30 mai 2010

Just another Dracula book?

Wrote about this book in December last year - now here it is again, and with James Rosapepe speaking about Roumania and its people. How marvellous to read something so positive and open-hearted for once: From The Examiner:"Dracula is Dead"-  A Book About Romania Seen Through American Eyes     James Rosapepe is currently a Maryland State Democratic Senator representing the 21st District (Prince George's and Anne Arundel Counties), sitting on the Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee and... [Lire la suite]
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25 mai 2010

It's a miracle!

First the violet flame, then the miraculous conception! It's all happening in the country of my heart! Bravo! Does anyone actually believe such drivel, after all? A 56 year old woman who couldn't become pregnant 5 years ago now has and her child is supposed to be, just by chance, first in the queue for the Roumanian throne! Oh, hang on - Princess Lia of Roumania (it rhymes beautifully, doesn't it) is not 56 at all - she's actually 61 (all the more miraculous) - born February 23rd, 1949 in Illinois of Roumanian mother and American... [Lire la suite]
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24 mai 2010

Child Prostitution Racket Unearthed in France

Parent-led child prostitution ring arrested in Bordeaux                         Église Notre-Dame, Bordeaux Photo: Christophe Finot                      By RFI          Nine Bulgarians suspected of forcing their eight children to work as prostitutes on the streets of Bordeaux were arrested by French police during raids on squats and... [Lire la suite]
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21 mai 2010

Paintings nicked in Paris

Paris art thief appears more no-frills than thrillseeker                                                           Christophe Girard, deputy Paris mayor, gives a press conference outside the Musee d'Art Moderne.... [Lire la suite]
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12 mai 2010

cal Victoriei, nr 9

Just received: In aceste zile se desfasoara un act de distrugere fara precedent la acest obiectiv de Patrimoniu National, de importanta exceptionala - categoria A.Este exemplar pt coruptia actuala generalizata, institutiile statului si directiile lor deconcentrate participand la o manopera monstruoasa !!!La inceputul unor lucrari de consolidare de catre actualul proprietar - Loteria Romana in 2004, fireasca sondare pt descarcare de sarcina arheologica a dat la iveala vestigii uluitoare: pivnite brancovenesti, zidurile de baza a 4... [Lire la suite]
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12 mai 2010


Received this afternoon. Please read it as I wipe my eyes. I didn't understand every word - but no need. The message is clear and the images blatent. Beautifully written and tragic. Tragic and true. Thank you for sending it on, iubita mea xox : ROSTUL Când te desparţi din vina ta, încerci o vreme să te lupţi cu ireversibilul, îţi dai seama că n-are sens, te lamentezi de formă şi renunţi. Când te desparţi din vina celuilalt, ai nevoie de o perioadă de timp ca să înţelegi ce s-a întâmplat. Iei povestea de la capăt, pas cu pas... [Lire la suite]
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11 mai 2010

May 10th - a great day for Roumania!

On May 10, 1866, Carol I of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen arrived in Bucharest, took the oath of office in Parliament and exactly ten years later, he proclaimed Roumania’s independence. Finally, on May 10, 1881, she was proclaimed a kingdom and Carol I was crowned the first king of Roumania. After 1947, the communists tried to erase any reminder of the monarchy from Romania’s history. Fooey! Let us remember May 10th, the day that Roumania became a kingdom in its own right! Zece Mai va fi de apururi, Sfanta zi, caci ea ne-a dat, Domn... [Lire la suite]
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