30 octobre 2010

Hunger strike will end after 70 days

llÎnvăţătoarea Cristiana Anghel din Caracal renunţă la greva foamei. "Poate că, dacă aş fi murit, guvernanţii ar fi câştigat o bătălie" Autor:  Ana Zidărescu EVZ.ro ACTUALIZAT. După 68 de zile de greva foamei, învăţătoarea Cristiana Anghel a decis să renunţe la protest. Ea a anunţat astăzi că va înceta greva foamei abia de săptămâna viitoare, cel mai probabil de luni. "Guvernanţii nu au câştigat nimic. Au pierdut respectul populaţiei. Poate ar fi câştigat o bătălie dacă aş fi murit". Cristiana... [Lire la suite]
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30 octobre 2010

National Monument Railway stretch under axe

(Photos from Banatul de Munte) How sad (and frustrating) to read HERE that the CFR have decided to close the railway stretch between Oravita and Anina (Banat) because it is 'unprofitable'... Not only is it one of the most spectacular mountain railroads in Europe and thus would be a great national loss, but there are villages which would be cut off without it, and increased unemployment would be added to these areas in the event of such a tragic, erroneous decision. The Oravita-Anina line is a national treasure with a proud place on... [Lire la suite]
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30 octobre 2010

Reprieve for Palatul Stirbei, calea Victoriei

(Photo) A small victory for Palatul Stirbei today... Minister of Culture, Kelemen Hunor, sent the proposal straight back to the commission with a prompt refusal - the 40m tooth-ache planned to be built behind the beautiful villa on Calea Victoriei had already received the thumbs up for construction from the National Commission for Historic Monuments - what an outrage. That name should be changed to National Commission for Historic Mutilation (thus keeping the acronym) taking into account the number of permits for demolition it has... [Lire la suite]
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28 octobre 2010

CEDO condemns Roumania in 3 new cases concerning detention conditions

We already know from reading the papers, stories bouche a l'oreille, personal experience through prison visits or otherwise, that conditions for prisoners in Romanian jails are appalling. It's not that I believe prisoners should have an easy ride. Far from it. But I am thinking there are so many (like Florentina during her incarceration at Rahova) who shouldn't be there in the first place. Pawns thrown behind bars so that the real culprits are allowed to get away, literally, with murder. Whether politically or in the name of a nice... [Lire la suite]
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28 octobre 2010

'Sorcova, vesela' Bucharest-style

This is really all Bucharest needs right now - we thought we'd heard it all. What an aberration.... vai de capu'nostru... Mario Smighelschi can barely control his rage and Serban Sturdza can only speak with sadness and disgust. Geometrically uninteresting, architecturally 'inside out', urban design gone pear-shaped. Could this truly be an agreement between the town halls and construction companies who couldn't get rid of their paint - there seems a great perchance for red. An early Bucharest gift for New Year's Day - sorcova with... [Lire la suite]
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23 octobre 2010

It's not over yet...

The crap one reads when looking at comments under articles in the press... Okay, one also gets extremely good comments full of great info and excellent reflection but there are some, frankly, that makes me wonder whether the person who bothered to write it actually read the article itself or any other, for that matter. Devoid of common sense, logic and decency... There have been some concerning our Florentina that has really made me wonder on their capacity of understanding written imput. They seem to continually harp on about two... [Lire la suite]
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22 octobre 2010

Welcome home, Florentina!

It is with the greatest of joy that I learned on landing at JFK this afternoon that Florentina had at last been released from her preventive arrest and shall continue to be judged in liberty... What a relief to know she is home with her family and friends - where she should have been these last two months. I did not realise that she was at Rahovei - I was told her cell was foul and she was living in appalling conditions - now I know why. Ra-ho-vei..... poor Florentina. If she should have served any time at all, then it has been... [Lire la suite]
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20 octobre 2010

Ioana Vlas released

Posted by balbeck                                                                                       Ioana Maria Vlas a fost eliberata                       i Judecatorii ... [Lire la suite]
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12 octobre 2010

CEDO rules against Roumania

European Court of Human Rights ruled its first pilot decision against Romania. The state has 18 months to resolve the issue of returning confiscated properties during Communism de A.C. HotNews.ro Marţi, 12 octombrie 2010, 14:56 English | Top News The European Court for Human Rights ruled its first pilot decision today against Romania in the case involving Maria Atanasiu and others which practically suspends similar causes in the Court and orders the Romanian state to resolve the issue of returning nationalized... [Lire la suite]
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08 octobre 2010

Marinescu investigated - better late than never?

Good news, I hope - Marinescu, after 6 weeks for Florentina behind bars, has been taken in for questioning - with his lawyer in tow of course. I am under no illusion that he will also be eating gruel for breakfast for one can be sure it will not be the case. He will get a smack on the paw and perhaps a fine and then get back to his lucrative business at his private clinic near Kiselef... I truly believe this is simply a message from Iacob to the general public declaring, "look, everyone, I AM doing my job and investigating this... [Lire la suite]
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