28 avril 2011

RED ALERT: SOS for str Povernei 1-3 & 2: Office block complex imminent...

RED ALERT: Add another horror to the list of demolitions and potential destructions in Bucharest: Str. Vasile Alecsandri nr. 4 and Str. Povernei, two villas number 1-3 and 2, due to a dubious privatisation by the State of SC Proiect Bucuresti. As a result, V.Alecsandri 4, the most representative office building from the inter-war period (Neo-Romanian style) and formerly property of Reshitza Industries was demolished in 2009 and a couple of beautiful villas in a protected zone on Povernei could... [Lire la suite]
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22 avril 2011

EU urged to help save Roumania's heritage - Balkan Insight

(Photo: Sorin Tanasie) Bravo!! Bravo!!! Loud cheers to the Paris Historique Association!!! This from today's Balkan Insight: EU Urged to Intervene to Save Romania's Heritage Petition asks European Union to get more closely involved in protecting Romania's ancient sites as mayor of Bucharest steps up plans to demolish more old buildings.Marian Chiriac, Bucharest Romanian heritage activists are urging the European Parliament to pass a law allowing it to intervene "if a member state, or a regional parliament or local authority"... [Lire la suite]
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20 avril 2011

Bravo Nicusor Dan

Yey! Bravo Nicusor Dan! This from France 24 published 14th April, and even a week later, it's great to read: Victory for activists fighting to save historic Bucharest A January 2011 view of old buildings that were to be demolished on Buzesti street in Bucharest to make place for a large boulevard. A Romanian court has declared illegal a document used as the basis for the demolition of historic buildings in Bucharest, a court said on Thursday. AFP - A Romanian court has declared illegal a document used as the basis for... [Lire la suite]
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20 avril 2011

Another glass eyesore for Bucharest's skyline

(Photo: Skyscraper City) More bad news....it's never ending, it would appear. The thumbs up has been given for another glass monstrosity to scar the skyline of Bucharest, signed by Bucharest's Chief Architect, Adrian Bold, at City Hall. The construction of the Ana Tower office building, to be located near the Crowne Plaza hotel on str Poligrafiei, is said to begin over the next 3-6 months, with an investment of approx 70 million euros, businessman George Copos told Mediafax.The 28-storey tower, with a 67,000m squared surface area is... [Lire la suite]
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19 avril 2011

Euro Parliament response to letter of petition: Demolitions in Bucharest. PLEASE READ!

HURRAH! A response from the European Parliament to Anca Muller who sent a letter of petition re: the demolitions in Bucharest some time ago. As you will see if you click on the image (left), her letter has catalysed an investigation by the European Commission. This is marvellous news and just goes to show that there is help out there and people DO CARE what happens in Bucharest. Anca has been tireless in her e-mails, communiques and memos to the EUP, groups, ONGs etc and we should all be doing the same. Her indignance is palpable and... [Lire la suite]
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19 avril 2011

Herastrau next on Oprescu's hit list?

(Photo left: Herastrau Lake) Another piece of news concerning the 'suspended' road...we'd already heard the rumours but seeing it in black and white makes it all the worse... Apparently, the overground road will pass underground - beneath some of Bucharest’s most important historic landmarks but also under several private properties en route to cut costs of expropriation, according to B365. Furthermore, the highway, officially named the 'Express Road', could well pass under Herastrau. Express Road...what a joke... bringing all this... [Lire la suite]
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14 avril 2011

Pardon cu capu' spart...

(Photo: Sorin Tanasie) The Bucharest Tribunal decided Tuesday that the PUZ North South Boulevard due to smash its way through Berzei-Buzesti and for which reason so much destruction has taken place, is ILLEGAL. Of course, we didnt need a court to tell us this but it's good to know that the justice system can awaken, stretch and kick into action from time to time. The Platforms for Bucharest will be giving a press release on Thursday 14th April at 13h: Calea Plevnei 98, Block 10c, Sector 1. It appears that the plans provided by City... [Lire la suite]
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10 avril 2011

International outcry at Roumania's animal cruelty

Why so much about the dogs of Bucharest? Simply because I am overwhelmed at the high level of cruelty prevalent in a country I so love... I cannot comprehend it, cannot make any sense of it. But the news floods in, the proof, the horrifying photos and the mugshots of the dog killers sicken me. Let's take VASILE GORAN, mayor of Moreni, for example. This monster recently announced he would "euthanase" (a complete misuse of the verb, since to euthanase is a mercy killing and this is nothing of the sort - this is murder pure and simple)... [Lire la suite]
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08 avril 2011

Tenacious BB condemns horrors via open letter to Roumanian Deputies

I received a forwarded letter by Brigitte Bardot and addressed to the Roumanian Parliamentary Deputies exclaiming her outrage at the killing of dogs in (particularly) Bucharest and loudly, indignantly condemning the murderous legislation against the strays of Roumania.  I found this translation in Roumanian on the FB site Romani Pentru Animale from Romanian Stray-Dogs Voice, two walls well worth visiting - they need all the support and voices they can get - and so do the dogs. Thank you for stopping by: Traducerea scrisorii, din... [Lire la suite]
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05 avril 2011

Demolarile de pe Buzesti-Berzei au ajuns la Parlamentul European

Demolarile de pe Buzesti-Berzei au ajuns la Parlamentul European de Catiusa Ivanov  HotNews.ro Luni, 4 aprilie 2011 Hala Saint Gery din Bruxelles, asemanatoare Halei Matache Foto: Hotnews  Fiindca nu au fost ascultate in tara, mai multe ONG-uri bucurestene care se ocupa cu protectia patrimoniului au sesizat la Bruxelles distrugerile facute de Primaria Capitalei pentru construirea axei Buzesti Berzei. ONG-isti au prezentat europarlamentarilor romani imagini cu cladirile demolate de municipalitate si... [Lire la suite]
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