Yes, Romania has a new government. Yes, they are how we knew they would be. See the staggering list HERE with more details HERE.

Take a look at THIS superb but horrifying post at Bucharest Life which takes the words right out of my mouth, honestly, courageously and accurately describing how it is. And shall be. 

For more on the diabolical situation here in the country of my heart, please see THIS post and THIS one too both by Alison Mutler, and how about THIS for good measure - the hallucinating story of a law being picked apart to allow Dragnea, a convicted criminal on a suspended sentence for election fraud, to become the country's PM. See also THIS article by Sabina Fati for RL (in Romanian). It's all happening in Absurdistan. The abuse is mind-blowing - a hijacking of an entire country right under our noses. A coup d'etat in slow motion. And Bucharest Life is right. They will get away with it. BECAUSE THEY CAN.