News on the little boy sold in Alfortville, France:

Pierre Michel was taken from Fiuruta Lingurar by the French Child Protection Office and is currently in care in Alfortville. It appears that Lingurar (ex-Zimbru) was arrested in Timisoara as she got off the bus, but was later released. She is not allowed to leave Roumanian territory and will be judged in liberty. Proposterous when one imagines how Florentina Cirstea was kept behind bars for almost three months and THIS rogue is a trafficker. Incredible. The other two, Nelu and Rodica, the child's natural parents, were at first released and then re-arrested for the 29 days. If they are found guilty at trial, they will be looking at 20 years in jail for child trafficking. Nelu's parents and brothers continue to be astonished at this whole story since they had been told the baby had died at birth.

Neither Nelu nor Rodica have ever held down a job of any description except for very rare temporary work as cow-hands.

It is the Roumanian authorities and NOT the French who want to repatriate Pierre Michel. Frankly, I could not imagine that that would be the case, for repatriating this child is a monstrosity of heartlessness... However, as usual, the French press report on 'un couple de roumains'...