31 juillet 2010

The lost children of Tandarei

Following the last post and instead of sensibly going to bed (it's gone 2am), I began to dig up info on Tandarei. I wish I hadn't. It's endless, depressing, despairingly hopeless and tragic... (pic left: The Sun) Tandarei, a remote town 150km from Bucharest, is home to a now-known child trafficking ring where Rroma children aged between seven and fifteen are recruited through possible force to beg, steal and commit other petty crimes on the streets of Great Britain. This from The Sun reports on a school of gradually vanishing... [Lire la suite]
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31 juillet 2010

Jail for trafficking couple

They got a two and a half year sentence for trafficking, begging, stealing, benefit fraud, money laundering, child cruelty and neglect. Two and a half years!! It should have been far more - they will be out way sooner with yet more entrepreneurial ideas acquired at the university of crime. What is just punishment for this couple who clearly have no conscience, no respect for social law nor the difference between right and wrong? Jail? Maybe. But certainly more than this paltry sentence. Deportation? What would that do except shift... [Lire la suite]
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29 juillet 2010

800,000 euros and another demand for a handout

Ridiculous...not happy with spending a fortune on 3D roadsigns, now this. 800,000 euros...and Basescu wants another IMF handout. What does he consider the IMF to be? Mos Craciun, perhaps? A bottomless piggy-bank? A money tree? The Ready-Cash Fairy? This time, it's simply too much. While the government slices money off salaries and pensions of those who do not deserve it as well as from an education systems already in the doldrums, it continues to pay ministers and government workers huge sums for doing nothing and spending vast sum on... [Lire la suite]
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26 juillet 2010


A friend of mine told me about this last year, but I thought she'd fallen on her head so I didn't take her seriously....!! During a chatter on FB, the subject came up again. Once more, I thought I was dreaming. What am I gassing about this time? The Eiffel Tower and Soutforkescu in Slobozia, that's what! Read this from the Croatian Times (I still hope I'm dreaming!!): Dallas croatiantimes.com For the Romanian millionaire who built a real-size Southfork, at Slobozia, southern Romania, the Dallas dream was over long ago.Ilie... [Lire la suite]
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25 juillet 2010

Digging up the past

Not quite sure what is going on with this whole exhumation story...on the one hand, we are told (can't remember where I read it, but read it I did) that the bodies of the Ceausescus had been thrown into graves ontaining nothing but sawdust. And today I read in The Christian Science Monitor how they had been exhumed. Surely, after 20 years, if indeed they were chucked into a hole with nothing but sawdust to line it and wrapped in bullet holed coats, then there'd be nothing left to exhume? Right? Can DNA be taken after 20 years in such... [Lire la suite]
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25 juillet 2010

Respected and not debated

I was having a debate with someone just the other day about the Szekely of Transylvania...he suggested that they are not anti-Romanian at all and that a post I wrote back in July 2008 was insulting to a whole people... I stand by my views that there exists in Transylvania amongst the Hungarian community a great deal of anti-Romanian feeling (not that there isn't the same going in the contrary direction!) - villages where noone speaks the language of the country in which they live and schools where Roumanian isn't compulsory (which I... [Lire la suite]
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25 juillet 2010


What utter piffle. Basescu, I am sure, has no more intention of helping the Rroma 'integrate' today than he did last year nor the year before. This is just another excuse to get an additional handout from the EU, as if its a bottomless pit of cash to be given freely with no comeback and no proof of where the hell it goes.... Romanian President Basescu Calls For EU Program For Roma Inclusion Mediafax Romanian President Traian Basescu said Saturday at a seminar in Baile Tusnad, central Romania, that the social inclusion of Roma... [Lire la suite]
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23 juillet 2010

Nuns on the run

From today's Telegraph (and thank you, Emil!) Two nuns go on run over threat to send them to retirement home Two fugitive nuns in their 80s have gone on the run in France to escape being sent to a retirement home by their Mother Superior. Published: 5:02PM BST 23 Jul 2010 Photo: GETTY IMAGES Sister Marie-Daniel, 86, and Sister Saint-Denis, 82, fled their nunnery two weeks ago after convent officials said they were being sent to a remote mountain retreat 250 miles away. The pair vanished from the Sisters of... [Lire la suite]
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21 juillet 2010

Cum se mananca un pepene?

Un baietel face senzatie pe internet, mancand un pepene ... din interiorul acestuia Bucharest Herald Cum se mănâncă un pepene? Toată lumea ştie, dar se pare că un băieţel kurd are o soluţie mult mai interesantă şi eficientă: mănâncă pepenele dinăuntru în afară, făcând ca totul să pară foarte uşor şi amuzant. Filmuletul care prezintă această nouă metodă a adunat peste 200.000 de vizualizări pe Youtube.Chiar dacă pepenii sunt recunoscuţi pentru gustul deosebit, aceştia pot fi folosiţi şi în alte scopuri.Cine nu s-a gândit până... [Lire la suite]
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20 juillet 2010

La Multi Ani to the Ilies and Ileanas of the world!

Over 127,900 Romanians celebrate their patron saint’s day on Saint Ilie   Bucharest Herald  Over 127.944 Romanians are celebrating today their patron Saint Ilie. Out of the total, 113,932 are men and 14,012 are women, according to statistics provided by the Ministry of Administration and Interior. Considered as one of the most important prophets of the Old Testament, Saint Ilie (Elijah) lived in the times of Ahab, king of the Jews, who ruled the land of Samaria,... [Lire la suite]
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