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Truely outrageous and a result of ignorance... One thing in addition - the majority of the French population have absolutely no idea that Roumanian culture has anything to do with their's...sad but true. Brancusi - who? Ionescu - who's that? Enescu - don't know who that is (but don't be amazed - I know a few who don't know who Schumann is either - at the Virgin Megastore a while ago when asking a salesman where I could find a particular work by Schumann he asked, 'what kind of music does he sing' - I rest my case) - to name just the most famous who left Roumania for France. No point even trying with Monica Lovinescu or others of her calibre. If we are waiting for France to embrace Roumania into the culture fraternity, well, just don't hold your breath. A PS: Beggars HAVE invaded the EU. But you know what I think: Roumanian by nationality but not by ethnicity. Same old story. I'm starting to sound like a warped record. i'll shut up before someone throws something. But this article does rather prove my point - it says it all.

Romanians, again the butt of jokes in France

21.04.10 | by: Nine oClock | in: homenews

Romanians have again become the butt of jokes in France, this time on a public television channel. During the ‘On n’est pas couche’ show aired by France 2 last Saturday at 10.50 PM, humorist Jonathan Lambert makes a pun between the Roman salute and the new “Romanian salute.” According to Lambert the latter consists of bending over, extending the hand and stating in a pleading voice: ‘S’il vous plait, Messieurs, Mesdames,’ the typical expression used by Romanian beggars in France. At one point the show’s host stated: ‘Now we’ll have to deal with the Romanian Embassy.’ The Romanian Embassy in Paris filed three letters of protest, asking for apologies from and sanctions against France 2. Social-Democrat MEPs also criticised Lambert’s “Romanian salute,” asking the show’s host to publicly apologise and French audio-visual authorities to take measures. ‘The presentation of an alleged “Romanian salute” that actually denigrates an entire people is unacceptable and has nothing to do with freedom of speech and freedom of the press,’ a statement issued by the PSD delegation in the European Parliament reads, quoted by Mediafax. Social-Democrat MEPs consider that ‘Lambert tried to present the Romanian people as a people of beggars that invaded the European Union.’ ‘Such a false thesis not only insults the Romanian people – towards which French culture should have reasons of gratitude – but also, more seriously, fuels the euroscepticism that threatens us ever more and risks pushing the European Union back to the barbaric atmosphere of European wars,’ the statement adds.

This further article from Bucharest Herald (taken from Hotnews):

Romanians - mocked as beggars on 'France 2' TV: They humbly greet you with a begging voice and the palm forward

Romanians were offended in a Saturday night show on 'France 2' TV public TV channel, when a guest invited to the studio by TV host Laurent Ruquier gave the audience the beggars' salute, saying it was the supreme way of greeting for Romanians - a humble bow, hand forward, palm up and a begging voice. Jonathan Lambert claims Romanians only know how to greet someone with the hand forward, palm up, reports.

During the TV show 'On n'est pas couché' (We haven't gone to bed), humourist Jonathan Lambert played on words replacing 'The Roman salute' with the 'Romanian salute' and told the host Laurent Ruquier that he would give the "supreme salute" for inviting him on the show

"I presume it is the Roman salute," Ruquier said, but Lambert proposed what he called "the Romanian salute," which he executed on stage, with hand forward, palm up, saying the regular words used by beggars in France: "S'il vous plait, Messieurs, Mesdames!"

People in the room got to their feet and repeated the same gesture, hand forward, bowing and saying in a begging voice: "S'il vous plait, Messieurs!" then burst into laughter. The host of the show completed the joke by saying: "We'll have the Romanian Embassy upon us."

Apparently, this is not the first time Ruquier's hosts make xenophobic jokes against Romanians on TV or radio, Romanians are often described as beggars and handicapped, reports.

Radio station 'Europe 1,' where the journalist hosts another show, was already fined by the French media watchdog because, in the fall of 2009, a host of the show "On va s'gener" described the Poles as "anti-Semetists." Polish authorities filed a complaint and Laurent Ruquier had to make a public apology.

The French audiovision law prohibits "defaming a person or a group of people because of their origin, ethnicity, nation, race or religion," even in comedy shows.

Romanii facuti cersetori pe France 2: Salutul lor se face cu privirea umila, palma intinsa si ton rugator !

Romanii au fost jigniti sambata seara intr-o emisiune televizata a postului  France 2, unde unul din invitatii moderatorului Laurent Ruquier a salutat cu salutul cersetorilor spunand ca acesta este salutul suprem al românilor, rostit aplecat, cu privirea umilă, palma întinsă şi tonul rugător . Jonathan Lambert susţine că românii ştiu să salute doar cu palma întinsă, informează

În cadrul emisiunii "On n'est pas couche", umoristul Jonathan Lambert a făcut un joc de cuvinte între "salutul roman" şi "salutul românesc". Invitat la emisiunea lui Laurent Ruquier, umoristul i-a spus realizatorului că îi va aduce "salutul suprem", ca mulţumire pentru că-l invitase în emisiune.

"Presupun că este vorba despre salutul roman", a venit replica lui Ruquier. Umoristul a propus însă "salutul românesc", pe care l-a exacutat în mijlocul scenei: "S'il vous plait, Messierurs, Mesdames!", a rostit  umoristul cu mâna întinsă, folosind propoziţia pe care cerşetorii din Hexagon o folosesc pentru a-i îndupleca pe cetăţenii francezi.

Imediat, spectatorii s-au ridicat in picioare si, cu mana intinsa, usor aplecati, au rostit si ei, pe un ton rugator: "S'il vous plait, Messieurs!", dupa care au izbucnit in ras. Moderatorul a completat gluma, spunând că "O sa ne trezim cu Ambasada Romaniei pe cap".

Se pare că nu este prima oară când în emisiunile lui Laurent Ruquier se fac glume xenofobe la adresa românilor. În emisiunile sale de la televziune sau de la radio se face adesea asocierea români-handicapaţi-cerşetori, informeaza

Postul de radio Europe 1, unde jurnalistul moderează o emisiune, a fost amendat de către autoritatea franţuzească care reglementează conţinul media, pentru că într-o ediţie din toamna anului 2009 a emisiunii "On va s'gener", unul dintre invitaţi i-a numit pe polonezi "antisemiţi". Autorităţile poloneze au depus plângere, iar Laurent Ruquier a trebuit să-şi ceară în mod public scuze.

Legea franţuzească a audiovizualului interzice "defăimarea unei persoane sau a unui grup de persoane din cauza originii, a apartenenţei la o etnie, o naţie, o rasă sau o religie", chiar dacă este vorba despre o emisiune umoristică.