30 décembre 2009

article by Ion Vianu

Viewpoint from Ion Vianu printed in Nine O'Clock: 1989-2009: from tyranny to oligarchy published in issue 4588 page 4 at 2009-12-29 On December 22, 1989, Ceausescu relinquished the power he had held on to so tightly for twenty-four years and an illegal regime of more than four decades came to an end. Two days later, on Christmas Eve, the tyrant-dictator was executed following a sentence passed by an exceptional tribunal. A typically communist show-trial, a basic denial of justice. Even Ceausescu summed it all up: ‘You... [Lire la suite]
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29 décembre 2009

Let there be light...and there was

Sent this morning by Dan. Thank you so much: http://www.lumeavazutadeionb.ro/ I hope you can watch it straight through as I had cuts every five seconds. Maybe the network stops at Finland again! Here's some additional info. This film tells of a homeless man living rough near the gunoi of apartment blocks, I suppose, in Bucharest. He is Ion B, a talented artist of Dada style. Painter, creator of collages. He says that as long as he is living the way he does, he can be nothing but a drunk. One day, he is discovered by a man with an art... [Lire la suite]
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24 décembre 2009

Sarbatoare Fericit!

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24 décembre 2009

The Barricade Revisited

Bucharest barricade, rebuilt 20 years after the Revolution Precisely 20 years ago, on 22 December 1989, the communist regime was overthrown. This was the day when Ceausescu ran away from Bucharest aboard a helicopter, as hundreds of thousands of Bucharesters took to the streets. published in issue 4586 page 3 at 2009-12-23, Nine O'Clock Events marking the 20th anniversary of the 1989 anti-communist uprising continued yesterday in Bucharest and across the country. At the Romanian Patriarchy in the capital, a special religious... [Lire la suite]
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21 décembre 2009

Still beneath a cloud

I was directed to this superb blog (the photojournalism blog of the New York Times) via the Global Post this morning and fell upon a post called Romania, Still Beneath A Cloud. Please go visit and leave a comment, for it's always good to know who has visited one's blog. C.Movila's photographs are marvellous - very poignant indeed.
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20 décembre 2009

The archeologist of the dead

An excellent article and film from France 24's reporters. Please click on the film link and go see it. It lasts 17 minutes. Marius Oprea, historian and archeologist of the dead, is a brave and wonderful man trying to prove beyond the shadow of any doubt the executions by the securitate of between 8-10,000 victims without trial. In this film, he is in Teregova in the Carpathians on a mission to unearth victims from the little village near Misca. He created the Institute for Investigations of Communist Crimes in 2005. The article... [Lire la suite]
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18 décembre 2009

20 Years On...

Does anyone know the identity of the guy in the glasses and hat, seemingly in charge of this very organised preparation for what is to come? He tells the crowd what to say and conducts their chanting. We know that it takes place in the military barracks of str. Toamnei, but who is who is much less clear. This video hasn't long been released onto the web although it was in the hands of a few for several years. New things seem to be coming to light every day. On another tack, we wonder whether Iliescu will ever be judged for his crimes,... [Lire la suite]
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18 décembre 2009

20 de Ani de Libertate

Please listen to the memorial concert 20 de Ani de Libertate in Timisoara on radio Timisoara at 18h today...and then explore the site. The Verdi Requiem, poetry... wish we could hear it here, but the waves stop at Helsinki! Love, Sarah
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18 décembre 2009

Bucuresti de altadata

This is lovely. Thank you, Dan, so much, for this brief voyage into the past...
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09 décembre 2009

Save Plural - relaunched!

The fate of Plural magazine is still under the axe and awaiting a conclusion. Just in case any of you still haven't written to support its survival, you can still do so addressing your mails to icr@icr.ro and for the attention of Horia Roman Patapievici, ICR director. Should you still not know what Plural is all about, here's a copied and pasted explanation from their 'About Us' page: Plural is an English-language book-format (since 2008, online) magazine published under the aegis of the Romanian Cultural Institute in... [Lire la suite]
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