09 novembre 2010

EVZ analysis

Here is an excellent analysis from EVZ on the Cenaclul Flacara I wrote about yesterday. Please go see.  
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09 novembre 2010

One less good man in Roumania - Ion Olteanu

Now here is a man who should not have died in silence and yet his passing hardly made a ripple on 25th October. Does the average Roumanian even know who he is? His life should have been celebrated in unison loudly, clearly and proudly by the whole nation, for here was a man who strove throughout his life for the good of Roumania and latterly, for its children - the very future of the country. Please see this article below posted on Ronald's superb blog Carpathian Musings (see also right of this page under Ronald's Blog) One less... [Lire la suite]
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09 novembre 2010

The power of the Flacara

Et la lumiere fut... a sudden illumination as the penny dropped today while chatting to a great friend in Bucharest. Having talked about the lunacy of the past few days, I asked her about the Flacari - had she ever been? "Sure," she replied, "I went a lot between 1974-9 before I left Bucharest for university." I pressed further. What was it like? Why did you go? She explained patiently, pedagogically, with an enthusiastic voice - and finally, I understood. Through all the difficulties of every day life - the greyness, the cold, the... [Lire la suite]
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