border(Photo source) Okay, the time has come to be politically incorrect because I'm sick and tired of hypocrisy. I'm going to just come out and say it. What is REALLY going on for the anti-Romanian and Bulgarian negative ad campaigns in the UK to have come about? Is it truly about foreign workers taking jobs away from the Brits? I don't think so. It is about finding an excuse because everybody with a ha'penny worth of common sense knows perfectly well that the job situation in the UK is due to government policy and nothing whatsoever to do with foreign workers.

No, this is about the Rroma.

What? Gasp! How racist of you, Sarah! How discriminative. How xenophobic!! Yes, guilty as charged, probably. But that's what it is and I may as well say it than think it and fester with frustration.

For the last few years, I have blogged typical stories such as Britain's Forgotten Children, The Sad Return of Pierre Michel, More on Pierre Michel, Predoiu in Wonderland, Roumanian crook jailed in UK benefit fraud, Update on Schian who ripped off the UK tax payer and many more. Of course, I don't write on things like this every day or even every week but the UK press has a great deal of similar stories far more frequently. The British public who have never been to Romania, have no Romanian friends and don't know the ethnic history of the country and its people read such stories and consider that all Romanians are Rroma and all Rroma are Romanian. They are sick of them. They don't want them anymore. They are fed up with the begging, the abuse, the pickpocketing, the child trafficking, the child-thief gangs, prostitution, petty crime and far bigger stuff. They've had it up to the eye teeth with hearing about child abuse. They are sick of reading reports of Brits thrown out of their homes because when they come back from holiday a Rroma family has moved in to squat and produced some fictitious tenancy agreement. And they are even sicker of the benefit frauds and allocation scams. They are sick, basically, of being ripped off.

And then they read about what all the 'nicked' loot and booty made in begging, etc actually gets spent on. See HERE. There are even articles on-line about how to spot and foil gypsy gangs in Europe. Yes, yes, I have linked the Daily Heil several times here, not because I LIKE it but because THAT is what a large percentage of the UK population reads. Bref, they have had enough. And who can blame them. I certainly can't.

Since the Brits are notoriously politically correct, bordering on hypocritical, and since there are a vast number of human rights activists and do-gooders who feel terribly sorry for the Rroma and consider them all without exception to be victims of circumstance (true perhaps depending on how you see things), one is labelled a nasty if one dares say 'it's those Rroma again'. Instead, one says 'Romanian'. Voilà. This is where it's at. The Brits are sick of the Rroma, cannot say so, and have found a way to hit back at Romanians in general because at least, that way, they may be able to get rid of them. Via the present job situation. We all know it's absurd, but that's the way it is.

Now then, with that off my chest, the question is what to do next? First, if no one is going to come out and say, "we don't actually NOT want all Romanians. We like them. They contribute greatly to our economy. They are excellent IT specialists - ranked 6th in the world, in fact - and they are well educated and hard working. We just don't like the beggars, the thieves and the child traffickers. We don't like the Rroma", then nothing is ever going to be openly addressed. It doesn't matter whether the statement is fair or unfair. It simply is.

The common argument I hear so often is that it is the job of the Romanian and Bulgarian governments to deal with this. They are the origin of the problem. They should give them education and see to it they have jobs. Yes, in an ideal world, indeed. But the majority do not WANT to be educated and they do not want jobs either. Call me racist, call me ignorant, call me whatever you like. But it's true. Those that DO want to learn and also want to work are a minority. I have known a few and have helped any way I could both as a teacher and as a nurse. But they are a rarity.

France has also had its fair share of 'ennuies'. Their solution some time back was to pay them to return home. What an idiotic idea that was, for they just came straight back for more. Here too, Romanians are not popular because, as I wrote on a post recently, the media and thus a large majority of the population do not differentiate between Romanians and Rroma - they're all Romanian nationals - bad press for all. The anti-Romanian feeling here in France has become quite appalling. In UK it seems not far behind.

Meanwhile, Germany is struggling to "absorb newcomers from southeastern Europe" and are finding the influx of Rroma "especially challenging". At least they dare utter a direct reference. See THIS article from Spiegel Online. According to an internal paper produced by the German Association of Cities, German municipalities face "significant costs as a result of this poverty migration."

maggie pro ro(Photo: Sarah In Romania) So, Cameron and company, PLEASE will you just tell it how it is. Be responsible. Cut it out with the negative ad campaigns, stop blaming Romanians and Bulgarians for all that's wrong in the labour market or anything else in Great Britain and be honest. Be truthful. Only THEN will you be able to sit down and deal with the issue like grown-ups. Let's have an end to the hypocrisy. For the Rroma that want to integrate, want to work, want to abide by rules of their host country, give them the help they need. For those that do not, send them home. And not just the Rroma either but ANYONE who decides that laws are for idiots rather than themselves. Benefit fraud is a no no. Child trafficking, too. Children not put into schools is illegal. One is NOT above the law. If the Brits are too scared to stand by their laws for fear of looking un-PC, that's their problem. But don't blame anyone else for it and certainly not an entire country. Blind ideology has absolutely no place here. Why should honest, hard working Romanians and Bulgarians have to suffer because of ignorance and/or hypocrisy? Why? It's outrageously unfair.

Voilà. Now I've got that off my chest, I'll go and make some tea...