24 janvier 2008

A Dacian's Prayer by Eminescu

A little culture for you - one of Eminescu's glorious poems translated beautifully, at last, into English - Bravo, Dle. Popescu! A DACIAN'S PRAYER -Eminescu-When death did not exist, nor yet eternity,  Before the seed of life had first set living free,  When yesterday was nothing, and time had not begun,  And one included all things, and all was less than one,  When sun and moon and sky, the stars, the spinning earth  Were still part of the things that had not come to birth,  And You quite lonely... [Lire la suite]
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03 janvier 2008


Dear Everyone, Oh my Looooooooooooord! Woke up this morning to find snow half way up the window! Never seen anything like it! Had to wait for Mr. Dulcescu to come and dig me out of my cave so I could go to the supermarket! Bucharest is silent underneath its blanket of whiteness, and if it wasn't so annoying, it would be stunningly gorgeous! For a country that's had snow in winter for hundreds of years, I can't understand why it always makes breaking news and life comes to a halt! All trains to and from Bucharest have been cancelled... [Lire la suite]
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02 janvier 2008

Happy New Year!

Dear Everyone, I hope you all had a lovely end of the old year and a joyful start to the new. My 2007 ended beautifully with Lidia, Manny, Nick, Rodica and Lidia's mum in Brasov. I've never liked New Year as there are so many loved and lost I miss at this time. But Manny was a star in the food department, Lidia the hostess with the mostest, Rodica full of stories - what a bundle of energy she is - and Nick was his usual distinguished self, even crooning some French songs at the table. He arrived complete with fish scales in his... [Lire la suite]
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