Here is the article previously blogged here written by Catiusa Ivanov in Observatorul Urban Bucuresti, translated into English by Florina Melian with hyperlinks and notes added for further information. Thanks, Florina! As always, please pass this on and distribute it as widely as possible. This kind of information needs so much to be publicised OUTSIDE Roumania as much as within. Perhaps shame, anger and indignance from beyond Roumania will have more effect than the sublime passivity of those in Bucharest? The proposals from Gabrea are really so absurd I'm wondering if it's actually a joke or whether, as the French say, 'il a été bercé trop près du mur' :

37m building over Marmorosch-Blank, str Doamnei

by Catiusa Ivanov

marmorosch_blanckThe CTUAT of Bucharest City Hall has put forward for approval 3 PUZs from the company of Sorin Gabrea, who is also the president of the commission. The first is for a 37m-high building in the interior of the MB building, a historic monument. The second proposal is a complex of buildings of 9 storeys close to the French Embassy on str Amzei, which would be visible from Pta Romana. The third is a 6 storey building on str A.Verona cornered with Pitar Mos.

For the PUZ (Urban Zone Plan) for str Amzei 21-23 there are several proposals regarding the neighbouring properties. According to this proposal, several houses of the area will be demolished, namely:

For Cristian Tell, 20, the proposal calls for a 5-storey building.

For C.Tell 22, the proposal calls for a 10-storey building

For C.Tell, 24, the proposal calls for a 6-storey building

For C.Tell, 31, the proposal calls for a 9-storey building

For str Biserica Amzei, 27, the proposal calls for a 9-storey building

For str Mendeleev, 37, the proposal calls for a 5-storey building

Consideration is taken for the rules of the PUZ regarding str C.Tell nrs. 16A, 16B and 18 and adopted through a decision by GMB 1/19/2009 in regard to the replacement of existing buildings with others of maximum 5 storeys for C.Tell, nr 16A and C.Tell, nr 16B.

In last Wednesday's meeting, ALPAB asked the commission to approve the installation of 16 kiosks in several valuable parks of Bucharest: Cismigiu, Herastrau, Tineretului, Carol, Floreasca, Bordei, Unirii and Izvor. According to the deputy director of ALPAB, Virgil Anastasiu, these kiosks of 2sqm will sell food, flowers, books, wine and popcorn. A kiosk will cost approx 30,000 euros. In terms of design, attempts have been made to reproduce the image of the early XXc, but the members of the Commission for Urbanism considered this an oriental design. The members of the commission have agreed on the placements of these kiosks at the above locations, with the exceptions of Cismigiu and Herastrau which are considered historic monuments. The project will be resubmitted to the CTUAT.

At the same time, several detailed plans for the protected zones have also been submitted for consultation only: Pitar Mos, Vasile Conta, Calea Dorobantilor (projects of (Sarah's note:) Centrul de Cercetare, Proiectare, Expertiza si Consulting (CCPEC - UAUIM) who are, in fact, responsible for renovation, protection, consolidation, rehabilitation, preservation of existing buildings as well as technical expertise. To contact this centre, you must go through the University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu, and address Luminita Patron (e-mail: and also SC Quattro Design SRL located on calea Dorobantilor 168B/sos Stefan cel Mare 232B - no owner's name is given). The deadline for submission of these studies is the month of July.

At the same meeting, the PUZ for enlarging Parvan Uranus (the project of Urbis 90 (Sarah's note:) located on Academiei 18-20, which is the same address as the UAUIM...what a small world this is). No names of owners etc are given) passed the first presentation and the approval for continuation is expected shortly.

-Translation Roumanian to English by Florina Melian -

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