25 octobre 2011

King Mihai recalls his abdication to the BBC on the occasion of his 90th birthday. La multi ani, Regele Mihai!

(Photo source: BBC) President Basescu has blatently insulted King Mihai of Romania once too often, this time staying away from the ex-monarch's address to both houses of parliament in Bucharest today (the first since 1947) on the occasion of his 90th birthday... Just before his departure for Bucharest, Romania's much-loved former king gave an interview to the BBC defending his war-time record, though I personally don't see any reason why he needed to do so, except perhaps to educate his clueless critics. Anyone who has read their... [Lire la suite]
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17 octobre 2011

Pro_Do_Mo: Salvaţi Bulevardul Aviatorilor

Please see this open letter addressed to Sorin Oprescu organised by Pro-Do-Mo to STOP City Hall plans transforming Blvd Aviatorilor into an express road. Whaaaaaaaaaat? Yes, it never ends - this mayor is never short of ideas... Please, please send your name to the e-mail address found at the end of this letter. Thank you. This cannot possibly be allowed to happen. Scrisoare deschisă către Domnul Primar General Sorin Oprescu Domnului Primar General Sorin Oprescu Domnului Arhitect-Şef Gheorghe Pătraşcu Spre ştiinţa: ... [Lire la suite]
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17 octobre 2011

Catedrala Mantuirii Neamului: a symbol of what, exactly?

(Photo source: Doar Ortodox) It's no good. I cannot come to terms with the Catedrala Mantuirii Neamului (National Cathedral of Salvation). I have talked to many friends and acquaintances (most of whom are anti- ), tried really hard to see from the point of view of those in favour, but I simply cannot. Reported to cost around 600 million euros (but one can be sure this is vastly underestimated), though reports range from 200-800 mllion depending on what you read, it is said to create 4,000 jobs. The one and only positive point. A... [Lire la suite]
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15 octobre 2011

Classical v Modern manele, muzica lautareasca, populara, folk and...still not entirely clear!

(Image source) After having read an article from Romania Libera (dated March 2011) this morning announcing the introduction of manele classes at Conservatorul din Bucuresti, I was stunned. I had visions of Florin Salam, today's most popular manelist and named in the RL article as the chosen course teacher, rapping his way through the corridors, ghetto-blaster on his shoulder dressed in D&G from head to toe, en route to lecturing students on the importance of bad grammar, and repetitive rhymes. The Conservatory was no place... [Lire la suite]
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05 octobre 2011

Queen Marie of Romania

The following article was written for the site We Love Romania, founded by Paul Ketchum. Many of the links will take you to Tom's Place, a haven of literary and general information along with some wonderful transcripts from the books of not only Queen Marie (books, memoires, correspondence) but also articles, quotes, photos, excerpts of Romanian writers (Ion Creanga comes immediately to mind), poetry, art and a wealth of other gems. It is always heart-warming to know that blogs such as the afore-mentioned... [Lire la suite]
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