Predoiu: France most reserved over Romania’s Schengen accession

29.11.10 | by: Nine oClock | in: homenews

Justice Minister Catalin Predoiu stated on Saturday for TVR that the strongest reticence concerning Romania’s Schengen accession comes from France, the latter having a series of general concerns with the ever more pressing flow of migrants but also a series of reserves in its bilateral relationship with the Romanian state. Referring to the comments of a known French journalist who recently said that “if Romania and Bulgaria enter the free movement area they will be guarding two of the particularly difficult borders: with the Republic of Moldova and with Turkey, plus the maritime border, all of which represent gateways for illegal immigrants from the whole former Soviet space and the Afghanistan-Pakistan area, with human trafficking, drug trafficking, money laundering, arms trafficking and even the trafficking of nuclear elements on top of that,” Predoiu stated that this is a duty Romania is already fulfilling.


Well, that just goes to show that Predoiu doesn't know what the heck he's talking about. Roumania is NOT fulfilling its duty. Roumania is NOT treating the migration problem, not by any stretches of the imagination. The Roumanian state is irresponsible and slapdash and would way prefer the Rroma to find homes in other Euro zones than in Roumania. Sure, I understand that. But they come from Roumania and Bulgaria and its these two countries' responsibility to deal with them in the ways they see fit.

Child trafficking remains a massive issue, prostitution rackets, too. Look no further than the recent case of Schian arrested in London for ripping off the system over 100 grand while he has a palace etc in Roumania and is a major league player in a child trafficking ring. As long as people like that make headline news, Schengen is NOT going to happen for Roumania which is hardly fair since Roumanians and Rroma should not be tarred with the same brush. Unfortunately however, they are. And why? Because no responsibility has been taken to control the problem. My dears, this is why the anti-Roumania/Bulgaria (people say it's not anti-but we all know it is) labour laws exist in the UK and other parts of western Europe...

Predoiu needs either a kick in the pants or a new post. Roumania is fulfilling nothing in terms of the lackings on the Schengen front. If Basescu really believes that the rest of Europe is going to clear up his mess, he has another thing coming. Why won't people do their jobs in the Roumanian government as they do everywhere else?!!

Excuse the rant, but I see my friends in Roumania sooooooo prejudiced against. Good people, educated, cultured, honest and hardworking but when they are abroad they don't want to admit they are Roumanian. They would LOVE to move to Germany, France or the UK but cannot for Roumanians are all thieving gypsies and we're not going to give you work, no way! You might steal the office kettle or the pencil sharpener when no one is looking.

The Roumanian state needs to face up to its shortcomings and address them. It needs to stop expecting everyone else to do their job for them and they need to get real. If Roumania isn't accepted into the Schengen category, it's their own fault, but as always, the innocent people will suffer for it.