31 mars 2011

Hurrah!! Good news! Bravo Dna. Macovei!

Good news re: EU hearing yesterday! Monica Macovei, Serban Sturdza, Gruia Badescu, Roxana Wring and Doina Vella, I could hug you all. BRAVO!!!! This from today's Romania Libera Monica Macovei va sesiza autorităţile europene privind demolările din Buzeşti Europarlamentarul PDL Monica Macovei a iniţiat, miercuri, la Parlamentul European, o întâlnire cu ONG-urile din Platforma pentru Bucureşti, care au condamnat demolările de pe axa Buzeşti-Berzei. Macovei a apreciat că aceasta este o chestiune de corupţie şi a spus că va sesiza... [Lire la suite]
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31 mars 2011

Mr Goe

Time for something nice, something to make us smile and hug ourselves a little... Here is an extract from Caragiale's Mr Goe that never fails to warm the heart of any Roumanian (or those with Roumanian hearts!). Adapted from Plural Magazine Mr. Goe by I. L. Caragiale (1852-1912) So that he could finally be promoted at the end of his school year, grandma, mummy and auntie Mitsa promised to take young Goe to Bucharest for the King’s anniversary, 10th May. . Little do we care if the three ladies decided to leave their comfortable... [Lire la suite]
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29 mars 2011

New 'demolition friendly' legislation approved Feb 2nd 2011

I just received this e-mail entitled 'The Biggest Bullshit' - and it's not wrong. This is very bad news....: 'Sorry for the title, but the situation has become outrageous. Here is an article sent by DG, from Ziarul de Investigatii. . It is directly linked with the March 30th EU Parliament session: the criminals are sotto voce because the law which legally covers their crimes was - pe sest - APPROVED on February 2nd 2011 !!!!!! . Jocurile sunt facute: ceea ce nu inteleg eu - ca si alti Romani - este cum Dumnezeu... [Lire la suite]
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29 mars 2011

str Constantin Mille, nr 12 for demolition

This lovely old building at str Constantin Mille, nr. 12 is for demolition on 21st April, see all documents HERE signed by Patrascu, Oprescu and the usual suspects responsible for protecting the city against such acts of destruction. The deed is to be carried out by the company Apolodor, who have been very busy with destruction work in the capital lately. What is to replace it? You guessed it: an office building just by way of a change, though it will remain commercial on the ground floor. The maximum height for construction in this... [Lire la suite]
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28 mars 2011

Santierul Arheologic dela Universitate

From DG: In cadrul sapaturilor dela santierul arheologic dela Universitate, in mai multe locuri si diferite adancimi au fost deshumate schelete, printre ele cateva de...ofiteri rusi!!! S-a aflat aceasta prin placutele metalice de identificare pe care decedatii le purtau la gat...Ele dateaza din sec.XIX (1821-77), cand in Bucuresti au stationat multe trupe ruse...cei inmormantati aici provenind din luptele cu turcii sau molime... Unul dintre morminte avea stela funerara din piatra, fara cruce...posibil mason sau de origine germana... [Lire la suite]
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04 mars 2011

Official condamnation of demolitions from France

I have just been forwarded this marvellously encouraging and supportive message by e-mail, originating from the Association Pro Patrimonio France, calling for a stop to the demolitions in no uncertain terms, bitterly condemning scandalous acts committed against patrimony and the people of Bucharest. A letter of protest has been sent to the Ambassador of Roumania in France, His Excellency Mr Bogdan Mazuru, and a detailed letter (see cited below) and dossier of the destruction to,... [Lire la suite]
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