What a surprise. How about the others? Sorry, but why is anyone amazed by such news? It would have been far more amazing had it not been the case.
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Vantu, accused of collaboration with former Securitate

12.07.10 | by: Ioana Micu | in: homenews

A media investigation by HotNews.ro and the Kamikaze magazine incriminates media tycoon Sorin Ovidiu Vantu of having collaborated with the ‘Securitate’ - the former communist secret police. The businessman rejects the accusation and says he will sue the two media.

HotNews.ro and Kamikaze magazine claim they came, early in June, in possession of what seems to be documents taken from the personal file of Sorin Ovidiu Vantu. According to sources, the businessman allegedly signed a collaboration contract with political police in 1983, while serving a sentence for embezzlement in Bacau penitentiary. According to media sources, Vantu had been recruited by Ceausescu’s former political police under the name of ‘Nus.’ As the structure also in charge with recruiting informants among prisoners, the 4th Directorate - Counterintelligence - of Securitate opened the Personal File No. 8046 under the name of Vantu.

According to the source, in the undated handwritten collaboration commitment bearing his signature, Vantu wrote: “I will provide the information in writing, signed with the name of Nus, in place of my real name.” Other documents quoted prove Nus was an active informant who provided information concerning other detainees. Securitate officers praised him for his snitching abilities. Also based on documents from SOV’s personal file, in the period after leaving prison and until December 1987, Vantu continued to inform on the activities of military officers in his home town.

Hotnews.ro and Kamikaze claim they asked an expert graphologist to authenticate the documents proving Vantu collaborated with Securitate. He compared the handwritten commitment - the only holograph document of the file evoked by sources - with documents written or signed by Sorin Ovidiu Vantu after 1990, and found out that the signatures on the documents “are written by the same hand in a proportion above 90 pc.” The personal file evoked by Hotnews.ro and Kamikaze however does not contain the pieces of information provided by Vantu to the former Securitate. “Experts claim the reports signed by Nus might exist in the files of the people they refer to. In their absence, it is unclear who were the targets of Nus and if what he said about them could turn him into a collaborator of the Securitate, in the sense provided by the law. Only CNSAS can ascertain this, or judges, if the verdict is challenged in court,” explain the two media. Hotnews.ro and Kamikaze claim they have the statement of a former Securitate officer from Roman, who confirmed Vantu indeed was a snitch and who can still remember the names of officers whom he reported to, after release from penitentiary.

On June 15, 2010 HotNews.ro asked CNSAS to check whether Sorin Ovidiu Vantu was a collaborator. The demand was made in compliance with Emergency Ordinance 24/2008 that allows the verification of people who are holding the following functions: “member in the administration board of the public radio or television companies, shareholder, manager, chief-editor and editor with public or private services of radio, television, or written media, political analyst or a similar position.” According to data provided by the Trade Register, available at the date the request was sent to CNSAS, Sorin Ovidiu Vantu held a 90 pc stake in Romanian News SRL, listed as conducting “activities of press agency.” Vantu claims his supposed file of collaboration with former Securitate is “fabricated” and belongs to a media campaign launched against him after the presidential elections. He announced he will sue HotNews.ro. “If the court decides I was a collaborator, I will pay; if not, they will have to pay. I find any form of comment made before a final court sentence embarrassing,” Vantu wrote in a press release quoted by Realitatea.net.