grindeanu-700x336(Photo source) Dragnea has come up with a new proposal for Romania's premiership: current president of Timis County Council, Sorin Grindeanu (pictured left), son of Nicolae Grindeanu, former PSD leader in Caransebes. 

Communications Minister in the Ponta government from December 2014 to November 2015 and vice mayor of Timisoara for four years until 2012, he has been an MP since then. 

A graduate in computer science from Universitatii de Vest (Timisoara) Mathematics Fac., he was part of a military science training programme at the National Academy of Information (the academic branch of SRI) in 2013 and while in Parliament, was member of the SRI Control Committee. You can explore his credentials further at

His political mentor was Ilie Sarbu (Ponta's father-in-law) who treated him like a son according to Sarbu's loyalty was not reciprocated though. "Nu este o personalitate a partidului, a fost printre cei tolerati," ("He [Grindeanu] is not an important party member. Only tolerated,") Sarbu said after the battle between them went public in 2010. A local PSD leader added that if it hadn't been for Sarbu, there would be no Grindeanu.  

Grindeanu's name has been knocking about for quite some time and was no Eureka flash. It's likely that this was who Dragnea had in mind from the very start, throwing in Sevil Shhaideh as a red herring to make Grindeanu look all the more appetising.

According to Hotnews says Dan Tapalaga in his excellent background article on Grindeanu, he was on the list (following election results) of definite possibles for Ministru de Interne no matter who ended up with the premiership, though he denied the possibility of leaving his position in Timis for a post in government.

Perhaps the most interesting information of all with regards Sorin Grindeanu is at local level - his closeness to the Cristescu brothers (local barons) known for sponsoring political careers of those they thought potentially promising within the PSD party. 

In all the jobs held by Grindeanu, he has never shone for any initiative or any particular accomplishment. Considered simply part of the system, he has, however, a name within the party: "the man of the Cristescu brothers - the guys with the greatest influence in Banat," reports EVZ.

Marius and Emil Cristescu set up business in a kiosk in the students' zone back in the 90s, are today amongst Romania's top wealthiest men and finance the Banat PSD, reports Dan Andronic for EVZ. They own the BEGA Group which includes 16 commercial businesses in various sectors including mining, real estate, media and tourism. Simply put, they own the Banat region.

Andronic goes on to explain how the brothers dabbled in politics a little, candidating as independents for local elections and then switched to supporting all sorts of electoral campaigns from a distance, a bit like playing poker. In other words, anyone who'd win would have to take into consideration their sponsors - the Cristescu brothers - and pay back the favour.

In 2002, they were under investigation for all kinds of irregularities. No further news on that. Lack of evidence, maybe?

Although Grindeanu may not profit from the brothers directly, he benefits a great deal from being propped up.

Now back to Dragnea who professed to having had several solutions up his sleeve to save the country from utter chaos: 1) Putting Sevil Shhaideh forward again (WTF?!); 2) Proposing himself (WTF bis); 3) Sorin Grindeanu. Just plain flippant.

Relying on his powerful weapon of Parliamentary majority which he considers a legitimate carte blanche bestowed by the people (only a fifth of the electorate mais enfin, bon), he has once more vowed to suspend President Iohannis if Grindeanu is refused.

Dragnea must think that the suspension of a president is much like firing your cleaning lady. Is he actually thinking ahead at all, or just making the most of the delicious rays of power in which he finds himself right now? 

There is something deeply distasteful and horribly ironic about naming a PSD-ist from Timisoara PM on the (almost) 27th anniversary of the Revolution...

Dragnea is tirelessly prodding Klaus Iohannis with a very pointy stick. In the eye. Renaming Shhaideh? Putting himself forward? Or this option of a nobody. Dragnea's every calculated move and utterance has been sheer arrogant provocation with one agenda - his own. What happens to Romania as a country is neither here nor there. 

President Iohannis is said to give his decision shortly and Traian Basescu, vocal as ever, has forecast a refusal given the SRI connections. The first nomination, he said, was crass stupidity. This one is a political error.

There is no earthly reason why President Iohannis should approve this non-starter for premiership. None whatsoever. Apart from Basescu's opinion re the SRI connection, he has zero national experience, is tangled up with local barons who are considered the true leaders of PSD Timis according to EVZ and got to where he did through leg ups. There is nothing special about this man. Nothing that merits the position of prime minister. In fact, the ONE thing he has going for him is that he doesn't have a PhD...

I have a feeling the president will approve the proposal, all the while hoping he sticks a finger up at Dragnea and does not. I'd like to see early elections and all those millions who didn't vote at the parliamentaries thus allowing Romania to turn so deeply and shamefully red, out there putting this right. I want to see people furious that their country is now in the hands of a bunch of criminals and that the leader of the majority lies as he breathes, so dangerously full of himself that rules, limits and conscience simply do not exist.

Until the decision, then...


For a little (uncomfortable) clarity, see THIS excellent article by Sabina Fati for RL and THIS very revealing piece from Dan Tapalaga for Hotnews both in Romanian.