16 juin 2009

Violence and Prose...

I've just read an e-mail from a friend full of info and links, reminding me that this is the anniversary, nineteen years ago almost to the day, when an estimated 10,000 miners invaded Bucharest and rampaged their way through it, killing, maiming, beating innocent people, destroying the Liberal Party HQ and private houses as they went. Here's what happened. The fear of going out onto the streets even to go to work lasted quite a time, and nineteen years isn't that long ago really, is it? To think that one of the instigators, Vadim... [Lire la suite]
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06 juin 2009

Ion Pacepa

From the Wall Street Journal, dated 2nd June: By ION MIHAI PACEPA They say history repeats itself. If you are like me andhave lived two lives, you have a good chance of seeing there-enactment with your own eyes. The current takeover ofGeneral Motors by the U.S. government and United AutoWorkers makes me think back to Romania's catastrophicmismanagement of the car factories it built jointly with theFrench companies Renault and Citroen. I was Romania's carczar.When the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu decided in themid-1960s that... [Lire la suite]
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05 juin 2009

The Dark Continent: Spiegel article

Back in Paris again and this is from Spiegel On-Line...excellent (albeit uncomfortable) article, (bravo! bravo!) which brings to mind John Sacks and his 'Eye For An Eye' for its courage although the subject is not at all the same - the only parallel (apart from the courage) is cover-ups. The Germans are not the only ones to blame for the horrors of WW2, of course, but who wants to talk about such a thing...and if that's what you think, consider yourself convinced otherwise with the article below. I am very glad (if not horrified) to... [Lire la suite]
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01 juin 2009

Murders At The Border

Dear Everyone, Try to ignore the fact that this article is badly written - I tried to correct it but gave up in the end as I was suffering from Proof Readers Blindness (!!!). However it is written the message is clear, and the final question is indeed a good one - for how long? Following article taken from Jurnalul National... Fleeing Romania During Communism, Not An Easy Job Hundreds, maybe thousands of Romanians tried to flee communist Romania over the border, some choosing to swim across the Danube, never to... [Lire la suite]
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