30 septembre 2010

Possible release Monday for Vlas

Vlas may be paroled 30.09.10 | by: Nine oClock | in: homenews Ioana Maria Vlas, serving a ten-year sentence for embezzlement in the FNI ponzi scheme case might be released from jail in a few days after judges accepted her parole request, Antena 3 reports. However, it is possible that prosecutors may file an appeal against the decision. If they do not or if the appeal is rejected, Vlas will be released on Monday at the latest, according to the TV channel. Vlas reportedly filed several parole requests before. She... [Lire la suite]
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30 septembre 2010

Kenneth Clark in Roumania (I'm sooo embarrassed)

(Photo: EVZ.ro) I simply do not get it. Kenneth Clarke says there's no particular labour law shutting out Roumanians when there is and it's well known, too - it's aimed at both Roumanians AND Bulgarians. 'Must be restricted to some extent' is an understatement as any Roumanian trying to find work in the UK will tell you...The English term for Rroma is 'Roman', he said. No, actually, it isn't. The term for Rroma in the Uk is either 'gypsy' or 'Roumanian' because, lilke everywhere else, it is rare for the press to make a difference... [Lire la suite]
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30 septembre 2010

Law passed due to double vision...

Roberta Anastase really needs to improve her maths skills... Constitutional Court postpones ruling over Pensions’ Law 30.09.10 | by: Nine oClock | in: homenews Constitutional Court judges yesterday decided to postpone until next week issuing a ruling on opposition parties’ pension law complaints, according to Agerpres. The court will continue debates on October 6 and possibly issue a ruling the same day. Both National Liberal Party and the Social Democrat Party last week filed complaints challenging both the law’s... [Lire la suite]
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30 septembre 2010

A blog for Florentina Cîrstea

Nicole, Florina and I have created a new blog for news and updates on Florentina Cîrstea. Please see HERE. There's so much to be posted and discussed that it seems more fitting to make a place just for her. If you click on the above link, you will see sites pertaining to Florentina on the right side of the page where you can find other blogs, petitions, documents, interviews and past articles we deem important to her defence. Please do leave your views and comments of support.
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30 septembre 2010

Florentina's release denied

Asistenta Florentina Cârstea rămâne în arest Jurnalul.ro 30/09/2010 (Actualizat 14:46) Asistenta Florentina Cîrstea, de la maternitatea Giuleşti, va rămâne în arest, a decis Tribunalul Bucureşti care a admis contestaţia procurorilor faţă de decizia de eliberare a acuzatei. Procurorul de la Parchetul instanţei supreme a susţinut în faţa instanţei care a judecat contestaţia acuzării că, prin faptul că a părăsit salonul timp de 12 minute, asistenta a provocat moartea a şase bebeluşi. În plus, procurorul de şedinţă... [Lire la suite]
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29 septembre 2010

Florentina's mama in an interview and more news

Lots of news today regarding Florentina. Please click HERE for more. Video News:  Mama asistentei de la Giuleşti: Nu înţeleg de ce trebuie să plătească fata mea pentru erorile sistemului. Mama asistentei Florentina Cârstea, acuzată pentru tragedia de la maternitatea Giuleşti, vorbeşte despre munca fiicei sale, despre cât de mult erau obligate asistentele să lucreze din cauza lipsei de personal şi cât de devotată era fata ei faţă de copii pe care îi ingrijea. Comentarii: Stiti cate posturi s-au scos la... [Lire la suite]
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29 septembre 2010

Herta Muller in Bucharest

From Nine O'Clock Herta Muller: I do not collect medals… 28.09.10 | by: Ana-Maria Iancu | in: culture A writer that is so obviously reluctant to sharing too much with the press and in the meantime a pretty direct and sharp observer, lending the world around her a critical eye, Herta Muller is undoubtedly more at home in the inner space of words. She admits however that, ever since she was awarded the highest literary distinction, the Nobel, her exterior life has changed and “being in a press meeting is part of that... [Lire la suite]
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28 septembre 2010

Florentina was NOT released last night

Well after the last joyous post, I'm afraid I have to apologise for giving false news. Browsing through the various blogs supporting Florentina just now, I was shocked by a post on Blogul Cristinei Bazavan, claiming that Florentina WAS NOT RELEASED last night after all. She too had seen all the articles in the press relating to her release but Florentina's husband told her that the prosecution had appealed the decision and Florentina was not back home yesterday evening as previously reported. She was still in custody 'pentru ca este... [Lire la suite]
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28 septembre 2010

Florentina will be released from preventive arrest

Marvellous news!!! Florentina will be released from preventive arrest today!! Oooh!! I'm in tears! Thank you Emil for the news!! It's the best we've had in months!! See TVR. Apparently the prosecution have 24h to appeal the decision at the District Court. Florentina must comply with certain obligations: She is not allowed to enter Giulesti Maternity, is forbidden contact with the accused Vasile Dima and Dr. Adrian Tomas and may not communicate directly or indirectly with witnesses interviewed in question. She is also barred... [Lire la suite]
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27 septembre 2010

Two more blogs in support of Florentina

HERE is another blog written by Cristina Bazavan and one more by Dan Tanasescu. It is great to find more support for Florentina - and the comments also merit a read as much as the posts themselves. Do please visit them and add your views for they are all of them important - we have voices - we should be using them at multiple decibels... And Florentina and her family should be aware that though the gutter press have done their best to rip her to shreds, we are not idiots and can see things exactly as they are - we are calling for the... [Lire la suite]
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