09 septembre 2009

The houses that cry...

So, it happened (please click and read article from Le Petit Journal). They killed it. The house at str. Maria Rosetti, 38. The investor that bought it had it ripped down illegally last weekend - no permission to demolish and without the knowledge of the minister of culture, if what we are being lead to believe is true. The so-called "architect" who approved the demolition, Adriana Bagdasar, has been fired. Not nearly a stringent enough punishment. She can find another job. Str. Maria Rosetti, 38 has gone forever... I... [Lire la suite]
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09 septembre 2009

"Time to stir the tarpot again..."

Sluggish processing of the past Eurotopics 02/05/2008 by Annett Müller In 2006, the first Commission for analysis of the communist past started work in Romania. In January 2008 the Romanian Constitutional Court decided that the law which has regulated the dealing with the documentation of the Securitate so far is unconstitutional. The year 2008 will be election year in Romania. Parliament elections are planned for November, and it is "time to stir around in the tar pot again, meaning that some people will become... [Lire la suite]
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09 septembre 2009

"An evil as profound as original sin"

This, apart from the foaie verde, is why Roumania is the country of my heart. Why? Because it was and is the birthplace of the most incredibly brave, courageous, determined and feisty people; people who were beaten down, robbed of everything but their intelligence, but got up again and again and again despite the terror, the hunger, the cold and the isolation, the smear campaigns, the lies...people like Doina Cornea, Ana Blandiana, Monica Lovinescu for example, and many, many others just like them. This found on Worldpress.org... [Lire la suite]
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