29 mai 2009

Decebalus Rex

Oh.....I'm so disappointed. I have just discovered that the head of King Decebal carved into that huge rock along the Danube near the frontier with Serbia in the beautiful region of the Banat isn't ancient after all. I had always romantically equated it with the amazing Buddha rock sculptures in Afghanistan for example, so criminally destroyed by the Taliban...but nope. Think again. It was carved by twelve sculptor rock-climbers at great danger and risk (one got bitten by a viper and five others fell in the Danube but were saved by... [Lire la suite]
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23 mai 2009

Bucharest in New York

Romanian Cafe Society Takes ManhattanBy Jennifer SchuesslerThe New York Times Last year, the first foreign-language edition of the Book Review launched in Romania. Now, in another unexpected bit of cultural turnabout, Midtown Manhattan has gotten what must be its only Romanian bookstore. Well, sort of. From now until July 15, all you need to do to browse the hippest bookstore in Bucharest is stroll to 38th Street and Third Avenue, where a temporary outlet of the chain Carturesti has set up shop in the exhibition space of the... [Lire la suite]
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