28 février 2013

Martisor - 1st March

(Photo source) This time of year is packed to the brim with wonderful traditions in Romania. To mark the beginning of a new life cycle through the arrival of spring, Mărțișor is held on March 1st which, according to the old calendar, is also the Spring Equinox. It is specific to Romania and Moldova and dates back 8000 years, although similar customs are found in Bulgaria (Martenitsa), Albania (mărțiguș), Italy and Greece. So, here is some background for Mărțișor (from the word for the month of March - Martie, with the endearing... [Lire la suite]
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26 février 2013

The Sausage Case

Really, you couldn't make it up... Two former Romanian Agriculture Ministers, Decebal Traian Remes and Ioan Avram Muresan, were sentenced yesterday to three years in prison without parole for corruption (bribes and influence-peddling) in what has become known as The Sausage Case. The High Court's decision is final. According to the DNA prosecutor’s indictment, on 13th and 23rd September 2007, Remes, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development at the time, received promises for mici and palinca worth 1,500 RON (wow! How much... [Lire la suite]
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23 février 2013

Dragobetele saruta fetele!

Dragobete is the Romanian version of Valentine's Day celebrated tomorrow on 24th February. It is sooooo much lovelier than Valentine's without all the commercial bruhaha and is steeped in tradition. Dragobete (also named Dragomir), traditionally the Romanian god of love and well-being, was the son of Baba Dochia, the main character in the pagan myth related to the arrival of spring and the end of the harsh winter. The legend of Dragobete goes as follows: Baba Dochia is said to have been a very cruel mother-in-law who never missed... [Lire la suite]
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01 février 2013

Desteapta-te-romane! And they did!!!!

(Image source) I'm stunned! Speechless! And in SUCH a good way! Ever since the 'potential' negative ad campaign began in the UK on Wednesday with readers of the Guardian newspaper encouraged to send their suggestions for posters aimed at detering Romanians and Bulgarians from moving across the puddle, there has been a massive - and I really mean MASSIVE - outpouring of the most incredible national pride I have ever seen from Romanians for their own country. EVER. The social networks are full of superb articles from journalists such... [Lire la suite]
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