16 novembre 2012

Lights, music, Vladimir Cosma!

(Photo source) One of both France and Europe's most distinguished 'music for film' composers, says Digital Symphonix, Vladimir Cosma has scored more than 150 films and TV productions. Indeed he has - and very proud of him we are, too. Born in Bucharest on April 13th 1940 into the family of renowned conductor and concert pianist Teodor Cosma, he studied music from a tender age, attending the National Conservatory in Bucharest, from which he graduated with two prizes - one for violin and the other for composition.  In 1963, he... [Lire la suite]
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12 novembre 2012

The difference between a rap song and a waltz...

(Photo source: Grammarly) Yesterday, an image on FB (see left) triggered a discussion (and a lesson for me) with a friend of mine. It all started humorously - genre, hey! Not only can the Romanian state make a heap of money towing away illegally-parked cars and making people pay 1000 RON to get them back, but they can ALSO charge a tax for abuse of the Romanian language! They'd be raking it in... And then we stopped and thought how tragic that latter suggestion was, because, you see, the Romanian language indeed seems to be declining... [Lire la suite]
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07 novembre 2012

When PARKING and MENTALITY come together...

Parking in Bucharest can be looked upon in several ways: a) with a grin because it's so absurd (and seeing really is believing in many cases); b) angrily because it is so damn selfish or c) sadly because it's so absurd and so damn selfish. Let's take the first option to begin with. The Bucharestean blog sums it up perfectly: (Photo source) 'Forget Ionesco, when it comes to traffic and parking, Bucharest is your absurd theatre stage. The number of cars in Bucharest has gone way over the parking capacity of the city, with only a... [Lire la suite]
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