So that's that then. This morning, President Iohannis approved Sorin Grindeanu for the premiership, and asked parliament for their confidence vote as per the Constitution. Grindeanu will have ten days to form his government - and what a delightful crew that is sure to be.... 

If you have any trouble identifying Romania's new prime minister at the press conference in the photo below (source), here's a hint: he's the guy on the left without a single microphone, looking bored and playing with a pen, while the other bloke, puppet master Liviu Dragnea, describes government plans for the year ahead.

dragnea grindeanu captioned

Nice one, Romania. More humiliating would be difficult, and there it is in one shot.

You can also catch the moving first interview between Romania's premier and Kamikaze HERE. You'll love it.

Congratulations to Sorin Liviu Dragnea Grindeanu,

new Prime Minister of Romania!


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