29 juin 2012

Academic panel rules plagiarism for Ponta

Update, 30th June: (Image source) A comment left by Anda under yesterday's post (thank you!) reads that the panel who ignored Liviu Pop (the CNATCDU) was not the one in charge of the task of analysing the thesis (University of Bucharest's ethics committee), but one formed based upon political criteria by the former minister of education, a panel that has never ever analysed a PhD thesis before because it would have meant to act beyond its competences. Sam very kindly came to my rescue and explained the following: "CNATCDU is... [Lire la suite]
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29 juin 2012

Sergiu Celibidache - a global anniversary

(Photo source) Yesterday saw the centenary of the wonderful, reclusive and legendary Romanian-born conductor and composer, Sergiu Celibidache (1912-1996). In his honour, UNESCO has declared 2012 the 'Global Anniversary of Sergiu Celibidache'. Sergiu Celibidache was born in 1912 and spent his early life in Iasi. He was a dancer as well as a dance teacher before learning to play the piano, after which he studied music, philosophy and mathematics in Bucharest and then in Paris. Between 1945-52, he studied music and composition at... [Lire la suite]
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26 juin 2012

Who is Dr Bradisteanu and why he deserves porridge

(Photo source: Bradisteanu measuring with both hands just how much he is prepared to lie, I guess) In comparison to Dr Bradisteanu, Adrian Nastase doesn't seem so bad, really.... I am appalled (and amazed) by the absurd 'we support Bradisteanu' I have seen today on Facebook, hence this blogpost.... For goodness sake, don't people realise who he is? Bradisteanu, a PSD senator between 2000-2004, may indeed be an excellent cardio-surgeon (however take a look at THIS article which questions how he got such a position at Floreasca as well... [Lire la suite]
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24 juin 2012

June 23-24: Noaptea de Sanziene and Sărbătoarea Sânzienelor

(Photo source) ‘Sanzienele‘ represent a charming midsummer Romanian tradition with pre-Christian roots celebrated in the Banat, Maramures, Oltenia and Transylvania and coincides with the Orthodox holiday, Ioan Botezatorul (St. John the Baptist). Noaptea de Sanziene (June 23rd-24th - the beginning of summer just after the solstice) is considered mystical - a time when nature is at its peak and displays its most vital forces. The traditional belief is that miracles occur during Noaptea de Sanziene, when the skies are perfectly likely to... [Lire la suite]
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10 juin 2012

The criminal destruction of Moara Assan

(Image source) The text below is taken and adapted from FB note "The historic Assan Mill in Bucharest on fire again" by Asociaţia ARA [Arhitectură. Restaurare. Arheologie] posted today, 10th June. My thanks to ARA for sharing this interesting background info, the photos of wilful destruction both past and present - and that it is in English, too, gets an extra round of applause. Thank you again, very much. Assan Mill, one of the most important industrial monuments of Bucharest was ablaze again midday on Thursday. The flames, measured... [Lire la suite]
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03 juin 2012

The Day of the Martyrs, Bucharest, November 30th 1940 - "Foreign Correspondent" by R. St. John

(Image source) Robert St. John (1903-2003), a globetrotting journalist who was on the scene or on the air for most of the 20th century's major news events: mobster Al Capone's grip on Chicago, the Nazi onslaught through the Balkans, the London Blitz, D-day, the end of World War II and Israeli independence - wrote more than a score of books after he was chucked off the radio during the McCarthy Era. Among his books were three autobiographies - one aptly titled "Foreign Correspondent" - which cannot even begin to cover St.... [Lire la suite]
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