dreams(Photo source) (1) 'In case you didn't know: the gays and the non-Christians are plotting to take over the world. They are puppeteering world leaders such as Angela Merkel to dismember sovereign states and take over their resources. Romania, among other countries, is in immediate danger.  This is all about Angela Merkel bossing and threatening our poor Prime Minister, Mr Victor "Copy&Paste" Ponta, telling him he can choose to give away the country's resources with or without the country being dismantled.' (R.U)

I read the article in question, squinting in the shaft of half light full of dancing dust particles.

'The truth in all this is that the country's resources are, indeed, being given away to foreigners, despite public opposition. And that's about the only thing that is accurate in this story.' (R.U)

I punch the pillow a bit and roll over. Will it snow during the night? The forecast said it would....

I doze off again and find myself sitting cross-legged in the same rather dingy room, surrounded by the same huge piles of newspapers and magazines. I reach for another having discarded the first beside me with a snort of disgust.

'In this story,' the voice in my dream continues, 'the only thing that is true is that foreigners will be allowed to purchase land in Romania. So the banner in the picture, with some artistic licence, is pointing to a real issue....' (R.U) I examine the picture, turning it to the little remaining light. It's a photograph from a protest and a big banner reading, 'De la 1 ianuarie 2014 vom râmâne fără tară!' Indeed, the rest of the text is pixie powder. I add it to the one beside me with a second snort of disgust. Glowing an odd ruby-red, the pages shriek loudly and, in the wink of an eye, are ashes. I cannot feel sorry for either of them.


I get up, peeved at fragmented sleep, pad to the kitchen in my mouse slippers, throw back a glass of water and return to bed.

road to nowhere(Photo source) (2) A road... a road to nowhere that you cannot enter and, like Hotel California, can never leave. Actually, it 'falls off' in a field. This is the 10.5km stretch from Lugoj to Făget between Balint and Sanovita, part of the Lugoj to Deva motorway - and due to be inaugurated in just 2 weeks.

'Bagdad Café' music swells to haunting crescendo as the grey sky and its swirling marble clouds drop to embrace the equally stoney grey tarmac of the great unfinished, spookily conspicuous by desolation.

Sova appears (it's turning into a nightmare) dressed as a lollypop man with big shoes and a curly red wig. "The motorway will be finished in 2 weeks, but there's no way to get on to this part as there's no link road. This 10.5km has been nothing but trouble. At one point, it collapsed, and at another, the construction workers went home," he tells Realitatea, before laughing hysterically and disappearing in a puff of dubious-looking smoke, leaving the offensive whiff of boiled cabbage behind him.

I groan and make a mental note never to eat placinta cu branza before bed again, and to be more generous with the vodka when mixing a Cosmopolitan.

Back to sleep finally. I am in my bedroom sitting at my dressing table where the perfume bottles are dancing calypso. Someone has left me a note on a fluorescent pink post-it, written in spikey, horizontal hand-writing with exaggerated loops:

(3) "The Romanian leaders are corrupt. True. Remember, though, that it is Chevron who corrupted them, so that Chevron would be "invited" into the country! After destroying the underground, they will force the people to buy their bottles of drinking water!

The calypso screeches to a halt mimicking a stylus ripped off a vinyl. Strange, creepy carousel music now accompanies images in my mirror of the poor, helpless Romanian leaders being beaten mercilessly by Chevron employees with huge clubs, laughing as they work with determination and zeal. Mwahahahahahaaaaaaaaa!!!

I wake up in a cold sweat and switch on the bedside light to chase the ghouls away.

All dreams, I thought. All dreams....

I turn on my laptop and watch as the screen springs to life.

batshit(Photo source) (1) On to FB. R.U has posted two articles on her wall - one as insane as the other. They tell of how gays and non-Christians are apparently plotting to take over the world... and PM Pontaur is bullied by Merkel. A scarey 10K+ number of 'likes' for the first one on Lupul Dacic's blog, and 129 for the second on Victor Roncea's, written by Larry Watts. Batsh*t crazy stuff. What are people smoking in Romania right now?!

sanovita(Photo source) (2) What about this road to nowhere then? Was that just a dream, or is it real too?

Sorry. It's a true story and will come as no surprise to anyone familiar with how road construction, bids and the like are managed in Romania. See more on the Lugoj-Făget road HERE.

take your pills(Photo source) (3) As for the poor Romanian officials being corrupted by Chevron, don't make me laugh! That was a comment I found here on my last blog post entitled 'Romanian authorities or Chevron?' And it is not a rare view either (hence my last post). Pontaur could well be learning some moves from his adviser Weasley Clark - but the image of Chevron beating up the Romanian officials is absurd. False flags all over the flamin' shop, steering attention from the guilty-as-hell Romanian authorities to Chevron who certainly deserve some grief but did NOT ask to come to Romania of their own accord. nd really? The Romanian politicians weren't corrupt before Chevron came and lead them into bad ways? I won't re-invent the wheel, but invite you to go read the post instead.

Operation Deflect Blame seems to be working rather well.

What's going on? IS there an overturned lorry with a cargo of amazingly potent magic mushrooms overturned in a Romanian field somewhere? Has bunica's placinta/salata de boeuf/sarmale been laced with hallucinogenics? Have the martians landed and hypnotised a percentage of the nation?

There are some things one can imagine only ever happening in dreams. But as you see, when it comes to the country of my heart, that is not always the case. What most of us consider 'dream-like' is often Romanian reality. Just lately, 'dream-like' happenings have been the ingredients of a frighteningly high number of real-life nightmares.

snowed(Photo sourceAs LCC, a friend of mine, correctly pointed out, "when true info and facts are mixed with false info and speculations it is done to manipulate. There's plenty of this now. To me, it is a sign that change is coming. Otherwise, they wouldn't bother confusing, dividing and manipulating people."

There are many who have invested interests in this manipulative (and old!) method of deflecting blame and inciting fractions, thus breaking up a peoples' unity. The Romanian government knows this year is going to be a tough one. It is no coincidence that such contradictory and alarmist claptrap is flying around. We must NOT be fooled by it, NOT go off on a tangent. If we do, we are playing right into their hands. Attempts to confuse, manipulate and divide the masses are rife, just as they were during the lovilutie...

May 2014 bring an end to such manipulation. May it bring clear thinking, organisation, unity. May it bring justice, truth - and most of all, may it bring a free Romania.


I fling open the curtains and see that it has snowed....