18 janvier 2016

A perfume of farewell - Silvia Kerim 1931-2016

"Într-o zi de noiembrie a anului 2002, o zi însemnată pentru România, deasupra cerului întunecat al Bucureştilor s-a arătat un curcubeu. Eu cred în curcubee..." ~ Silvia Kerim, 'Vedere din Parfumerie' Silvia Kerim, Romanian journalist and author of the poignantly beautiful book 'Vedere din Parfumerie', passed away last night here in Bucharest. She was 84. A passionate publicist of theatre and film, she was also an immensely talented prose writer of children's literature. Born in Bucharest on 21st October 1931, Ms Kerim graduated... [Lire la suite]
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06 janvier 2016

Welcome to the House of the People - and don't come back!

Last week, one of my closest friends (S.) came to Bucharest for New Year. It was her first visit so I really wanted her to feel the charm of this marvellous, vibrant city. We sped about all over the place taking in museums, galleries, churches, monasteries and two wonderful days in Brasov. Towards the end of a lovely busy week, S. decided she'd like to go on a tour of Casa Poporului ("well, you've got to haven't you. Can't be in Bucharest and not see that."), so having found nothing helpful on the site (bravo) we called to enquire... [Lire la suite]
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