rooves of Bucharest(Image source: David Croitor - Acoperisuri in Bucurestiul vechi) Not long ago and quite by chance, I fell upon the work of artist David Croitor on my Facebook newsfeed. Instantly charmed by his style, colours and subjects, I rushed off to find out more. Befriending him on FB, I discovered not only a deeply sensitive artist, but a very nice chap holding the brush.

Member of the Writers' and Artists' Association in Vatra Dornei (his home), the "Nicolae Tonitza" Art Association in Suceava and the Artists' Association in Mures, David Croitor was born in Suceava in 1958. He studied under artist Dimitrie Loghin (1910-1982) from 1978 and then Aurel Aniţei in Bucharest from 1981 before going on to graduate at the capital's Geology Faculty. His first solo exhibition was held at the University of Bucharest in 1986, which lead to many more. Since then, he has participated in many collective and personal exhibitions and, today, his work can be found in private collections in the UK, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Canada and the US. 

381529_4160483270419_1347415155_n(Image source: David Croitor) Favouring oil, there's definitely something of the Van Gogh in David's work. From villages to landscapes, still life to portraits, it is impossible to look away until you have soaked up the vibrance, the tenderness, that are present in each and every one.

David's inspiration is deeply rooted in his native Bucovina. The smell of newly stacked hay is almost overwhelming, the clip-clop of horses as clear as day and the old houses so touching in their colourful lopsidedness that they utterly melt your heart. From each deserted street, each neglected or abandoned home, each ricketty roof, hidden poetry is born.

courtyard(Image source: David Croitor) To Balcic, the rooves of Bucharest, a garden step, a field of sunflowers, the boats of Sozopol, wherever they take you, they are all a cry for home... Dor.

Beautiful. Passionate. Without exception.


For more of David's work, please visit his website HERE and/or his Facebook page HERE.




(Image source: David Croitor - Bucurestiul vechi , cartierul Uranus [demolat] u/p , 72/65 cm, 2010)










(Image source: David Croitor - Ponoarele, Mehedinti)





casa veche-croitor






(Image source: David Croitor - Casa Veche)









(Image source: David Croitor)



balcic poarta spre mare







(Image source: David Croitor - Balcic, poarta spre mare)


All images published with the kind permission of David Croitor. Thank you!