bullies dressed in scarey gear that, to me at least, resembles heavy-duty cockroaches, FEEL anything for their victims? Is there NO element of disgust or shame?

mirrorprotest(Photo source) I suppose if you were to ask them, they would say what ALL bullies usually spiel off: "I was obeying orders". It brings to mind Hannah Arendt's essay on Eichmann (and I'm not comparing the two horrors - only the mindset), The Banality of Evil. In it, she says, "the greatest evil perpetrated is the evil committed by nobodies, that is, by human beings who refuse to be persons." In other words, give a 'nobody' a little power by way of a uniform, a truncheon and orders to intimidate - and they suddenly puff up like blowfish with a nice warm rush of importance. Perhaps the first in their lives. But they are not 'people' for they do not (and perhaps cannot) think. They take zero responsibility for their actions. It is a combination of ambition and obedience - a blind, thoughtless, questionless obedience. 'Good civil servants' in an authoritarian environment.

Doing terrible things in an organised and systematic way is based on a twisted grasp of 'normality'. Ugly, degrading, humiliating acts become run of the mill, routine if you like, for they are accepted as just 'the way things are done' in the name of law and order. When you ask why, they shrug with an 'asa ni s-a ordonat'. No thought. Just obedience. Humanity? Compassion? Annihilated by those giving the orders. The 'normalisation' of unthinkable things is easy when money, status and power are at stake - and for the Romanian government giving those orders today, all three are very much in the balance. Bullying tactics seem the only way they know to communicate with their people from whom they have stolen and fleeced and to whom they have lied, betrayed, misinformed and abused. The jandarmi are their gophers.

Those who have been humiliated for so many decades find it hard to stir themselves from submission. But since September, we have seen a massive wave of anger and indignance and heard an astonishingly powerful voice (the loudest since 1989) of unity from the streets of Romania and beyond of which I am proud beyond words. The government are becoming ever more nervous and turn to more manipulative methods of control. But whether the protesters' goal is to protect their mountains from RMGC or their land from fracking, it all comes to the same thing in the end. One cannot blame the foreign corporations for the crimes of the Romanian government committed over and over again. One can no longer tolerate the politicians meant to protect them who have sold them, their homes, their souls and their identities in the name of money, greed and personal gain. That is the message of paramount importance. And as the government sees its own future wobbling so precariously, its response becomes all the more desperate. False flags are fed to anyone gullible enough to listen, deflecting blame anywhere but on their own doorsteps. The media is used, abused and dictated to just like old times.

And of course, the  jandarmi carry out their orders obediently like the 'good civil servants' they are. Mirrors are desperately required - literally, morally, spiritually.

Why not start with the literal - reflecting on the oppression carried out 'under order'. I cannot think of a more powerful way to remind these thugs in uniform WHAT they are doing and WHO they have become... It's not implausible that under those helmets and the heavy-duty cockroach suits in Pungesti - and in Bucharest, too - are consciences. Maybe. It happened in Italy - why not Romania?


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02 janvier 2014

Visul unei nopti de iarna

dreams(Photo source) (1) 'In case you didn't know: the gays and the non-Christians are plotting to take over the world. They are puppeteering world leaders such as Angela Merkel to dismember sovereign states and take over their resources. Romania, among other countries, is in immediate danger.  This is all about Angela Merkel bossing and threatening our poor Prime Minister, Mr Victor "Copy&Paste" Ponta, telling him he can choose to give away the country's resources with or without the country being dismantled.' (R.U)

I read the article in question, squinting in the shaft of half light full of dancing dust particles.

'The truth in all this is that the country's resources are, indeed, being given away to foreigners, despite public opposition. And that's about the only thing that is accurate in this story.' (R.U)

I punch the pillow a bit and roll over. Will it snow during the night? The forecast said it would....

I doze off again and find myself sitting cross-legged in the same rather dingy room, surrounded by the same huge piles of newspapers and magazines. I reach for another having discarded the first beside me with a snort of disgust.

'In this story,' the voice in my dream continues, 'the only thing that is true is that foreigners will be allowed to purchase land in Romania. So the banner in the picture, with some artistic licence, is pointing to a real issue....' (R.U) I examine the picture, turning it to the little remaining light. It's a photograph from a protest and a big banner reading, 'De la 1 ianuarie 2014 vom râmâne fără tară!' Indeed, the rest of the text is pixie powder. I add it to the one beside me with a second snort of disgust. Glowing an odd ruby-red, the pages shriek loudly and, in the wink of an eye, are ashes. I cannot feel sorry for either of them.


I get up, peeved at fragmented sleep, pad to the kitchen in my mouse slippers, throw back a glass of water and return to bed.

road to nowhere(Photo source) (2) A road... a road to nowhere that you cannot enter and, like Hotel California, can never leave. Actually, it 'falls off' in a field. This is the 10.5km stretch from Lugoj to Făget between Balint and Sanovita, part of the Lugoj to Deva motorway - and due to be inaugurated in just 2 weeks.

'Bagdad Café' music swells to haunting crescendo as the grey sky and its swirling marble clouds drop to embrace the equally stoney grey tarmac of the great unfinished, spookily conspicuous by desolation.

Sova appears (it's turning into a nightmare) dressed as a lollypop man with big shoes and a curly red wig. "The motorway will be finished in 2 weeks, but there's no way to get on to this part as there's no link road. This 10.5km has been nothing but trouble. At one point, it collapsed, and at another, the construction workers went home," he tells Realitatea, before laughing hysterically and disappearing in a puff of dubious-looking smoke, leaving the offensive whiff of boiled cabbage behind him.

I groan and make a mental note never to eat placinta cu branza before bed again, and to be more generous with the vodka when mixing a Cosmopolitan.

Back to sleep finally. I am in my bedroom sitting at my dressing table where the perfume bottles are dancing calypso. Someone has left me a note on a fluorescent pink post-it, written in spikey, horizontal hand-writing with exaggerated loops:

(3) "The Romanian leaders are corrupt. True. Remember, though, that it is Chevron who corrupted them, so that Chevron would be "invited" into the country! After destroying the underground, they will force the people to buy their bottles of drinking water!

The calypso screeches to a halt mimicking a stylus ripped off a vinyl. Strange, creepy carousel music now accompanies images in my mirror of the poor, helpless Romanian leaders being beaten mercilessly by Chevron employees with huge clubs, laughing as they work with determination and zeal. Mwahahahahahaaaaaaaaa!!!

I wake up in a cold sweat and switch on the bedside light to chase the ghouls away.

All dreams, I thought. All dreams....

I turn on my laptop and watch as the screen springs to life.

batshit(Photo source) (1) On to FB. R.U has posted two articles on her wall - one as insane as the other. They tell of how gays and non-Christians are apparently plotting to take over the world... and PM Pontaur is bullied by Merkel. A scarey 10K+ number of 'likes' for the first one on Lupul Dacic's blog, and 129 for the second on Victor Roncea's, written by Larry Watts. Batsh*t crazy stuff. What are people smoking in Romania right now?!

sanovita(Photo source) (2) What about this road to nowhere then? Was that just a dream, or is it real too?

Sorry. It's a true story and will come as no surprise to anyone familiar with how road construction, bids and the like are managed in Romania. See more on the Lugoj-Făget road HERE.

take your pills(Photo source) (3) As for the poor Romanian officials being corrupted by Chevron, don't make me laugh! That was a comment I found here on my last blog post entitled 'Romanian authorities or Chevron?' And it is not a rare view either (hence my last post). Pontaur could well be learning some moves from his adviser Weasley Clark - but the image of Chevron beating up the Romanian officials is absurd. False flags all over the flamin' shop, steering attention from the guilty-as-hell Romanian authorities to Chevron who certainly deserve some grief but did NOT ask to come to Romania of their own accord. nd really? The Romanian politicians weren't corrupt before Chevron came and lead them into bad ways? I won't re-invent the wheel, but invite you to go read the post instead.

Operation Deflect Blame seems to be working rather well.

What's going on? IS there an overturned lorry with a cargo of amazingly potent magic mushrooms overturned in a Romanian field somewhere? Has bunica's placinta/salata de boeuf/sarmale been laced with hallucinogenics? Have the martians landed and hypnotised a percentage of the nation?

There are some things one can imagine only ever happening in dreams. But as you see, when it comes to the country of my heart, that is not always the case. What most of us consider 'dream-like' is often Romanian reality. Just lately, 'dream-like' happenings have been the ingredients of a frighteningly high number of real-life nightmares.

snowed(Photo sourceAs LCC, a friend of mine, correctly pointed out, "when true info and facts are mixed with false info and speculations it is done to manipulate. There's plenty of this now. To me, it is a sign that change is coming. Otherwise, they wouldn't bother confusing, dividing and manipulating people."

There are many who have invested interests in this manipulative (and old!) method of deflecting blame and inciting fractions, thus breaking up a peoples' unity. The Romanian government knows this year is going to be a tough one. It is no coincidence that such contradictory and alarmist claptrap is flying around. We must NOT be fooled by it, NOT go off on a tangent. If we do, we are playing right into their hands. Attempts to confuse, manipulate and divide the masses are rife, just as they were during the lovilutie...

May 2014 bring an end to such manipulation. May it bring clear thinking, organisation, unity. May it bring justice, truth - and most of all, may it bring a free Romania.


I fling open the curtains and see that it has snowed....


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30 décembre 2013

Romanian authorities or Chevron?

distroy-romania(Photo source) Perhaps I am an idiot, but there seems to be a fundamental point  escaping me re: the protests in Romania right now.... Can anyone shed some light?

Here's my question: Why is the first in line of fire for criticism and loathing from protesters (outside Bucharest, on the whole) NOT the Romanian authorities? What's with the disinformation?!? It is the Romanian government who invited Chevron to Romania in the first place - Chevron didn't just show up for a bit of sight-seeing because they had nothing better to do. It was the authorities who gave them the permits, the land, the contracts. Chevron didn't help themselves, however much we may dislike them and want to find them guilty of something.

It is the Romanian authorities who ordered curfew at Pungesti and have supported (and instigated) the police intimidation carried out there. They are the ones who have condoned the brutality, the beatings of children and the elderly with batons and truncheons. They are the ones who forbade colinde at Christmas, along with any gatherings comprising of more than 2 people. They are the ones allowing the questioning of anyone trying to leave their homes and they are also the ones who have caused children to be so traumatised by the threatening presence of jandarmi that bed-wetting is now the 'norm' and the schools are archi-empty.

It is because of the Romanian authorities that people like Sandu are on hunger strike for their 10th day in front of the TNB, protesting against the human rights abuse committed in Pungesti by jandarmi. No one, not even Ponta, can minimise the outrageous violence against the citizens of Pungesti by the bully-boys in blue, try though he may. Shouldn't that make people even angrier?

I am certainly NOT a fan of the big US multi-national giant, don't get me wrong. I would like to see the back of them as much as you. But come on!! If anyone should be the target of anger, indignance and rage, it should be the Romanian government and local authorities who, without debate, have NO PLACE running this country through their corruption, their incompetence and their boundless greed.

ponta-stroe-mindbomb-1(Photo source) Enough with the disinformation! Ever heard of false flags?! It's a trick as old as the hills to shift the spotlight from where it is supposed to be.

THIS petition for example, needs to revise its message. Chevron is NOT to blame here - at least, not directly. Sooner or later, they'll consider Romania too much of a pain in the backside and leave - the people don't want them and the Romanian government is so corrupt they'd be better off avoiding them altogether. Any other investers would be wise to keep away too until such a time the seats of power are occupied by those with a pinch of integrity at the very least. It could be a long wait.

As for THIS, it's such a load of drivel that the least said the better, except for being a superb (and memorable) example of propaganda used to stoke a crowd of people who should know better while diverting attention from the real issue. False flags again. There is a little bit of truth in it but you'd need a magnifying glass and deer-stalker to find it.

And by the way, just for the record, neither the US nor the EU are responsible for the mess in which Romania finds herself today. The politicians the country is saddled with were elected by democratic vote, embarrassing though that may be. Although I fully understand the urge to blame foreigners rather than one's own government for then one would have to admit having made a terrible error, that blame is deeply misplaced here and, in turn, misguides those lacking the curiosity and/or ability to go educate themselves.

IF the whole movement has come to the point of blaming Chevron, the US, the EU, Western values in general and the neighbour's cat for everything that's wrong in Romania instead of looking in one's own backyard, then count me out. I no longer support it.

cerem(Photo source) I am fed up with the false information coming from all over the place (Facebook has become a rampant breeding ground for absurdities), and equally fed up with how it is gobbled up so obediently by people who are either exceedingly gullible or just can't THINK for themselves.

It's all very courageous to rise up and take a stand, but for goodness sake, armed with a modicum of knowledge, aim it in the right direction!!! UNITI salvam!

Rant over.

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28 décembre 2013

Tolstoï revisited - Stancu style

stanca(Photo source) Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. George Stanca, a true renaissance man (engineer, writer, well-known journalist, publisher, founder of the trashy gossip magazine VIP, jazz singer, ex-chief architect of sectorul 6 and once-secretary of Cenaclul Flacara), has been found guilty of plagiarism and formally charged. Apparently, he signed a translation of a work from Russian to Romanian by Leo Tolstoï that wasn't his using his pseudonym ('G.S.' - very imaginative), 'modified' some 'details' and entitled it 'Memoires'. Genius. And risky. It must surely have been for the dough as there's no way it could've been done for glory. The 'work' was published by Adevarul Holding.

The one year suspended jail sentence is not final and Stanca is welcome to appeal, though it's unlikely the decision will be overturned. Along with the sentence, 1000 copies of his hijacked Tolstoï have been confiscated by the judge and there's a 100,000 euros fine to boot.

plagiat(Photo source) In his own defense, Stanca declared that the publishing house allegedly tricked him. He was urged, he said, to sign the translated version of Tolstoï's 'Journal' as his own for a price (lower than the actual translation had cost, for sure). His crime, then? Not to have 'plagiarised' like PM Ponta and the other members of the Copy/Paste Club who merit jail-time far more deserving for their intellectual theft extravaganzas, but to have signed a document stating he was the sole author of a translation he didn't do. He didn't nick from Tolstoi, as the Romanian press are having fun relating, but from a fellow Romanian translator.

Incidentally, at the end of 2009, Stanca was the lucky winner of the prestigious Gaffe of the Year award, which took place in rather humiliating circumstances and lead to his resignation from Adevarul where he was a contributor - his last blog entry there was Feb of this year. For more on that see here - it's a sad story. He is not a popular guy, then. I've heard from various journalist/writer friends having donned my super-sleuth hat that Stanca has had his fingers in a lot of pies post '89, stuck his nose into things that don't concern him and loves digging up dirt on people. Hence VIP. Nice.

In the spirit of intellectual nicking (from those both dead and alive) though, with modifications in all the right places, please find a little chef d'oeuvre all of my own, dedicated to the imposters in Romanian government and copy-pasters everywhere that I hope will be published, cherished and remembered for generations of Romanians to come...


Preface of "Daciana Pupicu"

By Sarah in Romania

Based on Tolstoï's 'Anna Karenina', with modifications in all the right places


anna-karenina-sophie-marceau-photo2The novel "Daciana Pupicu" was written in 2013, 24 years after the Romanian lovilutie, and appeared on the blog 'Sarah In Romania' at the end of the same year. It is one of the author's masterpieces written at the height of great prolific activity and reflects every aspect of her humour and irony.

Set in the period of the peoples' uprising against a corrupt and amoral government and a plagiarising Prime Minister in a time of intense social change, 'Daciana Pupicu', Sarah In Romania's great modern novel of an adulterous affair, is set against the backdrop of Bucharest and Ploiesti high society in the beginning of the twenty-first century. A sophisticated woman who is respectably married to a government pupincurist, Daciana begins a passionate, all-consuming involvement with a less well-heeled activist. Refusing to conduct a discreet affair, she scandalises society by abandoning her husband, child, mother-in-law, exercise bicycle and house in Irish Park, Ploiesti for Razvan Pantelimon - with tragic consequences. Running parallel is the story of the courtship and marriage of Remus Patalama and Gina Patrunjel. Patalama's spiritual searching and growth reflect the religious ideals of the time. Taken together, the two plots embroider a vast canvas that ultimately encompasses all levels of Romanian society. "Now and then Sarah In Romania's novel writes its own self, is produced not by its matter, but by its subject," noted Vladimir Nabokov. "Daciana Pupicu is one of the greatest love stories in world literature."

As Matthew Arnold wrote, "we are not to take Daciana Pupicu as a work of art; we are to take it as a piece of prajitura cu mere."

(See the original text HERE)



Part 1 (34 chapters)

A crisis develops in the Ionescu household when Valerica finds out about her husband's affair. Paraschiv's sister, Daciana Pupicu, arrives to reconcile the couple and dissuades Valerica from filing for divorce. Businessman Remus Patalama, Paraschiva's friend, arrives in Bucharest to propose to eighteen-year-old Gina Petrunjel. She spurns him for she loves Razvan Pantelimon, a dashing activist and community organiser who has no intention of marrying.

Meeting the lovely Madame Pupicu, Pantelimon falls in love and starts to pursue her. He and Daciana are so besotted with each other at Balul Martisorului that Gina's hopes to snare Pantelimon are shattered. Daciana, followed by Pantelimon, returns to her husband Virgiliu and son Sorinel in Irish Park, Ploiesti, while the disappointed Patalama returns to his cottage alone.

Part 2 (35 chapters)

Gina falls ill after Pantelimon's humiliating rejection. At the spa in Mamaia where she takes a rest cure, she tries to deny her womanly urges by becoming a religious do-gooder. Realising the hypocrisy of this new calling, Gina returns to Bucharest cured of her depression and ready to accept her ultimate wifehood.

Consummating her union with Pantelimon at The Intercontinental, Daciana steps into a new life with much fear for the future. By the time she confesses her adultery to the already-suspecting Virgiliu, she is already pregnant with Pantelimon's twins.

Part 3 (32 chapters)

Devoting himself to organic leek-farming paid for with EU funding, Patalama tries to find the meaning of life without marriage. He uses his energy devising brilliant business plans for leek and marijuana production with the help of his peasants to optimise the land. Seeing his brother Ovidiu terminally ill with tuberculosis, he realises he has been working to avoid facing up to death. He also realises he will always love Gina.

Meawhile, Pantelimon's career ambitions rival his love, and as he has not chosen between the two, he is still not committed to Daciana. Having rejected her husband, but still unable to depend on Pantelimon, Daciana finds herself in a desperate situation. Her life is in suspended animation.

Part 4 (23 chapters)

Gina and Patalama are engaged to marry. Virgiliu, who has tried to give the impression of domestic tranquillity, finally becomes angry enough to hire a divorce lawyer called Wolf. Anna gives birth to the twins (Aurel and Aurica), but is seriously ill from puerperal fever. On what is believed to be her deathbed, Virgiliu forgives her and feels sanctified by this surge of Christian charity. At the sudden role reversal, Pantelimon feels so humiliated he tries to kill himself. These incidents form the turning point of the novel. After Daciana's recovery, the lovers go abroad to Paris and Daciana refuses divorce (though Virgiliu agrees to it) for fear of giving up her son, Sorinel.

Part 5 (33 chapters)

Patalama and Gina, after some initial difficulties, adjust to being married. Ovidiu's death affects Patalama deeply, and he realises that emotional commitment, not reason, enables one to overcome life's problems. As if to underscore this affirmation, they learn Gina is pregnant.

After Patalama and Gina return from their honeymoon in Laco de Como, Daciana and Pantelimon go back to Ploiesti. Violently affected from seeing her son Sorinel again, Daciana's love for Pantelimon becomes more desperate, for she has no one else. Despite his objections, she boldly attends the Teatru de Revista to affirm her love in public. Humiliated at the Opera Nationala, she blames Pantelimon for being unsympathetic. He is angry at her indiscretions. This keynotes the decline of their relationship, although it is temporarily restored as they go to live in the Poiana Tapului.

Part 6 (32 chapters)

Among Patalama's summer visitors is a socialite who pays so much attention to Gina that the host asks him to leave.

Visiting Daciana at Pantelimon's flat, Valerica finds her own drab life preferable to the Bohemian and insecure lifestyle of Daciana. Complaining that Pantelimon is eager for independence, Daciana tells Valerica she must rely on her beauty, her cooking, her muraturi and her love for lautari to keep his interest. Pantelimon feels especially burdened by the demands of Daciana's love when she calls him home by tweets from a lively political demonstration at Piata Universitatii.

Part 7 (31 chapters)

Gina gives birth to a son and names him Maximus.

Virgiliu, under the influence of his fanatically devout friend, Lena Bobârnac, becomes religious and uses his hypocritical faith as a crutch to overcome his humiliation and loneliness.

Daciana, seeing the irreversible decline of her love affair, loses the will to live, cries 'nu mai pot' and jumps under a freight train from Caracal.

Part 8 (19 chapters)

Pantelimon volunteers for service in Afghanistan. Sarah In Romania uses this part of the novel to express her pacifist principles.

Patalama discovers salvation when he resolves to "live for his soul" rather than for selfish goals. He understands the meaning of life consists in living according to the goodness inherent in every individual. Understanding death as part of a reality-oriented life, Patalama is finally at peace with himself.

(See original text HERE.)


There. Masterpiece. I thank you.

at the Supreme Court though an overturned decision is unlikely. - See more at: http://www.balkaneu.com/romanian-publisher-prison-sentence-plagiarism/#sthash.ALl6B3wG.dpuf
plagiarized Tolstoi’s work which he then signed using a pen name. He titled the plagiarized work “Memoirs” - See more at: http://www.balkaneu.com/romanian-publisher-prison-sentence-plagiarism/#sthash.ALl6B3wG.dpuf
plagiarized Tolstoi’s work which he then signed using a pen name. He titled the plagiarized work “Memoirs” - See more at: http://www.balkaneu.com/romanian-publisher-prison-sentence-plagiarism/#sthash.ALl6B3wG.dpuf


plagiarized Tolstoi’s work which he then signed using a pen name. He titled the plagiarized work “Memoirs” - See more at: http://www.balkaneu.com/romanian-publisher-prison-sentence-plagiarism/#sthash.ALl6B3wG.dpuf

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27 décembre 2013

No Christmas for Pungesti

hunger strike(Photo source) How lucky most of us are to have spent Christmas safe, warm and stuffed to the gills. Those in Pungesti have been far less lucky. There, the abuse of unrepentant police intimidation at the behest of the Romanian government in the name of fawning to Chevron has continued throughout the entire holiday period. Stories coming from the town are overwhelmingly emotional.

sandu2(Photo source) One of the most distressing (to me, at least) has been news of the hunger strikes. Alexandru Popescu (Sandu) began his strike in front of the TNB on 21st December following a visit to Pungesti. "I'm tired of four months of fighting and no one taking any notice," he told Claudia Apostol of 'Uniti Salvam'. "What I saw in Pungesti...what can I say? The attitude of the authorities isn't going to change. But at least it has opened peoples' eyes." Please see this video HERE (Romanian with English STs).

Since yesterday, Christmas Day, there are thirty others, including five environmental activists. Together, they will carry out their hunger strike 'indefinitely'.

There is something about hunger strikes that always fill me with horror. Perhaps, it's my own personal schemata: memories of the Irish hunger strikes of the early 80s, resulting in the deaths of Bobby Sands and 10 others. To deprive oneself of food - sometimes fatally - to be deliberately weakened and fragilised in the name of a belief, a goal. It can never end well and it impresses me profoundly. The desperation, the determination for justice, and the certainty that there is no other way in which to get it.... My deepest respect. Especially now, at Christmas time, when everyone is symbolically stuffing their faces to bursting point. Oh, and there were no colinde either. Over the Christmas period, the Romanian tradition of carol-singing was strictly out of bounds in Pungesti since any 'gatherings' of more than two people are forbidden. Yes, you read that right.

Sandu's demands are as follows:

1. Withdrawal of riot police troops from Pungesti

2. Immediate investigation of riot police abuse in Pungesti.

3. The banning of fracking in Romania (both for exploration and exploitation)

4. The punishing of those guilty in the Pungesti file, from the President down to the last head of the riot police, responsible for the creation of such an outrageous situation.

For the first two points, you'd think it would be straightforward to carry them out quickly and efficiently. But since the orders of such abuse come from the top, well, where do you begin...? It's sickening. In reference to point 3, the Romanian authorities are oppressing the people of Pungesti in order to slurp all over the feet of Chrevron. Chevron did not ASK to come to Romania. THEY were asked to come BY the Romanian authorities. If the fatcats of the American mega-giant have the brains they were born with, they'll see what a complete waste of time and drop in the ocean Romania is (the people clearly don't want it - and the officials and Romanian politicians are so darn corrupt they should be avoided at all costs) and get the hell out of Dodge. Why they're still there beats me. For point 4, good luck with that...

There is an ambulance standing by permanently to tend to the hunger strikers if necessary, I understand, and the medics are aware of the situation, too. But still, I fear for Sandu and the others - these people trying to make a difference, standing up to a tsunami of boundless, endless corruption. There are long term effects of food deprivation and hunger that are horribly irreversible, so please God, may this abuse of power END and no one else suffer - either as a result of police batons, the fat hands of Mircia Vlasa (Mayor of Pungesti) who cuffed a 12-year-old on Christmas Eve, or from hunger and cold....

copii(Photo source) Since riot police took root in Pungesti in early December after violent clashes with protesters opposing Chevron's intention to begin exploration for shale gas, the town has effectively found itself under severe curfew conditions unprecedented in peace time. Children have become so terrorised by the gendarmes' intimidating presence (and with cause) that some have not been able to attend school and others are reported to have started bed-wetting. The annual Christmas party for the children at school was cancelled. People have been confined to their homes, unable to go anywhere without questioning from the police. 

I don't know what the BOR, the Russians, little green men or the wild woman of Borneo have to do with all this - and really, I don't care much anymore. Abuse by authorities is two-fold in today's Romania: first, there is the willy-nilly passing of unconstitutional laws at the drop of a hat which go against citizens' basic rights and then there is the more visible direct abuse via riot police exercising force way above and beyond the call of duty, leading to the outrageous bullying and intimidation of citizens. It is impossible for ANYONE to turn a blind eye to either anymore. Pre-'89, such abuse was appalling, but post-'89 it is truly shocking and shows the terrible fragility of a young Romanian democracy.

pungesti13(Photo source) It is incredible to think that in an EU member state in 2013, such military intimidation on orders from Romanian authorities can be taking place under our very noses, remains largely unreported by the international press and NOTHING has been done to condemn this over-zealous, barbaric treatment of citizens of ALL ages, ie. both young and old alike. As for the mayor of Pungesti, he should have been thrown in jail years ago - not only for his recent falsifying of documents used in the leasing of land to Chevron, but also for his pilfering from the CAP (common knowledge, it seems) in his good old commie days at the very least.

It is fitting to remember that 24 years ago on 22nd December, communism fell in Romania and an outpouring of hope was born... chiar degeaba? For exactly nothing?


Further information:

- If you would like to read more about the situation in Pungesti and the fight against fracking in Romania, please see THIS new site.

- Please see a report by APADOR-CH on the human rights abuse in Pungesti and other useful links HERE.

- APADOR-CH and ActiveWatch demand the dismissal of the Interior Minister for the abuses committed at Pungeşti

- Petition: STOP Chevron and Police abuse in PUNGESTI, Romania (AVAAZ) - please sign if you haven't already done so!

- Facebook group: Frackoff Pungesti for materials on the warlike situation in Pungesti due to abuse by Romanian authorities and Chevron's fracking operations. Articles are posted here in several languages.


My thanks to Liviu C for the additional info and links.

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25 décembre 2013

Sarah's 'Ode to Sarmale' - Merry Christmas one and all!

craciun2(Photo: Sarah In Romania)


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

and a little festive ode just for you! Any likeness to that of Pastorel is pure figment of your imagination!!

reindeer sleigh emoticon

Sarah's lil Ode to Sarmale

There’s something ‘bout sarmale

That turns my legs to gel,

I’m sure that all my readers

Know this feeling very well


The prep is ceremonious

And it can’t be done alone –

For that accentuates the ‘dor’

And longingness for home.


Ingredients loved and fashioned

Into each, a yummy roll -

And as you work with diligence

They fill your very soul!


A layer of sarmale,

Varza acra makes one more,

Then we add the slaninuta

Til there ain’t no room for more


A little taste for everyone

For dreams' sake and to savour,

Then we cook it, oh so slowly

Soaking up the Christmas flavour!


And as it's cooking gently,

There are tipples to be drunk -

Noroc with tsuica or palinca,

Til your head is in a funk!


Once transferred into the oven

Sweet perfume invades your heart,

For this ‘oeuvre’ of such iubire

Really is a work of art.


Served with golden mamaliga

And a wonderful red wine,

It's impossible to muster up

A better way to dine!


Christmas can’t exist without it,

You can try, but won’t succeed,

Coz the loss is overwhelming –

Like a knight without his steed!


So, a very Merry Christmas

May your joys be all complete

And sarmale always with you!

Pentru-n Craciun fericit!



Photo source


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21 décembre 2013

'Three museums diverted from their mission' by Dr. Sanda Golopentia

sanda-golopentia(Photo source) Dr. Sanda Golopenția PhD, Professor Emerita at Brown University, RI (US), sent me this text yesterday, and has given me kind permission to share it with you here. In this one article, she sums things up in a nutshell defining what is planned for MTR, Antipa and the Village Museum as 'a serious act of cultural aggression':

Many thanks, Professor Golopenția!


Trei muzee prestigioase deturnate de la munca

și misiunea lor


Sanda Golopenția, Prof.Em. Brown University


            Institutii românești de talia Muzeului Țăranului Român și a Muzeului Satului au nevoie de susținerea inspirată a statului, iar Romania are nevoie de cultură. Prin comasarea celor doua muzee, ambele vor fi de fapt distruse cu bună știință. Fiecare dintre ele are un profil specific pe care se cuvine să-l respectăm și ajutăm să crească, iar nu să-l nimicim, ignorând chemarea lor și trecând cu tăvălugul peste munca și căutările mai multor generații. Muzeul Satului studiază și expune etnografic obiecte complexe — de la case de locuit din diferitele regiuni ale țării, cu împrejmuirile, anexele și interioarele sau uneltele lor caracteristice, la peisajul de sat, cu ulițe, meșteșugari și biserică. Muzeul Țăranului Român, clar delimitat prin nume, ridică problema omului, cu viziunea lui despre lume, cu valorile și conceptele lui, îndemnând la dialogul viu între civilizația țărănească din care provenim și modernitatea, pe care o dorim luminată și încălzită de trecut, în care ne aflăm. Fiecare dintre ele a acumulat în timp un material urias pe care urmează să-l gestioneze și să-l aducă ani de-a rândul în fața vizitatorilor, fie ei din România sau din străinătate. Fiecare continuă să dezvolte proiecte inovatoare și are, prin forța lucrurilor o concepție muzeistică proprie. Și, mai cu seamă, fiecare merită toată atenția din partea guvernului, sau a ministerelor de resort, în fapt nu o merită, ci o impune prin vizibilitatea și calitățile de excepție pe care le-a dovedit. Ambele muzee se bucură de o largă recunoaștere în Uniunea Europeană și de premii de prestigiu, ambele sunt locuri de pelerinaj cultural nu numai pentru români, ci și pentru cei care, în alte țări, caută drumul spre o armonizare a vieților noastre, prinse inevitabil în tensiunea trecut–prezent–aspirații de viitor. Ambele ilustrează capacitățile de creație și sinteză ale poporului român și constituie surse de inspirație de care să ne folosim cu bucurie.

            A caza o instituție care are nevoie de spațiu în locul ocupat de un muzeu de marcă precum Muzeul Antipa, care si-a restructurat de curând spațiul potrivit cu cerințele proprii de expunere, a muta apoi două alte muzee de prim ordin într-o rocadă întunecată, pe cât de bizară, este un act grav, de agresiune culturală. Nu cred că el cadrează nici cu guvernul nici cu variile ministere implicate. Și sunt sigură că, la reflecție, se va reveni asupra unei măsuri în care decizii pripite, neinformate sau indiferente la ce ar fi să respectăm bucuroși, au creat nu numai printre muzeografii și specialiștii noștri în științe sociale și, pe plan larg, în variile domenii ale culturii românești și europene, ci și în rîndurile largi ale celor care iubesc și respectă trecutul nostru, reflectând activ la ce-i datorăm și prin ce îl continuăm, un sentiment de nesiguranță și apăsare.

            Muzee de talia celor trei pe care din câteva trăsături de condei cineva care nu le înțelege e gata să le devieze de la rostul lor adânc, definit cu trudă, în ani, de mulți iubitori ai culturii, nu se refac ușor. Și nici nu avem multe.

            Vara trecută, la Paris, erau expuse fotografii ale unor aranjamente ale Muzeului Țăranului Român. Nu era pentru prima oară și nu era singurul loc de expunere în Franța a muncii muzeului. Alții pot vorbi de alte experiențe. A mea a fost specială în măsura în care am vizitat Muzeul Țăranului Român la Paris, grație inițiativei unui francez, într-o zi obișnuită de vară, fără aniversări sau prilejuri speciale. Am ridicat capul și m-am simțit parte activă și recunoscută a Europei. Datorez bucuria acestei clipe colegilor mei de la M.Ț.R. Obligația de a asigura continuitatea bună a muncii lor ne revine fiecăruia și nu poate fi eludată de organismele menite să ne reprezinte cultural.


You can now also find Dr Golopentia's article on Hotnews, Revista 22, Contributors and Ziare.

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19 décembre 2013

Ponta and Plumb set to destroy the Romanian Peasant Museum

MTR(Photo source) Yet another vicious beating from Romanian authorities, this time aimed at the Romanian Peasant Museum (Muzeul Ţăranului Român - MTR)...

PM Victor Pontaur is all for an absurd draft resolution dreamed up by the Sinister of the Environment PSD-ist Rovana Plumb (all those out in the streets protesting against the RMGC project and fracking know her only too well) to move the nearby Grigore Antipa Museum of Natural History there, thus destroying MTR and its grounds as we know it. Actually, it destroys two museums in one fell swoop. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, neither culturally nor financially, and has been vehemently denounced by Muzeul Ţăranului Român's Director Stephen Virgil Niţulescu, who has addressed this open letter to the PM. In it, he says that such an act would "destroy an institution fundamental to the Romanian soul" - an error that would be manifest of the "communist regime."

This comes after 13 million euros was spent on Antipa's entire recent renovation. It was reopened in September 2011.

Grigore Antipa and MTR are the two most popular museums in the whole of Romania - and the most researched on Google in 2013 - but since when did common sense ever have anything to do with the price of fish, for goodness sake?

rovana-plumb-sinistra-mediului(Photo source) What's the point of such a monstrous attack on Romania's culture, you'll be asking. Aren't we all. Clearly, this wonderful new space one now finds at Antipa has plenty of promise for Plumb and her ministry. She wants it for herself. A cultural hub that is successful and always full whenever I have visited is wasted as a museum in her opinion. So, shove everything into the site of today's lovely Muzeul Ţăranului Român (MTR), move all those collections to The Village Museum (Muzeul Naţional al Satului) near Park Herăstrău, thus eradicating MTR entirely. Gata. Another great day's work.

Unsurprisingly and just as you'd expect, the two 'new' museums will come under the Ministry of the Environment. Ponta has commissioned Gigel Stirbu, the new Minister of Culture, to handle the project. Ponta's explanation for the change in ministry is related to the Ministry of the Environment's access to EU funds, whereas the Culture Ministry has none. See THIS very good article (in Romanian) for more on EU funds v Culture.

During Gigel's recent swearing in as Minister of Culture, President Traian Basescu advised him against the merging.

"Merge them!" was Ponta's uncompromising (and as usual, elegant) reply.

Paulina Popoiu, general manager of the Muzeul Naţional al Satului, told AFP that nobody had spoken to her at all about the merger project with MTR, and that if it were to go ahead, it would be far from an easy task.

save mtr(Photo source) Bucharest's beloved MTR was founded in 1906 under a royal decree signed by King Carol I as a Museum of Ethnography, National and Decorative Art and Industrial Art and was closed during the communist period. On 15th February 1990, the then-Culture Minister Andrei Plesu named painter Horia Bernea director of MTR. In 1996, the museum won the EMYA - European Museum of the Year Award. Over the years, it has flourished not only as a museum within itself, but also as a culture centre for conferences, exhibitions, book launches, concerts and hosts folkloric and traditional crafts festivals. The museum itself documents Romania's fascinating rural past - colourful costumes, hand-painted pottery and a complete 18th-century wooden church. A separate section documents collectivisation in communist Romania.

Clubul Taranului Roman 04(Photo source: Clubul Taranului Roman) This is yet another wilful act to destroy Romania's culture, already in the throes of what seems to be purposeful dismantlement. It is certainly not the first time museums are targeted, see HERE and HERE. This most recent development was decided with NO public debate. So much for transparency. Puiu Haşotti (PNL leader in the Senate) has likened it to being on a parallel with Ceausescu and his monstrous destruction of Bucharest's churches, whilst anthropologist Vintila Mihailescu has described it as a 'huge political gaffe' and 'an attack on national identity'. Andrei Plesu, Cristi Puiu, Gabriel Liiceanu and Dan Falcan have also expressed their alarm and deep disapproval. Even Gigel says he doesn't agree with it.

Vintilă Mihăilescu

Citeste mai mult: adev.ro/my0ealEven Gigel has voiced his disapproval of such a move, albeit admitting that he doesn't know much about it....

PLEASE add your name to the petition HERE. So far there are 419 signatures at the time of writing. That is NOT enough. If we care enough about Romania to get out there on the streets to protect her land, her mountains and her future generations from cyanide gold extraction and fracking for shale gas and to oppose politicians introducing laws and legislations at the drop of a hat that absolve and promote those wrecking and undermining the country at a rate of knotts, then surely we should be indignant enough to stand up for her threatened history and cultural institutions, too. Right? This CANNOT be allowed to happen. Not again. It MUST be stopped.

paws off!(Photo source) There is a public Facebook page for you to visit HERE full of articles, info and events, keeping you up to speed. There will be two flashmobs tomorrow at MTR - one at 14h and a second at 18h. The message is simple: 'Solidarity with MTR'. Please be there if you can.


Update, 19th December: Late last night, it was reported that Pontaur has decided to 'take a step back' from the MTR merger with Muzeul Naţional al Satului due to public uproar at the news. God forbid that Ponta should do anything unpopular!! Good. Regrettably, however, it's just a pause. He is still determined that Antipa move to MTR and mutation of responsibility from the Ministry of Culture to that of the Environment go ahead...

Watch this space as news comes in. It doesn't end here.

Please don't forget the two flashmob events at MTR, 14h and 18h today!

flashmob mtr(Photo source) Later: Today's 14h flashmob unfolded with around 40 people in front of MTR, and the 18h 'session' with approx. 30. The museum kindly served hot tea to all, including the bus load of jandarmi. A hearty bravo to everyone who showed up at such short notice and an even bigger bravo to Roxana and others for organising it!

Greed (and that's what this is about) MUST NOT triumph over culture and national identity, any more than it should over environmental safety, health, justice and basic human rights. Not today, not tomorrow. Not ever. And definitely not in OUR Romania...


For more, please see Roxana Dascalu's article for Econtext.ro HERE.

23rd December: Today the Romanian government officially renounced plans to merge MTR with the Village Museum 'for the time being', also shelving ideas to transfer responsibility from the Ministry of Culture to the Environment. Mr Nitulescu expressed hope that the momentary decision would turn out to be the final one, for if it were found to be the contrary, street protests would follow. Too right!

Ponta said that no one ever wanted to merge the museums in the first place. Huh?! Nuff said. What's more important is that Ponta has knocked the project on the head (for now) and will leave MTR alone. The staff of MTR are understandably 'grateful' and have no wish to experience any more 'delicate' situations with Ponta. The museum is safe.

I don't have a shred of faith in the PM, however. As we have seen with examples of Rosia Montana and Chevron, a spotlight lull often means theatrical effect for a false sense of security. They make me fiendishly nervous.

The petition which now has the support of a couple of thousand including Andrei Plesu, Ion Vianu, Marius Oprea, Marilena Rotaru, Andrei Pippidi, Dorel Sandor, Teodor Baconschi, Sanda Golopentia, Bogdan Suceava, Raluca Stirbat, Maria Raducanu, Victor Rebengiuc, Mariana Mihut and Maia Morgenstern will continue. Please, if you haven't yet added your voice, you can sign it HERE.

Watch this space - I'm uncomfortably sure we haven't heard the last of this....

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16 décembre 2013

A violent night in Bucharest, Willy Schuster and the rest

vlad petri(Photo source: Vlad Petri) Another night of protests in Bucharest - and yet more scenes of intimidation and police violence...

Around 2,000 people are reported to have demonstrated against USL and the Ponta government for trying to subvert justice through their amendments to the Penal Code adopted last Tuesday. The event, entitled "Protest against crooks in Parliament", was scheduled for 16h at Piata Universitatii by the symbolic fountain which has borne witness to so many other protests in Romania's modern history, and is deeply representative of both loss and hope.

At the appropriate hour, 200 or so demonstrators were au rendezvous waving banners of "Shame!" "Super immunity? No shit!" "Democracy Error 404 Not Found", "Down with Basescu, Ponta and Antonescu!" and "All parties, the same misery!", say Hotnews. Impossible to argue with a single slogan. Jandarmi used tear gas to disperse protesters in front of the Government building later on, where they had gathered to call for Ponta's resignation and the violence that we have become so used to seeing perpetrated by so-called 'law enforcements' did not fail to rear its ugly head once again.

oreste(Photo source: Oreste Teodorescu) Here is Hotnews's report on how the rest of the evening unfolded, and please see THIS video, too:

16h50: Chants of "All parties, same mess!", "Down with Ponta, you are a liar!", "Down with Basescu, Ponta and Antonescu!", "United, we'll save Romania!".

17h: Around 1,000 people, now. Chants anti-USL, anti-Basescu, on shale gas and RMP are heard.

17h20: "Romania, police state!" While more protesters arrive at Pta Universitatii, others leave due to the cold.

17h40: From megaphones, one can hear "Romanian press, full of lies."

17h55: Crowds start moving towards Blvd. Magheru. The jandarmi try to cordon them off. Scuffles between protesters and police opposite the Intercontinental break out.

spre Guvern(Photo source: 'Se inainteaza printre masini pe Calea Victoriei in drum spre Guvern' - Cristian Vasile)

18h05: Following violent confrontations with jandarmi, protesters block traffic on Blvd. Elisabeta at the junction with calea Victoriei. They start marching towards the Government buildings, are stopped by a huge police barrage and remain on Bd Elisabeta.

18h17: Violent clashes at the intersection with calea Victoriei. A wall of jandarmi block the roundabout and intersection. Violence ensues along the entire street.

18h45: More violent clashes. Protesters break jandarmi lines after repeated scurmishes in which many are trampled underfoot, and continue along calea Victoriei towards the Government buildings.

19h08: Protesters arrive in Pta Victoriei, in front of the Government building. Chants of "Resign!". Some demonstrators block traffic in front of the Antipa museum.

19h32: Jandarmi use tear gas to disperse a group of protesters trying to break police lines to reach the Government buildings. One protester is arrested. A separate group of protesters who seem to be football fans, push demonstrators directly against police lines causing further tension. Jandarmi respond with tear gas, after more scuffles.

19h46: Some protesters light flares and throw them into police lines. More violence. 

20h: Chants of "The plagiarist lied to the people!" and "Down with Iliescu!"

20h17: The number of protesters begins to decline. Anti-Ponta chanting continues.

20h20: Georgian Enache, spokesman for Bucharest Gendarmerie tells Digi24 that the initial group of protesters had been infiltrated by football fans who provoked the police, throwing objects at them. According to Enache, among the protesters were members of Steaua Bucharest.

20h25: Piata Victoriei: Jandarmi surround the crowd of a remaining 200-300 protesters.

20h30: Protest leaders say that their megaphones were confiscated, and some of the demonstrators were hauled off to the police station in sector 2 where they were apparently beaten. In front of the Antipa Museum, protesters try to break police lines.

Almost all chants and slogans were directed against USL and Ponta. But of course. What the hell did they expect? Christmas cards?!? By 20h45 it was all over, says Hotnews. But not quite.

willy(Photo source) What this article doesn't mention is the story of Willy Schuster, a PEACEFUL protester in Floreasca hospital tonight with a broken finger and a head injury after being beaten up by fist-wielding jandarmi .... I'd like to yell 'RUSINE!!' but it's gone way past that point. See THIS video. Mr. Schuster said he was just standing there talking peacefully with a 'negociator' (we all know about them) and at some point, was pushed from behind by jandarmi who isolated him and then beat him.

Mr Schuster, a farmer from Mosna in Sibiu and president of the Eco Ruralis Association, is one of many activists opposing the exploration for shale gas in his region. He was beaten with truncheons and punched in the stomach. He was then arrested by police and taken away covered in blood.

Willy Schuster is not a nobody. Far from it. He is a much respected man. He has become a symbol of the fight for citizens' rights in Romania and was beaten up tonight by those meant to UPHOLD and PROTECT those rights - but DO NOT.

erwin(Photo source) The Hotnews article DOES report on scuffles, scurmishes, violence, but it doesn't mention names. So here's one: Willy Schuster. And then there's also the independent Euro-Parliament candidate for 2014, anti-Rosia and anti-fracking activist Erwin Albu from Brasov, who was hit in the face and has a shiner to show for it along with a probable broken nose. He and Mr Schuster were at the protest together. There are others. Many, many others, and they all have names. You'll find them in Bucharest, and you'll find them in Pungesti.

two sides(Photo source) On FaceBook tonight, a photograph is doing the rounds entitled 'The principle problem of the Romanian people', taken by Doru Oprisan. As you can see, it shows two halves of a situation: on the left, you have a warm and cosy café where young people sit around laughing and joking. On the right, there is the street directly outside full of protesters and jandarmi. We are asked not to judge those on the left too harshly, for perhaps they do not know what's going on, or perhaps they have been part of the protests but simply aren't tonight. The image is real, the interpretation subjective, but the title speaks volumes.

rusine(Photo source: Vlad Petri) But when the state authorities of Romania start to lie (and not for the first time by a long chalk), you can be sure that the truth will end up out there in the streets. It may take a while, but when the mamaliga explodes, it does so in dramatic proportions. You'll hear that truth in the voices of the protesters. You'll see it on their banners and posters, and you'll see it in their eyes. You'll feel it in their bruises, broken bones and spilled blood. And you'll smell it. You'll smell it everywhere you go.

If Ponta and his bunch of corrupt, shameless crooks believe they can get away with empocketing an entire country for their own ends, playing with laws to protect their sorry interests, infiltrate and discredit protesters in ways reminiscent of pre-89 and have unarmed citizens beaten up by their bully-boys in uniform whether it is in the capital or in Pungesti, they can damn well think again. The more blood that is shed and the more justice gets shafted, the more insensed the people will justifiably be. The louder they will shout and the harder Ponta and his rabble of manipulative imposters in comfy chairs will fall. Their days are numbered and the clock is ticking. They will not win.


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